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4 Scoring Hacks That Work!

In the video below Coach Callen from ShotMechanics shows you 4 super simple moves that can make you a better scorer. 

These 4 tips work for any player of any skill level or age.

These moves only take a few minutes to train but can have dramatic results.


Try These 4 Simple Basketball Scoring Hacks Today:

  1. Jump Stops:  Jump stops are a great way to change pace and shake off the D. This video takes a look at jump stop masters such as Damian Lillard and Kyrie Irving. An effective jump stop can set you up for effective decision making on the fly. From an effective jump shot you can shoot and pass. ​
  2. Explosive Steps Into Transition: Once you grab a rebound or a steal taking three explosive steps to running in transition are can give you an edge over the competition. These steps can get your free to make a transition pass or go coast to coast for a layup or dunk if you catch the defense sleeping. The video above takes a  look at how elite scorers like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson use this technique.
  3. Crash the glass: If you want to work hard and offensive rebound their are plenty of put-back points on offer.  Crashing the glass is all about effort. However it does require some skill too. In the video above coach teaches you how to position yourself to get the most offensive rebounds possible.
  4. Sell fouls: Selling fouls can help get you an easy 5-10 extra points per game. James Harden is a great example of a player who has mastered the art of drawing fouls. 

Watch the video all the way through and implement these scoring tips into your game today!

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