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In A Hurry? THE JUMP MANUAL Review Quick Summary

The Jump Manual review Summary

The Jump Manual is a 12 week vertical jump program designed to increase vertical jump height by around 10-20 inches. The program consists of plyometric and strength exercises that are prescribed in a unique conjugate system designed to significantly improve explosiveness and bounce. This all-time best selling jump program flat out works. You can download The Jump Manual instantly from this site and try it risk free for 60 days.

The 6 Main Benefits Of The Jump Manual: Here's What You'll Learn & Develop On This Program...

  1. Lower Body Strength and Power Development
  2. Development Of Reactive Abilities and "Bounce"
  3. Stretch Shortening Cycle Optimization
  4. Vertical Jump Technique Development
  5. Dunking Technique Optimization
  6. Body Composition and Nutrition Optimization

Jump Manual Video Trailer

Learn More About The Jump Manual And Watch The Trailer At The Official Jump Manual Website

How Much Does The Jump Manual Cost? 

Key Features Of The Jump Manual: 

  • The program is very easy to follow and understand.
  • The program provides both gym and body-weight options for each exercises
  • The program can be followed by anyone of any fitness level/experience.
  • Option for one on one coaching available
  • Designed for both beginners and advanced athletes
  • High Definition Explainer Videos
  • Money Back Guarauntee
  • Great value for money
  • Huge range of high value bonus gifts


After purchasing the latest version of the Jump Manual to undertake this review we are pleased to say that the latest Jump Manual updates are a real game-changer. Overall, The Jump Manual offers great value for money for a quality jump program that offers a holistic approach to jump training.

Jacob Hiller does an excellent job of simplifying every aspect of the vertical jump training process. It is easy to see why athletes around the world have achieved significant increases in their vertical jump height by following Jacob Hiller's science based approach. 

If your goal is to dunk a basketball plus become a better, stronger athlete then The Jump Manual is a great choice for you.

Jacob Hiller Creator Of The Jump Manual

Jump Manual Creator Jacob Hiller Dunking Over  4 People

"After a decade at the top of the jump training game The Jump Manual still dominates market"

Does The Jump Manual Really Work?

Jump Manual Results

Thousands of satisfied athletes around the world are leaving feedback about their experience with this exciting jump program. 

>>> Check out some of their stories on this page.

Check out some of those inspirational real world testimonials of athletes who have had success with The Jump Manual.

As you will see it is not uncommon to add many inches to your jump in only a short number of weeks.

What Is The Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual is an online vertical jump training program.

The main navigation is simple and intuitive.

In order to get the most out of this program it is important to follow the linear sequence of the program.

It is tempting to jump ahead, but trust us, the sequence that Jacob Hiller has designed needs to be followed in order.

Jacob Hiller has created some interesting and informative high quality videos that make it easy for those of us who get bored with reading.

Research has shown that heavy resistance training combined with plyometrics is the most effective way to maximise jump height. This protocol forms the basis of the Jump Manual.

However, it is the unique conjugate exercise periodization which makes this particular jump program unique and effective.

The Jump Manual program includes a nice mix of written and video content explaining how to use weight training and plyometrics to boost vertical jump height.

The system covers everything you need to learn to jump higher including:

  • plyometric training
  • strength training
  • power training,
  • reactive training
  • nutrition advice
  • jump/dunk technique
  • recovery advice

We were very impressed by the level of detail provided while undertaking our Jump Manual review.

Let me show you exactly what is included inside The Jump Manual...

What Is Included In The Jump Manual?

1) The Essential Variables of Explosiveness

In this component of the Jump Manual Jacob Hiller does a great job at teaching us everything we need to know about vertical jump training.

He covers the following 9 topics in great detail:

  • strength
  • explosiveness
  • nerve recruitment
  • fuel
  • stability
  • form
  • flexibility
  • body composition
  • genetic aspects.

The Jump Manual Will Show You How To Jump Higher.. You Will Have To Do The Hard Work!

Take your time to read through all of the information provided in this section. It is a very interesting read and is coupled with some very helpful explainer videos and demo exercises.

