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The Flight System Review: Premium Jump Program From Overtime Athletes

The Flight System Review

By Ball Till We Fall, Last Updated February 6, 2022

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In A Hurry? The FLIGHT SYSTEM REVIEW Quick Summary

chris barnard jump program

The Flight System is a 12 week vertical jump program designed to increase vertical jump height and general athletic abilities. The program consists of a range of eccentric, concentric and isometric resistance training, combined with power and plyometric exercises. The complexity of the programming, movements and heavy loading make this less suitable for young, inexperienced athletes. It's biggest downfall is that it is much more expensive than the current leading jump programs such as Vert Shock and The Jump Manual.

The 3 Main Benefits Of The Flight System: Here's What You'll Learn & Develop On This Program...

  1. Lower Body Strength and Power Development
  2. Development Of Reactive Abilities and "Bounce"
  3. Stretch Shortening Cycle Optimization

How Much Does The Flight System Cost? 

  • The Flight System Retail Price Is $134 

Key Features Of The Flight System: 

  • Nice tri-phasic strength training routine that keeps things interesting over the 3 months.
  • Excellent plyometric component
  • Excellent overview videos and discussion on the principles behind the programs exercise selection.
  • Very easy to navigate
  • High quality demo videos
  • Well organized exercise video database
  • Prompt support

What Is Needed For The Flight System 

To participate in the Flight System you will need access to a range of exercise equipment. This is quite an advanced program and only suited to experienced lifters.

For beginner jump trainers a program such as Vert Shock would be a better option. 

Advanced lifters will enjoy The Flight System but if you are new to training and want to start a weight training and plyometric exercise The Jump Manual would be a better option to consider.

How Does The Flight System Compare... 

The Flight System is a premium jump program that is comparable to many "gold standard" jump programs currently available. You can compare the top jump programs here.


Unlike many of the jump programs we have reviewed so far, The Flight System is not created specifically for basketball players

The program seems to be made for american football athletes and mma fighters,

This program lacks the dunk specific technique training which makes programs such as Vert Shock such a popular choice and effective program for basketball players.

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How Does The Flight System Help You Jump Higher?

The Flight System can essentially switch off the Golgi-Tendon Organ while optimizing muscle activation, therefore allowing you to jump higher.

Basically the specific exercises included within the program are designed to help downgrade the inhibitory effect of certain stretch sensors (golgi tendon organ) within the body that control the amount of force that can be produced by the muscles and tendons.

Once these sensors are "switched off" amazing vertical jump potential is unleashed.

Chris Barnard calls his unique approach to Golgi-tendon down-regulation "Vert Release". This approach to vertical jump training works!

If you have read our Vert Shock review (uses a similar approach) you would have noticed the amazing results that this approach can have on jumping ability.

Check out the Vert Shock Success Stories >> HERE <<

While undertaking this Flight System review I was continuously impressed by Chris Barnad's passion and expertise on the topic of his Vert Release concept.

Chris Barnard lives and breathes performance enhancement. His passion for personal growth is contagious.

Chris goes on to explain that Vert Release is actually made up of 4 sub components including:

  1. Increasing the stretch reflex: by decreasing glogi-tendon organ activation while increasing muscle spindle activation.
  2. Increasing the stretch shortening cycle: allows the muscle-tendon complex to stretch and contract at a rapid rate. This increases the elastic properties of the tendon, essentially turning you calf and Achilles into a spring.
  3. Increasing motor unit recruitment: specific strength training incorporated in The Flight System can boost the amount of nerves that activate muscle fibers at any given time. More muscles activated means more rocket fuel to get you some serious air.
  4. Increase in force development: all of the aforementioned factors plus a couple more that Chris details can help you learn how to express more force in less time.


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Our Flight System Purchasing Experience?

Initially I was very impressed with the clean layout, engaging videos and simple navigation of The Flight System program.

The main navigation is broken down into 5 distinct components:

  1. The Flight System Theory
  2. Plyometrics
  3. Triphasic Strength
  4. Mechanics and Form
  5. The Flight Program

The Flight System Interface Is Very Well Designed and Simple To Navigate

The welcome video was very interesting and gets you fired up for what's to come. It is basically a 18 minute video outlining Chris Barnard's training philosophy and the journey that led him to create The Flight System.

What Exactly Is Included in The Flight System?

All of the exercise demonstration videos are very professionally presented with clear and simple instruction that make this program a treat to follow.


The Flight System Instructional Videos Are Well Presented and Engaging

The 4 Components Of The Flight System

1) Plyometrics

Chris Barnard does an excellent job of outlining the history and science of plyometric training and relating it to the implementation within the Flight System.

If you are not familiar with the concepts of plyometric training you will find this section of the program very helpful.

Even though at times it feels as though Chris is going off on a tangent, most of the information shared is very interesting and actionable.

The plyometrics are similar to the proven "shock" methods utilized in the effective Vert Shock program

Tri-Phasic Strength

Chris Barnard Shares Many Valuable Tips On How To Become A More Explosive Athlete

Tri-Phasic Strength

In this phase of the program Chris will educate you on the many benefits of incorporating periodized eccentric, concentric and isometric lifitng in your training regime.

This method of training will keep your muscles guessing, meaning greater adaptions of strength and power with less chance of plateauing.

Besides the fancy tri-phasic programming, most exercises are very similar to what is found in much cheaper jump programs.

Mechanics & Form

The mechanics and form section is jam packed full of solid science based exercise technique tips and tricks.

If you do decide to purchase The Flight System make sure you spend the time to listen to what Chris Barnard has to share on this topic.

Is The Flight System Safe For Kids?


 "Basketball Dunk 3 " by Josh is licensed under CC BY 2.0

We are not really sure if The Flight System is safe for kids as Chris Barnard doesn't specifically state it any where that I could see.

Even though The Flight System is created by a highly experienced and certified trainer, I would expect that children would be overwhelmed by the demands of this program.

The program requires a high volume of heavy load strength training which can potentially cause serious injuries in a young athlete if performed incorrectly.

Vert Shock on the other hand is a plyometric based jump program has been proven to be safe for kids. In fact, the creators have gone as far to say that this program can be very beneficial to young athletes beyond the realms of vertical jumping.

The Flight System Program Overview & Review Roundup

The Flight System Exercise Periodization & Programming

The Flight System is a 12 week program that is based on a 4 phase periodization plan (3 weeks of training followed by 1 week of deloading).

The training weeks are broken up into blocks of concentric, eccentric and isometric training.

The rep range remains quite low and stable throughout the entire strength training component of the program (4reps x 5 sets).

The emphasis is primarily on strength enhancement in the initial weeks. Over the course of the program more plyometric and power based exercises are introduced.

Intensity & Load Of Exercises

Chris Barnard does not state a specific intensity to train at within the flight system. He does however mention not to train above 85% of max load. We think the periodization of the program could better cater for a more customized intensity similar to the excellent programming used in best selling jump program The Jump Manual.

The intensity of the strength exercises tapers off over the course of the program as the plyometric work becomes the major focus.

Remember to use The Flight System effectively you must have access to a gym or a range of weightlifting equipment such as barbells and dumbells

Perhaps if this program was selling for a similar price to other popular jump programs it would be worth investing in, but $134 just seems a little over priced.

Overall, if you commit to this program I am sure that you will gain a significant boost in your vertical jump height. This is a great program for all sports that require pure explosion. However, as a basketball player you are probably going to enjoy following a program like Vert Shock or The Jump Manual which are designed specifically for ballers. 

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