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In A Hurry? Our Top 2 PickS For Best Vertical Jump Programs Of 2021


Runner Up Vertical Jump Program

The Jump Manual Training System

  • Conjugate strength and plyometric training program
  • Best option for athletes with access to gym/equipment 
  • Proven results 
  • Results or money back guarantee 

The Definitive Guide To Choosing A Vertical Jump Program For Basketball Players

Compare The Best Basketball Jump Programs

Most basketball players dream of the day that they will throw down their first dunk. To achieve this elusive feat you must train hard and be sure to follow very specific jump training protocols.

Sure you can search the web for information and slowly learn how to jump higher to dunk, but this is often a long, drawn out and inefficient process. 

"A quality jump program offers a convenient "done-for-you" solution for basketball players who want to follow a proven blueprint to vertical jump success"

An increase in vertical jump height of around 8-15 inches over a period of a few months is very common and achievable with many of the best jump programs listed below.

In fact, most guarantee these kind of results. All you need to bring is your motivation and a killer work ethic!



Jump Program Name











How To Choose A Quality Jump Program That Can Help You Dunk

We did our research, purchased and reviewed the most popular vertical jump programs online. Some of the jump programs we collated were simply terrible and some, as you will see, are very well put together.  

We have narrowed the initial pool of 12 jump programs down to what we believe to be the 5 best vertical jump programs for basketball players.

Our jump program review comparison will give you an overview of exactly how each specific program can help you achieve your goals of a higher jump.

Plus we will provide a link to all of our massive individual jump program reviews so you can dig deeper into learning all about the programs that you find interesting.

Our Vertical Jump Program Selection and Review Criteria:

  • Does the jump program have a history of proven effectiveness?
  • Is the jump program easy to understand and follow for both beginners and advanced athletes?
  • Does the program offer post purchase support options?
  • Does the jump program incorporate and justify the use of quality science based jump training methods?
  • Does the program follow a proven periodised exercise prescription protocol?
  • Does the jump program represent value for money when considering the contents included?
  • Does the program offer a money back guarantee if results are not achieved in the promised time?

These are the types of questions we asked ourselves while undertaking our reviews of the top jump programs. Take your time to read through our review summaries below.

If you want any further info on any of the jump programs listed below be sure to follow the links to each programs full length review.

Top 5 Vertical Jump Program Reviews

#1 Vert Shock 

The Best Jump Program For Beginners, In-Season Athletes & Those Without Gym Access

Vert Shock is a professionally designed and presented jump program from start to finish.

This program is created by two pro's who walk the walk (or jump the jump!) when it comes to basketball specific jump training.

Certified Strength Coach & Div 1 Basketball Player Adam Folker (Founder of Vert Shock)

The program is an absolute treat to follow thanks to the simple linear layout and high definition instructional videos.

The content quality and generous bonus resources are what separates this program from the rest.

Justin Darlington "The World's Best Dunker" Is Co- Creator of Vert Shock. Check out some of his amazing dunks on his site!

vert shock review

Vert Shock is purely a body weight only plyometric exercise program that is of 8 weeks duration. No gym required.

 (UPDATE: a new gym add-on is now available for around $15 making this great vertical jump program even better!) Check out our full Vert Shock review to learn more.

This 8 week program, is based on the same "shock training" methods that have been used by successful European high jumpers for years.

This program is well suited to basketball players of all ages and can be easily completed at home without the need for any gym equipment.

Vert Shock is much more than just a jump program. With dietary advice and technique training included you will also become leaner and meaner all-round athlete this season

Key Features Of Vert Shock:

  • The program is very user friendly and comprehensive.
  • The exercises require nothing except you – no need for gym membership or weight equipment 
  • The program can be followed by anyone of any fitness level/experience.
  • You feel supported along the way with Adam’s tips, tricks and high quality video tutorials.
  • Tracking and testing System included
  • High Definition Explainer Videos
  • Money Back Guarauntee
  • Great value for money
  • Huge range of high value bonus gifts

Where To Download Vert Shock? 

To ensure that you are getting an authentic and full featured version of Vert Shock you should always download from this official site.

#2 The Jump Manual

The Best Jump Program For Athletes With Gym Access Who Want To Jump Higher and Get Stronger

The Jump Manual is the O.G of vertical jump programs. It has been over a decade since the release of the first jump manual edition.

Since then the program has undergone many content updates, resulting in the very impressive package that you can purchase today.

The Jump Manual prescription and programming methodology flat out works! Sure it takes hard work, but if you put in the effort you will be rewarded with a higher vertical jump.

Jacob Hiller used the same methods he shares in The Jump Manual to achieve a 44' vertical of his own

Jump Manual Video Trailer

The Jump Manual is a 12 week program that incorporates both plyometrics and weightlifting, making this a great value for money option. The plyometric component in The Jump Manual is not as advanced as it is in the Vert Shock program.

