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Stephen Curry Masterclass Review 2018

Can Steph Curry Really Teach You How To Ball Like A Pro?

If you love to watch basketball content online as much as I do, I'm sure that you have already been exposed to the Steph Curry Masterclass advertisement. When we first encountered this ad and realized that Steph was bringing out his own basketball training program we new we had to get our hands on a copy and undertake a massive review.

>> Why the hype? Take a look at the Official Masterclass Website Here

Let's be honest, love him or hate him Stephen Curry is one of the greatest basketball players to ever grace the NBA hardwood. He faced adversity in his early years and was barely recruited by college coaches, but with dedication to his training protocol he was able to achieve the highest accolades the NBA has on offer.

We have reviewed some great online basketball training programs online but this one just seemed like it was going to revolutionize online basketball training forever.


"The opportunity to learn from one of the worlds best ballers via high a high quality online training system is an exciting prospect to any baller who wants to take there game to the next level."

After all, it's the little things that separate the pro's from the rest. I hoped that this program would expose some of these "pro secrets" and give an insight into Steph Curry's exact training protocol. *Spoiler Alert: I was not disappointed with what I found!

In this comprehensive Steph Curry Masterclass Review I am going to take you through a look at exactly what is included in the system. For your convenience, I will provide a summary of each lesson plus provide some feedback on the pro's and con's of the program.

Hopefully our Stephen Curry Masterclass review will help you decide if this is the program that can help level up your scoring, shooting and ball-handling skills.

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Steph Curry Masterclass Review Quick Summary (full review below):


Steph Curry Teaches Basketball By Masterclass


Online Basketball Training System (Instant Access)

  • 17 Lessons
  • Class Workbook
  • Shot Tracker

Training Components:

Shooting/Scoring Technique, Offensive Positioning, Dribbling, Shot Mechanics, Drills, Mental Attitude, Basketball IQ


60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee




Stephen Curry Masterclass Review SUMMARY:

The team at masterclass have done an excellent job of illustrating exactly what it takes to become a pro baller. I really love how Stephen breaks down in-game footage and then applies this to his teachings of actionable skills and drills.

This masterclass really allows you to "get inside the mind" of Steph as he breaks down game film for each specific lesson.

The training tips included are very unique and unlike anything we have seen in a basketball training system before. I was pleased to see that the system also includes the ability to track your workouts and progress.

​There is also a "hub" included that allows you to connect with others on the program.

I was impressed by the fact that Steph Curry drops in from time to time to leave his feedback.

"This is by far the most professional basketball training program ever made".

This program is the perfect blueprint for any players or coaches who want to learn the game from the perspective of a pro baller. This insight is absolutely priceless and can not be derived from any other training program on the market.

Considering that the program comes with a 100% money back guarantee and can be viewed on any browser on any device, this is simply too good to pass on if you really want to become a better all-round baller this year.

Why the hype? View the Steph Curry Masterclass Video Trailer at the official website

  • Get inside the mind of Steph Curry to see exactly how he approaches games and training.
  • Drills covering every aspect of the offensive game.
  • Real life game-film breakdown, basketball IQ training and pro hacks.
  • Perfect for both beginners and advanced basketball players.
  • Generous selection of bonus resources to help keep you accountable and ensure that you are progressing week after week.
  • NBA drills that Steph Curry actually uses on a regular basis to sharpen his game.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • No defensive tips or drills.
  • Limited info on how to master the footwork required to master some of the advanced pro movements.
Steph Curry Masterclass Overall Rating


It is very hard to deny the value provided in this state of the art basketball training system. The ability to learn from one of the greatest basketball players of all-time from the comfort of our own home court is an opportunity not to be missed.

There is so much valuable information included in this program that you will want to watch it over and over again.

Put in the work and this program will definitely level up your offensive basketball skills and on-court IQ.

​What is Included In  The Steph Curry Masterclass Program?

The program includes 17 content rich lessons taught exclusively by Stephen Curry.

The average duration of these lessons is around 15 minutes.

The lessons are delivered with a combination of both on-court drills and game film breakdowns.

This format of basketball education really helps the participant to understand the content. 

