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Check Out This Coach's Hilarious Pre-Game Routine In The Following Video>>>


This Coach has a different handshake for each player

Is This Guy In The Following Video The Coolest Coach You Have Ever Seen?

The Coach featured in the videos name is Stephen Garnett.

He is  the assistant coach at Whitman College, who as you will see, has quite a unique pre-game routine.

Mr Garnett is reported to have been doing a fantastic job in providing Whitman athletes under his supervision with a great opportunity to succeed in every aspect of life, not just basketball.

He sure looks like he takes a fun approach when it comes to basketball coaching.

We're not sure if this will translate to wins on the court, but one thing is for sure.... He'll always be a coach that his team remembers.

Have you ever had a coach that did something special that made them stand out above the rest.

If yes, then please comment below....

We would love to hear your story!

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