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The Ultimate Basketball Weight Training Workout Plan: Lifting For Max Power and Bounce

Best Weight Training Workout programs For Basketball Players

By Ball Till We Fall, Last Updated February 6, 2022

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An NBA Worthy Weight Training Workout Plan For Basketball Players. Download Today!

Have you been searching for a step-by-step online basketball weight training workout plan that is easy to follow and actually gets impressive results? If you want to learn exactly how to lift weights to get stronger, look better, jump higher, and run faster then you are going to love the program we have for you today.

Chances are you have already heard of it as it is the best-selling online basketball specific weight training program of all-time and has been used by over 100,000 athletes.

What makes this system unique is that it is both a basketball strength training program and a vertical jump program rolled into one. 

Ok, let's take a closer look at what we consider to be the best hybrid performance enhancing workout plan for basketball players...

The best weight training plan for basketball players

What Workout Plan Is Best For Basketball Players?

Based on our teams personal experience with a range of all the most popular programs we are confident to say that the best weight training workout program for basketball players is The Jump Manual.

Unlike many other weight training plans you may find online, this system is made for basketball players by a basketball player. This first edition of this workout plan was created by Jacob Hiller, a nationally recognized vertical jump coach over a decade ago. Jacob Hiller has consulted as an NBA strength and conditioning trainer for a number of teams and players over the years. Now you can get instant access to his expertise and NBA quality weight training workout plan today. The best thing is he gives you a few months to try it out risk free, so you really can't lose! 

Try risk free for 60 days here

Video Link Explaining How Basketball Players Should Train With Weights

Click image to watch a video on the official site that explains everything you need to know about the program and how it can help you get stronger, jump higher and add lean muscle mass

Since the programs first edition release it has undergone many content upgrades resulting in the epic online program that is available today. It is the constant development of this program over the past 15 years that has kept it ahead of the competition.

Jacob Hiller's innovative workout plan has helped thousands of athletes learn how to jump higher with vertical jump trainingSome of his client's testimonials claim that the program added between 10 and 20 inches to their jump height.

I personally took my back squat from 10 reps of 70 kg to 10 reps of 120 kg and added 8 inches to my jump over the course of 12 weeks when I completed the program back in 2016. You can read more about my experience with the program in our Jump Manual Review (see link below).

You have got to check out the testimonials on the official site to see some of these amazing success stories for yourself

Download an NBA weight training program

Is It Good Or Bad For Basketball Players To Lift Weights?

No, it is not bad for basketball players to lift weights as long as they are following a safe and effective science based weight training workout plan like the Jump Manual. This program has been designed specifically for both basketball players with little or no previous experience in resistance training.

This makes it the perfect introductory weight training program for youth and high school athletes. 

However in saying that it also satisfies the requirements of the most experienced weight lifters. Everyone can get something out of this incredible workout plan.

Most athletes will be able to start this program at Level I which consists of body-weight exercises only. Very young athletes who want to train at home without weights may even be able to stay on this level and see excellent results. 

Note: if you are after a great body weight only program to increase vertical jump without the need to lift weights I highly recommend checking out a program named Vert Shock.

You can then progress through each level building up your strength, speed and power until you reach the higher levels. The more advanced levels of the Jump Manual also include plyometric drills that require very high levels of speed, agility and power.

Lifting weights will not make you bulky or slow like a lineman. In fact, lifting weights in the correct way can actually help basketball players to become leaner and faster as they improve their muscular endurance. Basketball is an explosive sport that requires quick reflexes and fast feet. Resistance training helps athletes to develop these attributes while also becoming stronger and more powerful.

How Do You Weight Train For Basketball Correctly?

If you have read our ultimate guide to strength training for basketball players you would have learnt that programming exercises for max strength and explosion development can be very complex.

This is why using an easy to follow "done for you" program such as The Jump Manual is so appealing to many athletes around the world.

By following an online training program you don't really have to learn the intricacies and science based evidence on how to weight train and put the puzzle together by yourself. Instead you just fire up the program and follow along day by day.

Jump Manual Video Trailer

The weigh training concepts shared in the program are the very same principles that took creator Jacob Hiller to a incredible 45 inch vertical. Watch the video on the official site to learn more.

Lets take a look at the way that Jacob Hiller has designed the weight training and plyometric components of his program. 

Basketball Workout Plan Weekly Breakdown

This weight training and plyo system is 12 weeks long, but the training is divided into a 14-day repeated cycle with applied progressive overload. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to complete over the course of a week:

  • Strength Training With Heavy Weights 2-3 x per week
  • Plyometric exercises 1-2x per week
  • Core Exercises 2x per week
  • Stretching and recovery on days off

You can read our full Jump Manual Review to learn more about the breakdown of exercises.

