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Vert Shock Review 2022: Here’s How It Can Help You Dunk!

Vert Shock Review

By Ball Till We Fall, Last Updated February 8, 2022

Category: Basketball Training Guides

Vert Shock Quick Review Summary

Vert Shock remains one of the very best vertical jump programs currently available. It consists of 41 plyometric and bodyweight strength training workouts in 56 days. Over the past decade thousands of athletes have obtained impressive results after completion of the 8 week "shock training" plan. 

In this Vert Shock Review I will show you exactly what is included in the program. I'll also show you how it can help you jump higher, and perhaps get your fist dunk!

Overall Rating: 
4.5/5 stars

What Is Vert Shock?

What Is Vert Shock?

Vert Shock is an innovative and effective vertical jump program that is challenging, yet fun to complete. The program consists of a range of progressive plyometric and bodyweight only strength training exercises.

It also comes with an impressive free bonus jump/dunk technique training program.

No gym equipment is required for the program which promises to increase vertical jump height by around 12-15 inches in only 8 weeks, or your money back! 

Vert Shock Video Explainer

Learn More About Vert Shock And Watch The Trailer At The Official Vert Shock Website

What Are The Benefits Of Using Vert Shock?

The main benefit of using Vert Shock is that it will make you a much more explosive athlete. After completing the 8 week program you will be able to jump higher to block more shots, get more rebounds and elevate on your jump shot. If you are around 6ft tall you may also be able to dunk a basketball.

To be more specific there are 6 main performance benefits of using this program:

  • Lower Body Strength and Power Development
  • Development Of Reactive Abilities and "Bounce"
  • Stretch Shortening Cycle Optimization
  • Vertical Jump Technique Development
  • Dunking Technique Optimization
  • Body Composition and Nutrition Optimization

Who Is Vert Shock For?

Vert Shock's bodyweight only requirements make it is the perfect jump training program for:

  • Youth athletes who want to increase their vertical leaping ability
  • People who want to complete jump training at home
  • People without access to a gym or exercise training equipment
  • Beginner and advanced athletes who want to add 6+ inches to their vertical jump height over an 8 week period
  • Basketball players who want to learn how to dunk a basketball

How Much Does Vert Shock Cost?

The recommended retail price of Vert Shock is $138 USD placing it at a moderate price point compared to other jump programs. At this price point and considering the generous bonus gifts included with the program, Vert Shock offers excellent value for money.

Vert Shock Discount & Coupon Offers

We are always on the look out for the best deals, discounts and coupons for our readers. Any Vert Shock discount offers and coupons will be updated below.

Current Vert Shock Discount Offer: 50% Off RRP

Please Note: Scroll to bottom of page to confirm discount is valid before purchase.

What Are The Key Features Of Vert Shock?

Does Vert Shock Work?

Wanna Dunk? Vert Shock can help you add the inches you need to get your first slam!

Key Features Of Vert Shock: 

  • The program is very user friendly and comprehensive.
  • The exercises require nothing except you – no need for gym membership or weight equipment 
  • The program can be followed by anyone of any fitness level/experience.
  • You feel supported along the way with Adam’s tips, tricks and high quality video tutorials.
  • Tracking and testing System included
  • High Definition Explainer Videos included
  • Money Back Guarauntee
  • Great value for money
  • Huge range of high value bonus gifts included

What Equipment Do You Need For Vert Shock?

Vert Shock Training Program

The Vert Shock plan consists of plyometric and strength exercises. These are bodyweight only exercises and no equipment is required.

The only equipment you may require for Vert Shock is a basketball to use when completing the dunk technique training component.

The fact that no special equipment is required makes Vert Shock the "gold-standard" jump program for athletes who have no access to a gym or very little experience with lifting weights. It is also the perfect program for young athletes who want to increase their vertical leap.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: An additional gym based strength training component is now available as a paid add-on to the standard Vert Shock Package. This add-on is named Vert Shock Complex Training Variables. To add this feature simply select the option at checkout.

Where To Buy and Download Vert Shock?

Vert Shock Jump Program Review

To ensure that you are getting an authentic and full featured version of Vert Shock you should always download from this official site.

What Is Shock Training? 

This 8 week program is based on the plyometric principles of "shock training", a method invented and then popularized by the successful Soviet Olympic track and field teams of the 1950's, 60's and 70's.

