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Bounce Kit Review: Jump Program By Jordan Kilganon “The World’s Best Dunker”

Jordan Kilganon Bounce Kit jump Program Review

By Ball Till We Fall, Last Updated February 6, 2022

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In A Hurry? Bounce Kit REVIEW Quick Summary

Vert Shock Review

Bounce Kit  is a 12 week vertical jump program created by professional dunker Jordan Kilganon. The program consists of a range of strength and plyometric exercises. The program contains some really great content, but lacks the focused exercise prescription we have come to expect from the top jump programs.  

This program requires access to a wide range of complex gym equipment. It's biggest downfall is that it is very focused on long strength training sessions that can lead to fatigue and muscle soreness. Long sessions may be ok if all you do is dunk, but basketball players require more specific exercise and recovery programming which is why Vert Shock and The Jump Manual remain the gold standard jump programs for baller's.

The 3 Main Benefits Of Bounce Kit: Here's What You'll Learn & Develop On This Program...

  1. Lower Body Strength and Power Development
  2. Development Of Reactive Abilities and "Bounce"
  3. Stretch Shortening Cycle Optimization

How Much Does Bounce Kit Cost? 

  • The Bounce Kit Retail Price Is $77 

Key Features Of Bounce Kit Jump Program: 

  • 3 phase online training system + 3 downloadable PDF's
  • Plyometric & strength training exercises
  • Very easy to navigate with well orgaanised database
  • High quality demo videos
  • Facebook community
  • One on one coaching available

What Is Needed For Bounce Kit 

To participate in the Bounce Kit program you will need access to a wide range of exercise equipment. Bounce Kit is an advanced program and best suited to experienced lifters.

For beginner jump trainers and youth athletes a body-weight only plyometric and dunk technique training program such as Vert Shock would be a better option. 

People with years of lifting experience will get the most out of Bounce Kit. This program requires many technical lifts that could potentially lead to injury.  

How Does Bounce Kit Compare... 

Bounce Kit is Jordan Kilganons first attempt at creating a jump program. His lack of experience training other people and prescribing exercises is evident in the exercise prescription. 

He offers one on one email consulting as part of his program. However, if you are after one on one training you would be better off working with Jacob Hiller as he has over 15 years experience helping athletes jump higher and is a certified trainer.

 If you are looking for a jump program that can help you dunk there are better options available. You can compare the top jump programs here.


Hopefully Jordan Kilganon continues to develop this program and can rectify the problems in his debut version. 

It is not too bad for a first go, but there is still a way to go before he can compete with established market leaders in vertical jump training program development. 

Best Vertical Jump Programs Reviewed and Compared


Who Is Jordan Kilganon?

Jordan "Mission Impossible" Kilganon is currently regarded as the best dunker in the world among the pro baller community.

Today we will review his Bounce Kit jump program to see if he has been able to transfer his unique gift into an effective program that can teach followers how to jump higher.

Thinking that one of the best jumpers in the world would make the best jump program seems logical right? 

Well, we have made this assumption before and boy were we proved wrong. Simply being a great dunker does not by default make you are great trainer and periodized exercise program designer.

Having said that, not having a professional trainer certification doesn't rule him out from being able to develop a quality jump program that can teach you how to dunk a basketball like a pro.

In this Bounce Kit review we will take a look deep inside this new jump program to see exactly what you get when you purchase the Bounce Kit product for the asking price of $77.

Many are calling Jordan Kilganon the best dunker to have ever lived. Jordan has amassed an impressive following on social media thanks to highlight videos demonstrating his impressive 50+ inch vertical in action. 

Most recently, you may have seen Jordan Kilganon feature on a fun little NBA skit where blew NBA legend Gary Payton's mind with his amazing dunks.


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What Is Bounce Kit?

What Is Bounce Kit? Bounce Kit is a 12 week vertical jump program designed to increase vertical jump height with the end goal of helping the participant achieve their first jump. 