Topics Every Good Basketball Specific Weight Training Program Should Cover

A weight-training program designed for basketball players is different than weight training programs for other sports such as body building. Basketball weight training often focuses on movements that mimic the game, while weightlifting sessions in bodybuilding focus more on developing muscle mass and strength. There are also differences in how weight lifting exercises are progressed and varied to help build a player's skill set.

Here a 8 weight training principles that must be included in any weight training system designed for basketball athletes:

1. Strength Development

Strength is the ability to exert maximal force against an external resistance. It can be specific, meaning it trains movements that are similar or seen in basketball. The specificity of the weight training to carry over to vertical jump performance is one of the main reason we rated the Jump Manual as one of the best vertical jump programs of the year.

2. Quickness Development

Quickness is the ability to move your body rapidly. It involves both the speed of movement and the time it takes to reach that speed (i.e., sprinting, jumping). Quickness training should always be combined with weigh training to ensure that athletes remain quick on court.

3. Muscle Recruitment and Power Development

Power is the product of force and velocity. It can be measured as weight lifted per unit time or weight moved through space. As programs progress they should evolve heavy weight lifting into faster and more explosive power weight training.

4. Form & Technique Perfection

Good weightlifting form ensures that you are engaging the right muscles during a weight training exercise and not creating muscular imbalances. This is extremely important for injury prevention as well as athletic performance. Once again the specificity of the weight lifting form must provide carry over to basketball performance.

5. Tendon Elasticity Development

Elasticity refers to the body's ability to store energy and release it quickly. Once a base of strength is developed this can be converted in elastic jumping ability with smart plyometric prescription. The Jump Manual does an amazing job of this component. This is where I personally noticed the biggest improvements in my vertical jump height.

6. Mobility Development

Mobility is the ability to move your joints and muscles through their full range of motion. It is important for injury prevention, as well as being able to get into proper weightlifting positions. Once again mobility and strength work should apply to on-court movements.

7. Balance Development

Balance is the ability to maintain equilibrium while moving your weight over an unstable surface. Using weights in the correct manner to get strong can help basketball players better absorb contact and finish with accuracy.

8. Body Composition Optimization

Having a low percentage of body fat is beneficial for basketball players as it improves weightlifting performance and reduces the risk of injury. A strong focus on basketball nutrition should always complement a weight training program. Supplementation may also help basketball athletes achieve their body composition goals.

All of these concepts and more are covered in great detail in The Jump Manual. The plan also comes with a range of great bonus gifts. You also can get one on one coaching from Jacob and his team.

How Do NBA Players Weight Train

NBA weight training is a crucial part to an NBA player's workout regimen as it allows them the proper strength and stamina necessary for basketball. Basketball players weight train in order to build muscle mass, maintain weight, prevent injury from high-intensity movements.

Although the specifics of weight training for basketball may vary somewhat between players, there are some common weightlifting exercises that are typically included in a player's routine. These exercises might include squats, bench press, dead lifts and pull-ups. The preseason and the off season is the preferred time of the year for most NBA players to do their serious heavy lifting and achieve most of their strength gains that will hopefully carry them through the season.

Heavy Weightlifting Is Common Among NBA players

NBA players such as Bradley Beal understand the important role that weigh training has on their game performance

In order to achieve the best results, NBA players often follow a periodized plan that gradually decreases the intensity, volume and load of weight lifting workouts as the season approaches. These plans are often prescribed by their team or individual qualified strength and conditioning coach.

NBA player Jimmy Butler Lifting Light Weights

Many players such as Jimmy Butler tend to ease back on their heavy lifting during the season and focus more on strength maintenance and mobility work

Designing a weight training program for an NBA player is no simple task as it requires constant planning and guidance from a weight trainer or strength coach who has experience working with basketball players. These professionals are valuable members of any NBA team, not just because they help to improve each individual's game but also because they ensure that weight training does not interfere with basketball practice and game time.

NBA players used heavy weight training during the season

Interestingly old school basketball teams such as the mighty 90's Chicago Bulls team lifted heavy weights throughout the season. It didn't seem to hurt their performance on the court...

With access to The Jump Manual you can choose what time of the year you want to train.

All you need to do is find a solid 12 week block that will allow you to give 100% on rep on every set of every weight lifted.

For most basketball players the preseason is probably the best time to immerse yourself in a weight training program allowing plenty of time to make adjustments and improve your performance before the season starts. Having a dedicated training block will make it less likely to hinder you basketball training and in-game performances.


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Final Thoughts On Weight Lifting For Basketball Players

If you are looking for a safe, effective and simple basketball weight lifting training workout plan that you can complete at home or in the gym we highly recommend the Jump Manual! > You can download it here . You can try it risk free for 60 days so you might as well give it a go!

It's been used by over 100,000 athletes with great success over the past decade. It is the perfect youth and high school weight training program but will also satisfy experienced lifters.

This program remains the number one online weight training plan for basketball players due to it's easy comprehensive yet easy to follow design.

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