What Is Shock Training?

Shock training helped the Soviet Union athletes dominate track and field in the 50's,60's and 70's. The science of shock training has evolved. You can access your own new age shock training plan within Vert Shock.

Shock training involves jumping off progressively higher boxes and using other various impact and non-impact plyometrics. Shock training is performed with a strict focus on landing and max effort vertical explosion.

By using correctly prescribed shock training the brain and peripheral nervous system learns to send a stronger neural impulse to the jumping muscles. The tendons and muscles also become much more efficient at stretching and contracting at speed.

A correctly prescribed and periodised plyometric routine such as Vert Shock can teach your jumping muscles to become more "springy", faster and more explosive which ultimately improves jump height.

How Vert Shock Training Increases Jumping Ability

To be more precise, the shock training methods used in Vert Shock helps improve your vertical jump by optimizing and developing the 3 following systems:

  1. 1
    Improvement of motor unit recruitment and stimulation of the jump specific muscles.
  2. 2
    Inhibition of the neuro-muscular reflexes that usually restrict maximal stretch and explosion during the vertical jump movement.
  3. 3
    Improve elastic energy storage and faster contraction plus more efficient power usage during concentric contraction involved in the vertical jump.

What Is Included In Vert Shock: Full Program Breakdown

The 3 Phases Of Vert Shock

Vert Shock consists of 3 phases which are completed over an 8 week period. During this time you can expect to gain many inches on your vertical jump 

Vert Shock is an 8 week vertical jump program which consists of primarily of body-weight only calisthenics, strength and plyometric exercises.

Unlike other popular vertical jump programs such as The Jump Manual which require access to weights to succeed, Vert Shock is truly an effective body-weight only option.

The body-weight progressions make it the perfect jump program for: both young teenage athletes and seasoned jumpers.

Vert Shock Presentation Video By Adam Folker

Vert Shock is very engaging and easy to follow in a linear progression from start to finish

Vert Shock consists of a range of exercises which are programmed and periodized into 3 distinct phases of "shock" training. A maintenance phase is also prescribed to help ensure participants keep their vertical jump gains long after the completion of the program.

How Many Days Per Week Do I Need To Train?

Expect to train 4-5 times per week for around 45 mins each session on the Vert Shock protocol.

During the 8 week program you will be doing 41 workouts in 56 days.

Yes, Vert Shock is hard work... But if you really want to jump higher and dunk, and are willing to follow the step by step jump training plan you will get results.

Vert Shock Training Calendar Schedule

To succeed on the Vert Shock program you must be willing to commit to training most days of the week over the course of 8 weeks.

Vert Shock: Getting Started

When first opening up the Vert Shock program it becomes apparent that this is a professionally designed system.

Many other jump programs we have reviewed have left us underwhelmed with their presentation.

Vert Shock is a premium option that is a cut above the competition.

Vert Shock Main Navigation Page

The Vert Shock membership portal is very easy to navigate and everything flows in a logical order.

To complete your vertical jump program successfully, it is imperative that you follow the sequence of the program.

Adam Folker does a great job of laying out interesting and easy to follow instructional videos throughout.

TIP: If you decide to purchase the program be sure to watch the overview videos which give great insight into:

  • How to read the Vert Shock workouts
  • How the Vert Shock exercise video sections are best navigated
  • Nutrition tips that will help boost your results

 The Phases Of Vert Shock + Maintenance

Your Vert Shock program will be divided into three phases which have been carefully designed to avoid any unnecessary injuries and maximize vertical jump height.

The three phases allow your body to develop specific skills at particular times in a developmental sequence to allow your muscles to work to their full potential.

This progressive approach to jump training is the key to long lasting changes towards your ability to jump higher.

The three phases you will complete in the Vert Shock program are:

Phase 1 - The Pre-Shock Phase

The Pre-Shock phase of Vert Shock only lasts for one week.

This phase of the program prepares your body for the demands of "shock training". Many students have reported significant gains over this period alone.

We really liked the fact that Adam Folker is ensuring that we slowly build up the intensity and volume of the training in order to reduce potential injury risk and to maximise results.

This phase mainly focuses on building a foundation of stability and motor control throughout the entire body.