Jacob Hiller shows you exactly how to recruit and train all muscles involved in the vertical jump.

2) The Science of Optimal Results

In this section of the Jump Manual Jacob Hiller justifies his jump training methodology by explaining the science behind his jump training protocols.

He makes this an enjoyable read, even for those of us who are not scientific minded.

Regardless of your level of experience you will get something out of this section.

Trust us. It helps to understand the "why" behind what you will be doing in the gym.

Knowing the "why" will strengthen your resolve, improve adherence and make it much more likely for you to achieve your first dunk.

The Jump Manual Is Based On The Best Vertical Jump Training Science Protocols

Remember, it is not the only the type of exercises that are important, but how you do them, when you do them and how often you do them.

Having an expert like Jacob Hiller create a periodized program for you is one of the many benefits of purchasing a "done for you" program like The Jump Manual.

Sure you could just watch random YouTube videos of jump exercises, but the true value of jump programs like The Jump Manual comes in the fact that the entire program is laid out in a easy to follow "foolproof" manner.

Become a Better Jumper & All Round Better Athlete

Jacob Hiller provides the blueprint to not only becoming a better jumper but also a stronger, faster and more explosive athlete.

He covers important topics such as how to optimize rest, recovery and nutrition over the course of the program.

Of course the main objective of the Jump Manual program is to show you the exact exercises required to boost your fast twitch muscle fiber activation, and the elastic properties of the muscles and tendons.

However, a nice side effect of the Jump Manual is that you may also lean out and pack on some serious lean muscle and become an all-round stronger and more dominant baller.

The Lean Power Protocol is Thrown in With The Jump Manual For Free!

Throughout the program Jacob Hiller emphasizes that when undertaking the program every exercise must be performed with MAXIMAL EFFORT. This is an absolute necessity.

If you want to get more explosive you have to train more explosive.

Take a look at the video link below to watch a great explainer video that outlines exactly how the Jump Manual can help you jump around 12 inches higher in a matter of weeks.

Click On The Image To See A Great Explainer Video Outlining The Benefits Of The Jump Manual

3) Jumping Form

Warning: The Jump Manual May Lead To Rim Shattering Dunks

During our Jump Manual review we were very impressed by the information that Jacob Hiller shares regarding how to optimize jump technique.

This is an often overlooked aspect of many jump programs.

Jacob Hiller explains how to co-ordinate the muscles of the body to get maximal jump height. We love his tips on dunking the basketball.

If you are only a few inches away from dunking these technique training tips just may give you that extra edge you need to throw down your first dunk.

Design Of The Jump Manual Exercise Program

This 12 week Jump Manual program is split up into distinct 2 week cycles, with each cycle having a specific purpose.

The program consists of 4 workouts per week for the majority of the 12 week duration.

The program is easy to follow and understand unlike some horridly convoluted jump programs we have tried in the past.

Jacob Hiller first helps you build a base of stability around the muscles and joints that will be later utilized for max power production in the following weeks.

Once a foundation has been established the Jump Manual places more focus on developing absolute strength and reactivenss by incorporating a range of plyometric and strength based exercises.

Over time the load increases as does the demand placed on the tendons through exercises such as depth jumps and bounds.

Jacob does a great job of writing up an effective co-current weight lifting and plyometric exercise regime.

If you don't have access to a gym I suggest you consider checking out our review of Vert Shock.

Our Jump Manual Purchasing Experience?

If you want to increase your jump height in the hopes of throwing down your first dunk then The Jump Manual is well worth considering.

In fact, Jacob Hiller author of The Jump Manual claims that his methods can increase your vertical jump by 10-20 inches.

We understand that 10-20 inch gains in jump height over a couple of months may seem too good to be true.

Before we investigated the many authentic Jump Manual testimonials and success stories we too were skeptical about these exciting claims.

We have had experience with other jump programs in the past that make outlandish claims coupled with a program that simply fails to deliver.

In contrast to many of the sub-par jump programs out there, The Jump Manual is a world renown training system which has featured on ESPN and Mens Health magazine

The purchasing process is simple to follow and secure.