However, the Jump Manual is a conjugate system of combined plyometrics and strength training. Ultimate a combination of strength and plyometric training will lead to the biggest advances in jump height than plyometric training alone.

If you want a solid program that is proven to get excellent results then the Jump Manual is an excellent choice.

There are many great bonus gifts that come with this jump program that are definitely worth checking out. Read our full Jump Manual review to learn more about the full contents, pros and cons of this best selling jump program.

Key Features Of The Jump Manual: 

  • Very easy to follow
  • Excellent support and options for 1 on 1 coaching 
  • Great value for money
  • Covers additional topics such as strength, nutrition and jump technique
  • Conjugate training system based on years of personal experience and the latest science based evidence.
  • High Definition Explainer Videos
  • Money Back Guarauntee
  • Huge range of high value bonus gifts

Where To Download The Jump Manual? 

To ensure that you are getting an authentic and full featured version of The Jump Manual you should always download from this official site.

#3 The Flight System

A Great All-Round Jump Program Best Suited To Advanced Strength Trained Athletes

chris barnard jump program

Chris Barnard is extremely passionate about teaching others to jump higher and it shows in his jump program. He has trained himself and many pro athletes to become a more explosive version of themselves over the years. Now he shares this information with you. Chris Barnard used the same methods he shares in The Flight System to achieve a 40+ Inch vertical jump of his own. You can learn more about Chris in our massive Flight System Review.

The methods Chris Barnard uses are quite advanced and much different to the other popular jump programs on the market. He uses a unique tri-phasic approach to jump training which ensures that the participant keeps adapting without plateus in performance.

The Flight System incorporates both plyometrics and weightlifting. We think that the program is very overpriced when considering that you can pick up Vert Shock at the moment for almost half the price.

Unfortunately, the program lacks the basketball specificity of the top 2 vertical jump programs on this list. For us baller's who are obsessed with dunking, this can be the difference between success and failure. If you just want to become a stronger and more explosive athlete that can dominate many sports than this is a great choice for you. If you wanna dunk, then I'd probably stick to one of the top 2 on this list.

Key Features Of The Flight System: 

  • Nice tri-phasic training system that keeps things interesting
  • Excellent explainer and demo videos 
  • Online program very easy to navigate

#4 BoingVert

chris barnard jump program

BoingVert is made up of 2 parts. A plyometric only program (Animal) and a resistance based program (Monster). When combined the total length of the entire program is around 7 months, making this one of the most drawn out programs we have encountered. If you want vertical jump results fast you are better off choosing a much more efficiently designed program such as Vert Shock or The Jump Manual.

The program contains some really great science based information. Unfortunately, the program seems unfinished and is much more difficult to follow than the top programs on this list. The walls of boring text make this program difficult to adhere to over the course of 6+ months.

Key Features Of BoingVert: 

  • Separate 2 part training system
  • Huge database of exercises 
  • Science based exercise prescription approach

#5 BounceKit

chris barnard jump program

Bounce Kit is created by one of the world's best pro dunkers Jordan Kilganon. We had super high expectations for this jump program but unfortunately the quality of the content couldn't compete with the leading jump programs on the market.

Jordan Kilganon does share some great information, however the program seems underdone and incomplete. Charging $77 for this program also seems way over priced considering the value you get with leading programs.

Jordan is a great dunker, but he lacks the charisma and qualifications of certified and experienced jump trainers such as Adam Folker and Jacob Hiller who have been training jumpers for decades.

Key Features Of BounceKit: 

  • Great strength training routine
  • Huge database of exercises 

Which Jump Program Is Best For You?

Choosing the best vertical jump program

After comparing the best vertical jump programs on the market it becomes apparent that two programs dominate the marketplace.

If you are going to invest in a jump program you would be best served to choose either Vert Shock or The Jump Manual

Both of these programs are backed by quality science based evidence and have proven to be effective for thousands of athletes worldwide. 

Sure other jump programs that we reviewed have great qualities, but from what we have seen no other programs provide the same quality of content and polished presentation that these top 2 jump programs provide.

Vert Shock Vs The Jump Manual: Which Is Best For You?


The Jump Manual has dominated the vertical jump marketplace over the past decade. Over this time creator Jacob Hillers program gained mass exposure through TV, online and print media.

The Jump Manual has been featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Men's Health.

The program has sold well over 100,000 copies with thousands of satisfied customers from all around the world leaving some very positive feedback.

>> See Jump Manual Success Stories

The Jump Manual was the only decent jump program on the market until Vert Shock was released by Adam Folker and Justind Darlington in mid 2014.