Phase 2 - The Shock Phase

The Shock Phase is 6 weeks long and is therefore the heart of the program.

You will be expected to train 4-5 x per week during this phase. It is not easy, but necessary if you want to get your first dunk.

Here you will learn the art and science of correctly prescribed plyometric exercises.

Remember it is not the only the type of exercises that are important, but how you do them, when you do them and how often you do them.

Having a pro prescribe your periodised jump training program for you is one of the major advantages of purchasing a "done for you" jump program like Vert Shock.

Sure you could just watch random YouTube videos of jump exercises, but the true value of jump programs like Vert Shock come from the fact that the entire program is laid out in a easy to follow "foolproof" manner.

Adam Folker also does a great job of explaining how to optimize rest, recovery and nutrition during this phase.

The purpose of all these movements and exercises included in the shock phase is to optimize your fast twitch muscle fibers and elastic properties of the muscles and tendons.

One of the main goals of this phase is to optimize the efficiency of the stretch shortening cycle.

This in turn will transform you into an explosive and reactive athlete.

In order to get the most out of the Vert Shock program you must train with intensity. Every rep must be maximal effort. You will only get out what you put in.

Phase 3 - The Post-Shock Phase

The final week of the Vert Shock program is known as the Post-Shock phase.

The Post-Shock phase is designed establish maximum gains while promoting active recovery after the strenuous shock phase.

If you have followed every training activity and nutritional advice word for word by now you should be a lean and mean high flyer.

Maintenance - Keep Your Vert Gains

After you’ve completed the Vert Shock program you'll move onto the maintenance phase.

This phase is to be completed once per week. From this point on you will alternate between three different maintenance workouts in order to ensure you maintain your vert gains.

Vert Shock Makes It Easy To Track Your Vertical jump Progress

Add On ($17) - Vert Shock Complex Training Routines

During out Vert Shock review we kept thinking how cool it would be if you could combine weightlifting with the program to take our vert gains to the next level.

Don't get me wrong, Vert Shock is an awesome program for novice/ intermediate athletes who want to train at home for fast gains.

The truth is that eventually you will plateau out while using bodyweight exercises only.

Sure you may have gained 9-15 inches after you complete Vert Shock but what if you want more?

Once you have finished a couple of cycles of the core Vert Shock program you may like to consider implementing some of the Vert Shock Complex Training Routines.

The Complex Training Routines consist of a range of jump specific strength/power exercises combined in a workout to be completed 2x per week.

You will need access to a gym/weightlifting equipment in order to complete this program.

This is the perfect addition for athletes who want to increase their vertical in the off-season and therefore don't have to worry about muscle soreness reducing in game performance.

We recommend trying the Vert Shock Complex Training Routines if:

  • You have completed the standard core Vert Shock Program
  • Your body-weight vert training results have plateaued
  • You want to be strong and explosive this season
  • You want to add lean muscle mass while jumping higher
  • You are an experienced athlete with optimized plyometric and reactive abilities.

Does It Work? Vert Shock Real Results

This popular vertical jump training program has helped thousands of basketball players significantly increase their vertical jump in only 8 weeks.

In fact, the creators of Vert Shock are so confident that their program works that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee and claim that you will gain at least 9-15 inches on your jump height.  

Check out this collection of testimonials from athletes who have successfully completed the Vert Shock program and improved their jumping ability.

Does Vert Shock Work

Thousands of people around the world are leaving honest and detailed feedback about this exciting jump program. The results are really quite remarkable...

>>> Check out some of their stories on this page.

Who Created Vert Shock?

Vert Shock Co-Creator Adam Folker

The Vert Shock program has been designed by professional baller, Adam Folker and one of the world's best dunkers Justin Darlington.

Unlike other jump programs that target multiple sports, this program is very specific to basketball related vertical jump enhancement.

When you have a pro basketball enthusiast who is also a world class certified strength & conditioning trainer designing such programs you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product, with firsthand experience embedded into the program.

"Vert Shock has raised the bar of our jump program expectations"

This program is not one of those boring downloadable pdf e-books like you get with the popular jump programs of the past decade.

No, on the contrary, Vert Shock offers an interactive online experience that can be viewed from your computer, tablet or smart phone.

We really like the fact that you can open this on your phone and follow it wherever you may be.

