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A look Inside The Complete Basketball Training System

​The Scoring Academy Review Sneak Peak | Our Rating = 7.5/10

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​The Scoring Academy Review Findings:  ​The Scoring Academy is an innovative and effective basketball skills training program that is fun to complete and offers exceptional value for money. ​The system teaches you every aspect that you need to develop in order to become an elite shooter and scorer. We also love the ball handling drills. Perfect for ballers of any age or skill level who want to take their game to the next level.

Word ​quickly spread around the basketball community in regards to the effectiveness of The Scoring System since it's release. Amateur basketball players from around the world have been report​ing excellent improvements in their scoring, shooting and ball handling abilities after following the program.

We decided to take a look for ourselves to see if this online basketball training system can compare with the leading training programs on the market.

In the following Scoring Academy review we will break down the pro's and con's of this popular program so that you can decide if it is right for you.

 The Scoring Academy Review By BallTillWeFall. Overall Rating 7.5/10. Price $67 Last Updated March 29, 20186:14 AM

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​The Scoring System review quick summary

Our thorough ​Scoring Academy review ​revealed that this system does definitely live up to the hype. Overall, ​The Scoring System offers exceptional value for money for a quality ​online basketball training program that ​can be conventionality accessed via your computer of smart phone on the go. 

The Scoring System aims to develop every aspect of the offensive basketball game. There are many phases to the program which caters for athletes of all skill levels and ages. The system is professionally designed and is easy and enjoyable to follow.

Many online basketball training programs we have reviewed tend to be tedious to follow and contain the same "cookie cutter" drills. The Scoring Academy is definitely raises the bar when it comes to basketball training programs.

Unfortunately it still falls short of the value included in our pick for the best basketball training program, The Steph Curry Masterclass.


Note: ​The Scoring Academy Now Comes With A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Overall Rating: 7.5/​10

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​NOTE: ​The Scoring Academy Is Currently Open For Enrollment


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Is ​the Scoring Academy ​​suitable For Kids?

youth basketball training program

The Scoring Academy is one of the few skills training programs currently available that caters for children under 10 years old. 

If you want to give your kids a head start on the competition then you should definitely consider this system.

Creator of The Scoring System, Augie Johnson has helped thousands of athletes improve their game See some of their success stories HERE.

Real ​Scoring Academy Results & User Feedback

Check out some of these inspirational ​ testimonials of athletes who have experienced success with ​The Scoring Academy basketball skills training program. As you will see it is not uncommon to ​drastically improve your scoring ability in a very short period of time.

  • The program is very user friendly and comprehensive.
  • ​Utilizes game like situations to ensure carry over into game performance
  • The program can be followed by anyone of any ​skill level/experience.
  • You feel supported along the way with ​Augie's tips, tricks and video tutorials.
  • Great price and overall value for money (currently discounted >> SEE HERE
  • Money back guarantee
  • High definition videos
  • ​Portable and convenient to use and follow on the go ​(iPad, android, computers etc).
  • You must follow the program to a tee to see significant results.
  • High volume of ​drills may be difficult to complete in-season (​Update: Now includes in season training phase)
  • You will need to sift through a number of add-on products when purchasing this program online
  • ​Some spelling errors in the text component of the program.

Important: ​ We always recommend that you purchase ​The Scoring Academy from the official Scoring Academy Website to ensure you get the full program and add-ons included in the system.


What Exactly Is Included in the ​Scoring Academy Program?

When first opening up the Scoring Academy system it becomes apparent that this is a well thought out and professionally designed basketball training system.

Many of the basketball training programs we have reviewed in the past have been difficult to navigate. We hoped that The Scoring System bucked this trend and made it easy for the user to follow in a logical manner. We were please to see that this system has developed an efficient navigation process that makes it a breeeze to follow, even when training away from home.

The Scoring Academy ​Scoring Sheets Are One Of The Many Valuable Resources Included

​The navigation is very easy to navigate and everything flows in a logical order.​

To ​get the most out of The Scoring System it is very it is ​very important that you follow the set sequence of the program.

​Augie Johnson does a great job of ​presenting easy to follow and engaging high definition instructional videos ​on each topic.

​Whereas other basketball training programs have a "one size fits all" approach, The Scoring Academy caters for all skill levels and ages. (They are now even throwing in a junior program for kids under the age of 10).

Having access to a range of program levels means that you will not plateau and will continue to be challenged as your skills improve.

The Scoring Academy Can Be Viewed On All Devices

The ​6 Phases of ​The Scoring Academy

  • The Freshman Program
  • The Sophomore Program
  • The Junior Program
  • The Senior Program
  • The Overseas Pro Program
  • The NBA Program

  • Does ​The Scoring Academy Really Work?

    If you want to stop wasting your time and energy​ by going through the motions at your weekly shoot around then this is the programs for you. Purchasing a quality basketball training program such as The Scoring Academy takes the guess work out of skills training.

    A pro trainer has done all the hard work of prescribing a tailored exercise program that is proven to get results.

    ​Basically The Scoring Academy will show you how to:

    • Become a knock down shooter
    • Be able to create your own shot
    • Develop real ball handling moves
    • Finish better at the basket

    ​All you have to do is show up and put in the work!

    The secret is that following a plan that’s proven to give results will give you the peace of mind to know that not only are you getting better every time you step on the court, but you’re doing it much faster than everyone else.

    ​Many ballers are leaving honest feedback about this exciting ​training program. The results are really quite remarkable...

    >>> Check out some of their stories >>> on this page.

    Who Created the ​Scoring Academy?

    ​The Creator Of The Scoring Academy Augie Johnson

    The ​Scoring Academy program ​was ​created by professional basketball player and elite skills trainer Augie Johnson.

    ​Augie Johnston ​has played over ​7 seasons professionally in Europe.

    He went from a kid that no colleges recruited because he only scored 8.6 ppg in high school to:

    - Earning a college scholarship and All Conference Awards — even though he had to walk on (no scholarship) at his university

    - Dropping 31 points against an NCAA D1 school — even though he had NO CONFIDENCE to shoot the ball in high school.

    "​The Scoring Academy has raised the bar of our ​basketball skill training program expectations"

    This program is not one of those boring downloadable pdf e-books like you get with ​most of the popular basketball training systems of the past.

    If you would like to learn more about Augie Johnson and The Scoring Academy definitely check out the video link below!

    ​Learn more about Augie Johnson and The Scoring Academy Program

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