Adam Folker's expertise as a certified strength trainer combined with the expertise of one of the world's best dunkers (Justin Darlington) created a formidable program that could stand beside The Jump Manual.


Vert Shock provides a unique take on jump training. Unlike The Jump Manual which requires both weightlifting and plyometrics Vert Shock only requires you to undertake bodyweight based plyometric exercises. The ability to undertake an effective program without the need to go to the gym made this program an attractive option for athletes who wanted to learn how to jump higher.

Since its inception in 2014, Vert Shock has become the fastest selling jump program and has created a huge buzz in the vertical jump marketplace.

Athletes of all ages, sizes and shapes from all around the world have had amazing success after following this program for only 8 weeks.

Many athletes have achieved their first dunk after completing one round of Vert Shock.

>> See Vert Shock success stories

So which jump program is best suited for you, Vert Shock or The Jump Manual.

Let's take a closer look at both programs and compare the major features so that you can decide for yourself.

Comparing & Contrasting The Top 2 Jump Programs

Round 1: Program Design & Presentation

The Jump Manual set the standard for a simple and intuitive jump program layout. The program is simple to follow in a liner fashion.

Simply start at the top and work your way down. Many users may feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of content included in the Jump Manual.

In fact, the program has around 15 chapters to get your head around. If you like to read you will probably enjoy The Jump Manual.


The Jump Manual Membership Portal

If you hate to read, the jump manual is not for you. The information is very helpful however the presentation is starting to feel a little outdated and will need an upgrade soon to be able to complete with the sleek design of Vert Shock.


The Vert Shock Membership Portal

Vert Shock is a much better choice for those of you who don't like to read and prefer to watch and learn from videos.

The videos included in Vert Shock are of a very high quality production.

Winner Of Round 1: Best Design & Presentation = Vert Shock

The membership portal of Vert Shock is much more professionally designed and much easier to navigate than the Jump Manual. Visual learners will appreciate the quality instructional videos included in Vert Shock.

Vert Shock Video Explainer

Learn More About Vert Shock And Watch The Trailer At The Official Vert Shock Website

Round 2: Exercise Workout Prescription & Programming

The Jump Manual workouts are completed in 2 week cycles. The total duration of The Jump Manual is 12 weeks ( 6 cycles). However you can complete the program continuously thanks to it's innovative evolving design.

Initially the jump Manual seems quite complicated but if you take the time to do the required reading you will get your head around it pretty fast.

Basically the Jump Manual consists of 4 workouts :

  1. Workout One: Area of Focus=Max Explosion. These workouts consist of a range of plyometric and jumping exercises completed with added resistance. Be prepared to do exercises such as medicine ball throws and dumbbell squat jumps. Vert Shocks initial phases have a few very similar requirements however Adam Folker places more emphasis on building a strong and stable base and then slowly builds the emphasis on power development.
  2. Workout Two: Area Of Focus= Core Strength & Stability. The Jump Manual core series workouts help link the upper and lower body. Building this strong foundation of core control helps to improve kinetic chain functionality and therefore harness the potential of lower limb power development.
  3. Workout Three: Area of Focus= Max Strength. In this workout you will be required to get under the bar and throw around some heavy weights. Be prepared to squat, deadlift and lunge until you cant walk.
  4. Workout Four: Area of Focus= Active Recovery. These workouts help keep your jump specific motor patterning on point while allowing your muscles, tendons and joints to recover from the strenuous work you have completed in the previous workouts.

Workouts 1, 3 and 4 are set to be completed once per week while the core exercises (workout 2) is to be completed 2x per week. Jacob Hiller also recommends that you stretch on most days.

Yes, The Jump Manual is very time intensive. I have spent up to 1 1/2 hrs completing the entire workout (warm up, stretches, exercises, cool-down).

Nobody said it was going to be easy to achieve your first dunk. You will have to work hard day in day out on the Jump Manual.

Vert Shock on the other hand is much less time intensive.

For starters Vert Shock only takes 8 weeks to complete as opposed to the 12 week duration of The Jump Manual.

Both of these programs require 5 days per week of a commitment to exercise. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of Vert Shock over The Jump Manual is that Vert Shock only takes around 40 minutes to complete a session and can be easily completed at home.

At first I thought that weightlifting was required to improve vertical jump, but after completing Vert Shock I am a believer that correctly prescribed body weight exercises can provide more than enough stimulus to generate significant gains.

Novice athletes will find Vert Shock much easier to learn and perform.

Exercises such as squats and deadlifts take long time to master and can lead to serious injury if performed incorrectly. Experience lifters will enjoy the high demands of the Jump Manual, but Vert Shock gets great results without the added injury risk and need for expensive gym equipment.