Is Vert Shock Safe For Kids?

Vert Shock For Kids

Vert Shock has been proven to be safe for kids. In fact, the creators have gone as fat to say as that this program can be very beneficial to young athletes beyond the realms of vertical jumping.

If you are a parent considering purchasing Vert Shock you should definitely check out this page.

Is Vert Shock Easy To Use?

The vert shock program is very user friendly.

However, in order to get results you will have to put effort into your training most days of the week.

The workouts are very enjoyable and always changing to keep you interested and engaged for the full 8 weeks.

vert shock jump program

Vert Shock Co-Creator Adam Folker With Kobe Bryant

Once purchased, you will have online access which is set out in an easy to follow manner. As you navigate through the program you will find helpful tips and tricks from Adam himself.

His insight into the purpose of the program at different stages and ways to maximise your full potential with each exercise means you will be in good hands as you work your way towards increasing your vertical jump.

Vert Shock is one of the more expensive vertical jump programs but definitely a great investment when you think about how much it can help level up your athleticism and overall game.

What Exercises Are Included In Vert Shock?

Some of the types of exercise you can expect to complete in your Vert Shock Program include tuck jumps, depth drops, single leg box jumps, superman’s and 180 squat jumps.

These types of exercises will be familiar to you if you have completed any type of high intensity fitness.

If not, you will find that your body adjusts very quickly to these types of movements and you will notice very early on how agile and springy your body feels as a result of such exercises.

Those exercises mentioned above are just a few of the many different body weight exercises in your program, designed to increase your vertical jump.

Like any quality jump program, the value not only lies in the exercises included, but the specific prescription of exercises.

Adam Folker does an A+ job at prescribing the correct exercises at the correct training variables to keep you adapting week after week.

Vert Shock Review Final Thoughts

When you first get your hands on your very own Vert Shock program it is well worth your time to read through the program and ensure you understand how the program is set up to maximize your training outcomes.

Vert Shock is a high volume training program, consisting of over 1500 jumps in the first four weeks.

There is also a high frequency of of training at 4-5x per week.

Interestingly, studies have shown that high frequency jump training programs are not as effective as low frequency work.

However, this is shock training after all.

The real gains come during Adam Folkers deliberate deloading phases.

This is when the body super-compensates and significant jump gains are made.

It is a given that improvements in physical performance require a certain amount of nutritional consideration.

You need not worry if you haven’t thought about this aspect as Adam has provided some great nutritional guides that will help you perform at your best and become an all-round stronger basketball player.

You may even gain some impressive lean muscle mass in the process. Think of this as a nice side effect of sticking to the Vert Shock program!

Overall, I think that this is the best vertical jump program for basketball players who want to take their vertical leap to a next level.

We hope you have found this Vert Shock review helpful in allowing you to better understand exactly what is included in this popular jump program.

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  • Jack Cosna says:

    Glad to hear that verts hock also has a weight training add on. Do you think the weight training component in Vert Shock is as good as the Jump Manual and BoingVert?

    • Ball Till We Fall says:

      I actually think the Complex Training Routines add on in Vert Shock is a much more comprehensive program than the Jump Manual ( standard program. You will have to pay $50+ more though, as opposed to The Jump Manual which comes with a nice built in weight training component.

  • Rashad Hewes says:

    Had some great results with Vertshock, I’m 5’7 160 lbs and I went from not been able to touch the net to touching the grabbing the rim regularly.

    I’m considering purchasing the weigh training add-on to help me finally achieve my goal of dunking. Do you think this will get me beyond my current plateau?

    • Ball Till We Fall says:

      Thats great to hear Rashad. Well done. Yes adding weight training to your regime can definetly help take your vertical to another level, particulalry if you are quite week in movements such as the squat and deadlift. Boost you max lift in these types of exercises while continuing on with the plyos you have done in Vert Shock and I’m sure that you will be dunking in no time. Good luck

  • Do you think that this program would be suitable for a 14 year old boy? I had a look at The Jump Manual but it looks like there is a heap of weight training. Vert Shock doesn’t have as much, is that right?