The program requires heavy weightlifting and gym access is recommended. Be prepared to train 5-6 days per week for around 45 mins - 1+ hr per session. (If you are after a jump program that doesn't require gym access & less of a time commitment we suggest checking out Vert Shock)

Our thorough Bounce Kit review revealed that Jordan Kilganon still has a long way to go before he can truly compete with leading jump programs such as Vert Shock (8/10) and The Jump Manual (7.5/10). 

Overall, Bounce Kit has some quality components, however it falls short when compared to the design and content quality we have come to expect from the top jump programs.

The program incorporates a wide variety of strength, power and plyometric exercises, similar to what you will find in any good vertical jump system. Unfortunately, Jordan Kilganon fails to justify the reasoning behind the exercise choices and set exercise variables. This makes this program very confusing to follow.

Perhaps this program was released prematurely. Maybe, Jordan should get a personal trainer or exercise science certification before updating the program, rather than purely relying on personal experience. At the moment It seems as though it is half finished and that he lacks a true understanding of biomechanics, exercise physiology and other important skills required to produce an effective program.

Hopefully, Jordan Kilganon continues to develop the program and build on this solid foundation yet overpriced. Until then it is hard to justify spending the $77 on Bounce Kit when you can get a much better jump program such as Vert Shock or The Jump Manual  for way less money.

Let's Take A Look Inside Bounce Kit

Our Bounce kit Purchasing Experience?

Bounce Kit Member Login...

We have had our eye on the developmental process of Bounce Kit since we heard that Jordan Kilganon was releasing his own jump program.

After many requests to do a Bounce Kit review we finally got around to purchasing the program and taking it for a spin.

At first I was confused about what we were actually paying for as the Bounce Kit page simply takes your email address and gives no insight into the program itself.

Anyway, we went on to buy the program for $77 and were let inside to the BOUNCE KIT MEMBER DASHBOARD.


The welcome video presented by Jordan Kilganon seemed very uninspired. I wanted to get fired up to learn how to dunk and this did nothing of the sort.

This overview video simply congratulates you on joining the program and encourages you to join the Bounce Kit FaceBook page.

We have previously reviewed popular jump programs such as Vert Shock and The Jump Manual which do a fantastic job of outlining the principles behind the program and philosophy behind the set exercises. In this program all I got was basic common knowledge such as how to breathe during the exercises.

Unfortunately, Bounce Kit lost us from the git go. However, before we wrote the program off completely we wanted to take a look inside the body of the content.

Perhaps this is where all the good stuff is hidden?

I decided to take a look at the NOTES tab in the search for some more info on the exercise prescription philosophy. Unfortunately this was again just a very basic overview of the terminology used in the program. This section also provides some ideas on what to do on rest days (eg foam rolling, stretching).

I then took a look inside the BONUS tab. Perhaps this is where all the good stuff is kept... Nope just 8 simple tips to jumping higher.

You can find way more helpful information than this in our free  How To Jump Higher For Basketball post. To be honest i think it is ridiculous to call this a "Bonus" page when you consider the amazing bonus gifts that you are provided with in a program such as Vert Shock this just seems laughable.


Bounce Kit Member Login

Overview Of The Bounce Kit Workouts & Exercises

Before taking a look at the program itself, we decided to take a look at the instructional videos. I did like how the exercises were categorized by type which allowed for easy navigation.


The Bounce Kit Exercise Data Base is Well Organized & Easy To Navigate

The program itself comes in the form of 3 downloadable PDF's for each of the 3, 4 week long phases. All phases include

  • strength training
  • plyometrics
  • core work
  • olympic style powerlifts.

The 3 Phases Of Bounce Kit

Bounce Kit Phase 1 (Weeks 1-4)

  • 5 x per week training (approx 45 mins per session) + 2 days of active recovery
  • Areas Of Focus: Upper, Lower and Core Strength (Heavy Approx 85% of 1RM)

Bounce Kit will have you in the gym throwing around some heavy iron from day one. Unlike other programs that build in intensity over the initial period, Bounce Kit requires heavy lifting in the 5-6 rep range from the very beginning.