Steph does an excellent job of breaking down every aspect of the skills and drills, leaving no stone unturned. 

I really loved how he reinforced these drills by relating them to real life NBA in-game situations that he has encountered and conquered.

>>> See the contents of all 17 lessons on this page

Masterclass Workbook & Tracking Sheets

I was very pleased to see that the Stephen Curry Masterclass provides participants with ability to track progress over the course of the program.

The included tracking system allows you to document your performance on each specific drill. Steph Curry has set specific "homework" for you to do on the program.

Basically Steph has outlined the blueprint to improved offensive basketball performance. All you have to do is get your ass out on the court and put in the work!

The system also includes a PDF workbook that summarizes the key components of each of the video lessons.

Introducing "The Hub" 

The Hub is an exciting new addition to the Steph Curry Masterclass that provides the opportunity for the community of participants to interact with each other.

Within The Hub you can upload videos of your technique and form and allow other members to critique your game.

The Masterclass crew provide excellent support for any questions you may have regarding the program. 

Best yet, Steph Curry may even drop in from time to time to leave some direct feedback and more pro training tips!

Our # 1 Pick: Basketball Training Program of The Year!

Steph Curry Masterclass 17 Lesson Breakdowns

Lesson 1) Write Your Own Story

The first introductory lesson educates us on Stephen Curry's journey to the NBA and the importance that hard work and consitent effort played in his success.

Basically this lesson is designed to get you inspired to get started on the following 16 Masterclass lessons.

Lesson 2) How To Improve Shooting Mechanics, Stance & Alignment

In the second lesson Steph teaches you how to become a better shooter. This section has some really nice pro tips on how to get to your spot in the most effective and efficient way possible and give yourself the best chance of making the shot.

In this lesson Steph discusses his journey from high school to the NBA and how his shot developed over time. He explains how he totally redesigned his jump shot over the course of a few months which has allowed hime to shoot with the accuracy he can today.

It is the little "insider secrets" that make this program the best basketball training I have encountered in all of our years undertaking product reviews.

Lesson 3) How To Optimize Form Shooting

This lesson continues on from where lesson 2 takes off in seamless fashion. I really loved the drills that Steph introduces in this component.

He also provides some helpful tips on how to tighten up your consistency and track your progress so you can tell if you are improving over time.

Steph provides a simple form shooting drill that really helps to optimize shooting mechanics and alignment.

Curry also gives some very helpful tips on how to correct common errors such as shooting to the left, right, short or long.

Lesson 4) How To Improve Shooting Off The Catch

If you want to play a high level of basketball one day you must train to be efficient at shooting off the catch. 

Steph Curry reveals a number of pro tips on how to recieve the pass so that you can get the shot up quicly yet with great accuracy.

All of you shooters are going to love this lesson. After putting these tips into practice I instantly felt like I was shooting a much higher percentage off the catch.

Lesson 5) How To Improve Ball Handling Skills

If you want to learn how to dribble a basketball with the flair and safety of Steph Curry then you are going to love this lesson. We have reviewed some great ball handling basketball training programs in the past, but this one takes the cake.

Steph gives great insight into how to obtain correct posture and balance so that you can create seperation off the dribble.

Surprisingly, he only uses a combination of the 3 basic moves, which he shares in the Masterclass.

If you want to start breaking some ankles you have got to check out these 3 moves and start doing them in your next game.

Lesson 6) How To Shoot Off The dribble

I think it is safe to say that Steph is the greatest "off-the-dribble" shooter in NBA history. The way he can dribble and then stop and pop is a thing of beauty. 

In this lesson Curry spills the beans on how to get yourself open for a shot no matter who is guarding you and where you are in the halfcourt.

Lesson 7) How Handle The Ball On The Move

Lesson 7 builds on the foundations of dribbling techniques that you will learn in the earlier sessions. 

Steph shows you how the pro's are able to quickly change direction. Best yet he provides some great drills that you can start using today if you decide to enroll in the program.

Lesson 8) Shooting Off The Dribble Part 2

I found that lesson 8 started to move into the territory of advanced basketball skill development. Ideally you will master all of the previous 7 lessons before tackling the more advanced lessons.