    • Ball Till We Fall says:

      I think that Vert Shock would be the best option for a young athlete who wants to increase their jump height.Bodyweight only exercises like the ones included in this program are best suited to novice trainers. In fact the creators of Vert Shock have created a page for parents to learn more about how the program can benefit younger athletes. You can read this page here >>>

  • Jashawn Brown says:

    Nice review guys. I have been looking for a proper review of this program and happy I found this one before buying. After reading all of your jump program reviews I think this is the go. Is Vert Shock something I can do for years to come off just for the 8 weeks?

    • Ball Till We Fall says:

      Thanks Rashad, glad you enjoyed the Vert Shock review and found it helpful. You can do as many cycles of Vert Shock as you like but since the standard program lacks progressive overload you will likely plateau after a couple of cycles. You can always purchase the complex training variable add-on that I talked about above to boost your strength threshold which can produce further vert gains. Good luck!

  • Brilliant program. Loving it so far! I’m 5′ 10″ sophomore and I just threw down my first dunk off one foot.

    I am currently on week 4 of the program. Do you think I should add weight lifting once a week?

    Do you think it would it help speed up improvements?

    • Ball Till We Fall says:

      Wow!Great job Steve. Great to hear that you are having success with this program. What was your vertical before you started the program?
      I wouldn’t recommend changing anything at this point. Just keep following the program as is designed and you should continue to see some nice gains. Once you finish a full cycle of the program you may consider adding on the weight training. You will know when it is time. Wait until you plateu and then use the weights to raise your strength and potention for a higher vert. Keep up the great work. Stay in touch, I would love to hear you final results!

  • Ronny Halt says:

    I currently play ball 2 x per week and train once. Do you think it would be too much to do VertShock. Or should I wait until offseason? Great review by the way!

  • Bovewrin Hages says:

    This review was just what I was looking for. After comparing all the best programs I agree that this one looks the most legitimate. I guess all programs follow a similar approach. At the end of the day it comes down to how much effort I put in. I want to dunk really bad! Problem is that I am only 5ft 7. I’ll let you know how I go.

    • Ball Till We Fall says:

      Yep you definetly get out what you put in when it comes to jump training. Good luck. Let us know how you go and if you achieve your first dunk!

  • Hey, I started Vert Shock 14 days ago. I’m only 14, and am 5’9″, with a standing reach of about 7′, and I can grab the rim off one foot with one hand. I can get my hand over the rim now which is a few inches better than before i started. I got those results in the first week, and no gains since then. Should I plateau out this early? Thanks

    • Ball Till We Fall says:

      Hi Grant, great to hear that you have gained a few inches already on Vert Shock. Yes, it seems that many people plateu in the early weeks of the program. The body must learn to adapt to the “shock” of the program. As time goes on your body should supercompensate. This is when you see the most gains. Always make sure that you eat well, drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. Personally I found that around week 6 i saw the most significant improvement.

  • JV Croney Bones says:

    I’m 17 years old and am 5’11. I can grab the rim with both hands from a running start. I’ve been playing basketball for a very long time and have always dreamt of the day I throw down my first dunk. I’ve never tried a vertical jump program before. Do you think that Vert Shock will be able to help me dunk? By my estimations, I need to gain around 8inches on my jump height. What do you think? Thanks for the brilliant review.

    • Ball Till We Fall says:

      Hi JV, if you are only 5’11 and can already grab the rim without training for those hops you are the perfect candidate for a jump program like Vert Shock. If you put in the effort and follow Ver Shock as prescribed i cant see any reason why you wouldnt be able to gain 8 inches on your vert. Damn, by this stage you will be throwing down some monster jams. Good luck. Let us know how you go. Send in a video of your progress if you can. We would love to share your story with the B.T.W.F community. Note: we give away a baller prizepack to anyone who sends in a jump training success story video diary!

  • What’s up. Great review. I recently purchased BoingVert which was a big mistake. That program is dodgy. Way too much info to take in. Have you guys tried BoingVert? Is Vert Shock better to follow? I think I will refund BoingVert and buy VertShock.

    • Ball Till We Fall says:

      Hi Jenson, yes I know what you mean when you say that BoingVert has way too much text to read. I have tried both programs and definetly think that Vert Shock is the better option. Vert Shock is very well designed and presented and much easier to understand and follow. Good luck!

  • Barry Huegues says:

    Thanks for this awesome review of Vert Shock. I finally know what jump program I will choose.

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