You should only ever purchase the Jump Manual from the official site.

Important: Be aware of fake online downloads of The Jump Manual. We always recommend that you purchase this program from the official Jump Manual Website to ensure you get the entire program, resources, bonus gifts and add-ons included in the system.

Who Created The Jump Manual?

Jump Manual Creator Jacob Hiller

The Jump Manual program was created by professional jump trainer and strength and conditioning coach Jacob Hiller.

He created the original version of The Jump Manual over a decade ago and has continued to develop the program every year since it's humble beginnings.

After investigating the history of this program for our Jump Manual review we were impressed to see that the quality and quantity of content included has increased dramatically since the first version.

"If you want to jump higher the Jump Manual will help you achieve your goals"

Jacob Hiller has trained olympic and NBA athletes. Now you can get access to his years of first hand experience and pro secrets for a very affordable price.

He is well spoken and describes the exercises in a clear and concise manner throughout the instructional videos included.

We really like the fact that Jacob Hiller has trained himself to obtaining a 40+ inch vertical jump of his own.

A lot of these vertical jump program creators talk it up but, but Jacob Hiller actually leads by example.

You can watch a video about his personal journey here.

Is The Jump Manual Safe For Kids?


 "Basketball Dunk 3 " by Josh is licensed under CC BY 2.0

We are not really sure if The Jump Manual is safe for kids as it doesn't really mention anything in the program. Weight lifting in children is obviously a controversial topic that can have potential negative consequences. However, research has found that moderate intensity strength training is fine for younger children. It is more the learning of form and technique that becomes troublesome and time intensive for young kids.

Adam Folker's jump program on the other hand has been proven to be safe for kids. In fact, the creators have gone as far to say that this program can be very beneficial to young athletes beyond the realms of vertical jumping.

If you are a parent considering purchasing a jump program for your child you should definitely check out this page.

Is The Jump Manual Easy To Use?

The Jump Manual is easy to follow however it does require a lot of physical effort to complete the full 12 weeks.

The workouts are very enjoyable and challenging enough to keep you interested and engaged for the full 12 weeks.

Once purchased, you will have online access which is means you can open the program up on any smart phone, pc or tablet.

The Jump Manual is Professionally Designed From Start To Finish

The Jump Manual VS Vert Shock And Other Popular Programs

The Jump Manual has been the best selling jump program over the past decade and it is easy to see why. 

The system is easy to follow and incorporates everything you need to maximise your vertical jump height.

However, we must admit that the Jump Manual has seen strong competition over the last few years, particularly from Adam Folker's Vert Shock program.

Vert Shock is a little more expensive than the Jump Manual if you want access to the weightlifting component (they call it the complex training system-read more about it here).

The standard Vert Shock package is solely bodyweight based "shock" exercises which we think are better suited to athletes who want to boost their jump height while in their sporting season, or younger athletes under the age of 16. In this case, if you are a young athlete or currently participating in in-season training I would suggest Vert Shock.

The off-season is when you want to start the jump enhancing weight lifting exercises that are incorporated in The Jump Manual or Vert Shock Pro.

We think that the complete Vert Shock package is the premium option for those that can afford it, but The Jump Manual still offers great value for money and is a proven blueprint to vertical jump success.

The Jump Manual Review Final Thoughts

The Jump Manual continues to set the standard for vertical jump programs. With over 10 years of development this program is hard to fault.

However the program does feel very outdated when compared to, in our opinion the most popular jump program on the market Vert Shock.

Overall The Jump manual provides a nice combination of plyometric and strength based jump exercises at a great price.

The Jump Manual will show you how to train smart and recover right to get the greatest vertical jump gains possible.

We also love the fact that you get access to the jumpers forum so you can log in and chat with like minded individuals on the same journey.

We hope you have found this Jump Manual review helpful. if you have any questions about this program or would like to share your J.M story please comment below.



2) Myer D Et Al. (2009). Youth Versus Adult “Weightlifting” Injuries Presenting to United States Emergency Rooms: Accidental Versus Nonaccidental Injury Mechanisms. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research .NSCA.

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