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Over the past year we have seen many exciting innovations in the basketball equipment marketplace.

In our previous round-up posts we took an in-depth look at a range of basketball gear designed to improve on-court performance such as:

In this buyers guide I will focus solely on introducing you to equipment that is specifically designed to boost your basketball dribbling skills.

Basketball Equipment That Can Improve Dribbling and Ball Handling Skills

 We have found all the gear that can help you level up your ball handling skills this season

We have researched all of the top gear available and are proud present you with what we consider to be the very best basketball dribbling gear that you can purchase online.


If you want to dribble a basketball like a pro then I am sure you will enjoy the selection of ball handling gear below. This equipment also makes for great gift ideas for basketball lovers.

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#1. Smart Basketballs

Ball Till We Fall Brand Logo

Product price last updated on 2021-10-28

The Dribble Up basketball provides one of the most enjoyable ways to improve your ball handling skills.

The partnered app acts as your virtual coach and guides you through a series of dribbling workouts. The app then analyses your results and allows you to track your progress over time. 

The Dribble Up ball allows you to track a number of dribbling variables. I really like the live audio feedback feature. The virtual coach helps to keep you motivated day after day.

If you are looking to purchase a basketball for dribbling improvement then the Dribble Up is the perfect option.

You can also check out our reviews of the best indoor basketballs and best outdoor basketballs if you are looking to purchase a new "rock".

Key Features
  • Measure your crossover speed, dribble hesitation, endurance level
  • Official size and weight microfiber basketball is ideal for indoor and outdoor courts
  • DribbleUp virtual coach guides you through workouts and provides expert analysis

#2. Basketball Dribbling Goggles

Ball Till We Fall Brand Logo
Bestseller No. 1 Pack of 12 Basketball Dribbling Glasses No Look Eye Goggles Dribble Specs Team Training Aid Sports...

Product price last updated on 2021-10-28

Dribbling Goggles may be one of the strangest pieces of basketball dribbling equipment on this list but they work.

These goggles are designed to train players to become better ball handlers without looking down.

Sure they look a little goofy but the kids really enjoy wearing them. Wear them often enough and I'm sure you will see improvements in your court vision while handling the ball.

Key Features
  • Forces player to handle the ball with his or her head up
  • Improves reaction time against defenders
  • Increases confidence on the court

#3. Sklz Dribble Stick

Ball Till We Fall Brand Logo
SKLZ Dribble Stick Adjustable Height Basketball Dribble Trainer

Product price last updated on 2021-10-28

The Skllz Dribble Stick is a super innovative piece of basketball dribbling equipment that aims to improve hand positioning, stance and ball speed.

Best yet, this device can also be used for plyometric training to help you jump higher. The sticks can be adjusted to a number of different heights and combinations to ensure that you are continuously challenged session after session.

Key Features
  • Four fully adjustable arms for a variety of drills
  • Improve hand positioning, stance, and speed with the ball
  • Can also be used for plyometric drills

#4. Ball Handling Training Gloves

Ball Till We Fall Brand Logo
Bestseller No. 1 Hoop Handz Weighted Basketball Dribbling Gloves

Product price last updated on 2021-10-28

There are a range of basketball training gloves on the market. Some are very well designed to improve ball handling skills while others are just pure gimmicks.

The basketball dribbling glove market is currently dominated by 2 products ( Powerhandz and BallHog gloves).

These gloves are weighted to strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the hand and also have a non grip surface to challenge ball control.

We recently a buyers guide featuring the
best basketball dribbling training gloves so be sure to check it out if you are interested in learning more.

Key Features
  • Anti grip and weighted basketball gloves
  • Help improve your ball handling and catching
  • Designed to strengthen fingers and hands

Ball Till We Fall Brand Logo
Sale Firelong Basketball Resistance Band Training Dribbling Fitness Single Circle 6 Levels Strong Heavy...

Product price last updated on 2021-10-28

Utilizing resistance bands while training can be a great way to improve dribble explosiveness and dribble specific muscular endurance.

If you want to train with resistance bands you will get the most out of your sessions if you have a partner to hold the bands.

These bands can also be used to help improve vertical jump and general strength.

Key Features
  • 6 Levels strength training bands with different colors range from 15lbs to 180lbs fit for novice to professional athlete

#5. Weighted Basketballs

Ball Till We Fall Brand Logo
SKLZ Control Training Basketball for Improving Dribbling and Ball Control, 29.5 Inch, Heavy Weight

Product price last updated on 2021-10-28

The Skllz Control Basketballs are a weighted basketball that responds like a regular ball.

Training with these balls improves hand and forearm strength, speed and endurance.

Key Features
  • Weighted, regulation size ball strengthens fingers, wrists and forearms
  • Bounces and reacts same as regulation ball
  • Durable ball can be used indoor or outdoor

#6. Basketball Dribbling Sleeve/Wrap

Ball Till We Fall Brand Logo

Product price last updated on 2021-10-28

These new anti-grip removable basketball wrap is placed around the circumference of a basketball to decrease the ability to control when dribbling or catching the ball. 

By training in this state your motor control systems kick into overdrive and help you adjust to become a better dribbler of the basketball. Then when game time comes around dribbling with a basketball feels so easy.

Key Features
  • Basketball wrap decreases control when dribbling or catching the basketball
  • Improves confidence for basketball game day

#7. Basketball Hand Grip Strengthener

Ball Till We Fall Brand Logo

Product price last updated on 2021-10-28

Every basketball player should strive to have strong hands.

Hand strength is directly correlated to better ball handling, shooting and passing.

Stronger hands can make it also easier for you to palm the ball which is handy if you want to learn how to dunk. 


The Ball Hog Hand Strengthener is a simple device that you can carry around with you anywhere you go.

Perfect for the classroom!

Key Features
  • Promotes stronger hands, fingers, wrist, and forearms
  • Allows you to work on your game at home at home or on the go

#8. Basketball Training Cones

Ball Till We Fall Brand Logo
Bestseller No. 1 ZEAYEA 8 Pcs Agility Training Sport Cone, 9 Inches Marker Cones with Carry Bag, Basketball Training...

Product price last updated on 2021-10-28

If you are serious about becoming a better ball-handler then you must utilise basketball training cones in your workouts.

Training cones provide a visual cue while training dribbling drills.


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Perfect Basketball Gift Idea For Teenagers


Having access to the correct basketball training gear can help you take your ball handling skills to the next level at a rapid rate.

There are also some great ball handling training programs available online that can provide all the drills and info you need to improve your handles.

The 2 best ball handling training programs are:

Let's be honest. We are all time poor. Therefore when we find the time train for improvement in out dribbling skills we must train smarter, not necessarily harder.

The innovative basketball dribbling equipment featured in this post has been designed to help you get the most out of your basketball training.

Warning: There are some bogus ball handling products out there that will leave you spinning your wheels. So please avoid them at all cost.

Hopefully you found the list of basketball equipment above helpful in allowing you to understand potential ways that you can develop your ball handling skills.

Now go break some ankles!

We hope you have enjoyed our collection of what we consider to be some of the best basketball dribbling equipment available to purchase online.

If you have tried any of this equipment or have any suggestions on any other ball handling enhancing products that you have encountered on your journey please comment below.

We aim to update this page regularly with the latest and greatest basketball dribbling equipment so be sure to visit us again in the future.

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