Winner Of Round 2: Best Exercise Workout Design = Vert Shock

Vert Shock is much easier to follow and complete. No exercise equipment is required. You can purchase Vert Shock on this site.

Round 3: Which Jump Program Will Help You Dunk Faster?

At the end of the day both of these programs can derive excellent results that will see you gain significant inches on your vertical jump over a short period of time.

However there are a few things to consider before making the final decision on which program to purchase.

What you must understand is that even though both programs produce the same outcome (a higher vertical jump) they go about it in a much different way.

Let me eloborate..

The process of vertical jump improvement can be summed up with a simple equation:


The Jump Manual utilizes more strength based compound exercises such as Deadlift's and Squats which enhance the FORCE aspect of this equation.

Vert Shock on the other hand utilizes cutting edge plyometric exercises and shock training which develops the ability to create and absorb force in addition to greatly improving the SPEED of jump related muscle contraction.

This concept is best visually represented by taking a look at the physique of the two people who have developed the programs.

Justin Darlington "Vert Shock" has developed a lean, light and springy frame with the help of body-weight only plyometric exercises.

Jacob Hiller "The Jump Manual" has developed a strong and powerful frame with the help of  strength & power training.

As you can see, Justin Darlington carries much less muscle mass than Jacob Hiller does. It is this slight physique with super fast and reactive muscles and tendons that have allowed him to obtain a 50+ inch vertical jump and become one of the worlds greatest dunkers.

Jacob Hiller on the other hand spent years developing pure strength which he then turned into explosive power through specifically targeted weight training.

The style of training used by Jacob Hiller will help you pack on some serious muscle which may be an attractive proposition for some basketball players. Just be careful to watch your diet when training with heavy weights.

If you eat a caloric surplus you will gain muscle mass fast. Excess muscle mass is obviously counterproductive to your goal of jumping higher. The secret to jump training is to maximise your power to weight ratio. If you increase power but keep your weight the same you will jump higher. Simple as that!

At the end of the day, Vert Shock is a more convenient option that gets faster results (8 weeks) by building the speed component of your jump. It is much much easier to develop speed of movement than it is to gain absolute strength.

In fact, if you have never trained with plyometrics before you should be very excited as an increase of around 6 inches in only a matter of weeks is very achievable. Building strength and a physique like Jacob Hiller takes years. If you want results fast choose Vert Shock. However, you shouldn't rule out the Jump Manual completely....

The Jump Manual is a great option for older athletes who have experience with heavy weight-lifting and have build a solid foundation of strength. For these athletes on cycle of the Jump Manual can boost power producing capacity of the muscles and tendons.

The Jump Manual is also a great option for athletes who have bad knees and ankles. Vert Shock requires a lot of jumping from the git-go as opposed to The Jump Manual which helps establish a strength base around the knee, hip and ankle joints before moving on.

Best Vertical Jump Programs Final Thoughts

Most athletes will love the Vert Shock program and the results it produces in such a short time period. It's fun to complete and easy to follow and can be done from home which is a huge advantage.

Vert Shock now also comes with an option to purchase an add-on weight training component. When considering this option it is beginning to look like The Jump Manual's reign as the best vertical jump program for basketball players is about to come to an end.

We hope you found our comparison and reviews of the best vertical jump programs for basketball players helpful in allowing you to make an informed decision.

If you have any questions or comments relating to any of these jump programs please don't hesitate to leave your thoughts below.

SUMMARY: Vert Shock Vs The Jump Manual: Quick Comparison Table

Note: Swipe right to if viewing on mobile!

Vert Shock

(Currently Ranked #1)

The Jump Manual

(Currently Ranked #2)


- Easy To Follow

- No Gym 

- Proven Results

- Great Value For Money


- Easy To Follow

- Weight Training 

-  Proven Results

- Great Value For Money


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  • Thanks for the breakdown on The Jump Manual and Vert shock. I am seriously considering purchasing both of these programs! What do they offer as far as nutrition and recovery information ? I am an aging athlete. These could be deal makers or breakers

    • Ball Till We Fall says:

      Hi Paul, now that Vert Shock offers the complex training routines add-on at a discounted price SEE HERE ON CHECKOUT OF BASE PROGRAM> ( you would be probably better off just sticking to Vert Shock. Both have a nice balance of basic nutritional information, to help you improve your strength to weight ratio and shed some body fat. To be honest both programs could do a better job of including more indepth information on optimizing recovery, especially for the aging athlete. If you are currently active (eg playing regular dynamic sport such as bball) age should not be a problem. However, if you are previously sedentary it would be a good idea to do some light ballistic work such as skipping for a few weeks to help prepare the muscles and tendons for the “shock” to come. If you go in underdone you may succomb to tendonitis issues. Good luck!

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