In this lesson Stephen starts to combine a number of pro dribbling techniques.

He discusses how use proper footwork and posture to shake the defense and get into what he refers to as a "shot ready" position.

Perhaps the greatest part of this lesson is the insight that Steph gives on how to overcomb shooting slumps. Yes, even Steph faces a slump now and then.

Lesson 9) How To Created Space From Your Defender

This lesson teaches you how to read your defender so that you can expose him with your offensive skill set. This lesson is jam packed with pro hacks on a level that we have never seen provided in other popular basketball training programs.

Steph breaks down how to create space from defenders who like to guard you close. Trust me these tips work. It just seems so easy now that I have learnt the 3 fundamental actions required to create separation determined by actions and counteractions of the defender.

Lesson 10) Game Film Examples Of Space Creation

In this lesson Steph further elaborates on the previous lessons while providing game footage clips to explain his point. I enjoyed rewinding some of these tips and watching them over and over again. 

Once again Stephen Curry is providing value like no other NBA athlete has ever provided before.

Lesson 11) How To Use Ball Screens Effectively

In this lesson Stephen Curry gives some great insight into how to correctly use ball screens to get open. He discusses concepts such as how to time the screens effectively.

I really enjoyed his tips on how to effectively communicate with teamates to ensure that positioning and timing of the screens is used to the offensive advantage.

These tips are priceless and will change the way you think about using screens in the future. If you struggle to get open in games you will find this lesson super helpful.

Lesson 12) Film Breakdown: How To use Screens Part 2

In this lesson Steph delves deeper into the concepts learnt in lesson 11.  I just loved listening to Steph explain how he reads the defense to choose how and when he uses screens to get the shots that he desires.

You have got to try these tips out in your next game. They work!

Lesson 13) How To Score At The Rim

Steph Curry is one of the best finishes in the game today. In this lesson Steph shares his tips on how to become an elite scorer, regardless of how athletic you are.

He provides some really innovative tips on how to use certain angles and defensive cues to attack the rim. This lesson is presented in a combo of both demo and film breakdown.

Steph breaks down a range of layup techniques and I was also pleased to see that he included a breakdown on how to execute his deadly floater with accuracy and consistency,

Lesson 14) How To Curl, Fade & Pop Off Screens

If you are a deep shooter you are really going to enjoy lesson 13. This lesson contains valuable info on how to pop, curl and fade off a ball screen effectively.

Steph does a great job at making this complex concept simple to follow and understand.

If you have teammates who can find the open man then using these tips will help get you wide open for some deep 3's. 

Lesson 15) Ball Handling & Overloading Techniques

Once you have mastered the ball handling drills provided in the earlier lessons you will be ready to move on to this lesson. The drills in this lesson contain a number of 2 ball drills similar to the routine used by Steph prior to games.

These drills are not easy at first, but persist and you motor nurons will adapt hence making you a  much better ball handler. 

Consistency is the key to mastering your dribbling. Give it time. It wont happen over night but after a couple of weeks you will be surely amazed with the results.

Lesson 16) Pregame Preparation Tips

Before embarking on this Steph Curry Masterclass review I was hoping that the program would include info on how to prepare for games.

I was impressed to find that Steph and the team at Masterclass had done a fantastic job of covering this topic. 

In this lesson Steph covers topics such as nutrition, recovery and how to prepare your mind for battle.

Basketball IQ is what sets the pros apart from the rest of us. In the past players could only develop their IQ through years of playing experience or by the off chance that you got lucky enough to have played under a great coach.

Now you can get educated from one of the greats and boost your own basketball iq. Once you can see things on the court that others can't you will truely know what it is like to dominate the game.

Lesson 17) The Journey Towards Perfection

Steph completes the Masterclass by talking about how you can maximize your chances of achieving success on and off the court for years to come. 

Steph discusses the importance of mental toughness and gives some tips on how you can achieve the killer mentality that all the great ballers have in common.

Steph Curry Masterclass Review Final Thoughts


Our Stephen Curry Masterclass revealed that this is by far the most comprehensive offensive focused basketball training program currently available online.

It is a must have for any basketball player who wants to take their game to the next level this season.

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