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Father Of Lonzo Ball Says His Son Is Better Than Steph Curry Right Now! See the NBA Stars Reactions In The Following Videos>>>


Did you know? Lonzo Ball is projected to be a top three pick in the 2017 NBA draft (check out his best plays of the year in the video below)

Former #1 NBA Draft Pick and All-Star Kenyon Martin Responds To Recent Comments by LaVar Ball

"He’s outta his damn mind! Stop it! Stop it!" states former NBA Star Kenyon Martin as he responds to the recent controversial comments by LaVar Ball.

For those of you who are unaware, Lavar Ball is the energetic and outspoken father of the polarizing Ball Brothers ( Lonzo -UCLA &  LaMelo and LiAngelo- Chino Hills).

He has gone on record to say that his son, Lonzo, is better than Steph Curry…right now! 

Here is Kenyon Martins entertaining response to these outlandish statements...​ 

Please Feel Free To Share Your Opinion On This Video With The B.T.W.F Community In The Comments Section Below... Do you think Lonzo is better than Steph, Right Now?

“I have the utmost confidence in what my boy is doing.” stated LaVar during his son's recent UCLA game.

“He’s better than Steph Curry to me. Put Steph Curry on UCLA’s team right now and put my boy on Golden State and watch what happens.”

Check out his brief UCLA interview below...

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LaVar Ball has also stated that he believes the game is going to get “easier” for Lonzo when he makes it in the NBA since the game is faster.

LaVar states that when the game is fast Lonzo is at his best.

Check out the interview below..

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Interestingly one of the NBA's fastest players, John Wall, has voiced his opinion on LaVar's recent comments.

“He’s putting a lot of pressure on his kid and when rookies come into the league, a lot of players are trying to make a statement and let him know how the league is.” said Wall.

“He just added fuel to the fire when he plays Steph Curry or play any other point guard after he gets drafted.”

If all goes to plan Lonzo Ball should be one of the top 3 draft picks in 2017. 

Waiting are the many hungry pro point guards who would love nothing more than to embarrass the young star and make his father eat his words.

Alternatively Lonzo may step up and fulfill the legacy. Becoming one of the all-time greats. 

Only time will tell. In the meantime check out some of Lonzo Balls best plays so far in the video below.

I'm sure you will agree, THE KID HAS SERIOUS GAME.

Better than 2x MVP steph curry..... hmmm. Now that's a stretch of the imagination.

What do you think?

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Watch Steven A and the Team At First Take Debate Lonzo Ball's Dads Comments 

Watch the video below to see an interesting debate on the topic.

Do you think Lonzo is better than Steph?

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