This is great for someone with previous weight lifting experience, but is fraught with danger for a novice lifter.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the program itself, however the lack of skill shown in the periodization of the exercise programming really stands out. Leading programs such as the top 2 programs on this list which do a much better job of preparing the body for the demands to come, which tends to lead to better long term gains and greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Bounce kit on the other hand just seems thrown together without any clear direction of where it is heading. Programs like Vert Shock and The Jump Manual are created by certified trainers. From phase 1 of Bounce Kit it is obvious that this program is not created by a credited trainer, but rather a professional dunker.

There is no justification on why the exercises are chosen. One of the reasons why we rated Vert Shock #1 was that it provided a means to understand why I am doing an exercise, which i find really helps with my long term motivation.


Phase 1 - Get ready for some heavy lifting!

There are some nice core exercises included with some variety over the week. Nothing new here though. All of these exercises are included with most quality jump programs.

Phase 2 Of Bounce Kit - Reduce the load to build power

Bounce Kit Phase 2 (Weeks 5-8)

  • 4-5 x per week training (approx 45 mins per session) + 2-3 days of active recovery
  • Areas Of Focus: Upper, Lower and Core Strength + Power (Heavy Approx 60-70% of 1RM)

Phase 2 of Bounce Kit begins to incorporate more power based movements with a reduced load (60-70% of 1RM)

The upper and lower body exercises remain similar to phase 1. The major change in this phase from the last is the drastic increase in volume of the "jumping" exercises.

Again nothing new here. In fact, I have seen more variety in better and cheaper jump programs.

Bounce Kit Phase 3 (Weeks 8-12)

  • 4 x per week training (approx 45 mins per session) + 3 days of active recovery
  • Areas Of Focus: Power + Plyometrics (Moderate Approx 50% of 1RM)

The final phase of the Bounce Kit program focuses on converting the strength built in the first 2 phases into pure explosion.

There are some nice plyometric exercises included. However if you are excited by the potential that a well prescribed plyometrics program can unleash you would be better checking out our Vert Shock review.

Phase 3 Of Bounce Kit - Introduction of Plyometrics

Is Bounce Kit Safe For Kids?


 "Basketball Dunk 3 " by Josh is licensed under CC BY 2.0

We are not really sure if Bounce Kit is safe for kids as it doesn't really mention anything in the program.

As Bounce Kit is not created by a certified trainer, I would recommend children avoid the program.

As I mentioned the program starts with heavy load strength training which can potentially cause serious injuries in a young athlete if performed incorrectly.

Vert Shock on the other hand is a plyometric based jump program has been proven to be safe for kids. In fact, the creators have gone as far to say that this program can be very beneficial to young athletes beyond the realms of vertical jumping.

If you are a parent considering purchasing a jump program for your child you should definitely check out this page.

Bounce Kit Review Final Thoughts

Overall Bounce Kit failed to live up to our expectations.

The program did offer some great instructional videos that were well categorized and easy to navigate.

We love the core work included in Bounce Kit. This is an aspect that is often under utilized in many jump programs.

For those of you who like to feel as though you are part of a community, you will probably enjoy the access to the Facebook community where you can talk to people who are embarking on the same journey as you. However, most good programs offer a community option and extended support these days.

The exercise prescription and programming of Bounce kit leaves a lot to be desired.

Perhaps, this is due to Jordan Kilganon's lack of experience in writing programs, as he is not a certified trainer.

Bounce Kit just seems to lack a clear vision of what it wants to achieve. In the midst of this program you just feel as though you are working hard, as opposed to other programs, which have been perfected to have you working smart. Working smart means less time in the gym and greater results.

If you are someone who is looking to understand the "why" behind jump training you will be very dissapointed by what you find in Bounce Kit. There are very few scientific reference and most information supplied is very vague.

Remember to use Bounce Kit effectively you must have access to extensive weightlifting equipment

Overall, if you stuck to this program I am sure you will add a few inches to your jump. However, if you are going to spend the money I would opt in for one of these proven jump programs which have helped thousands of people around the world jump higher (see real user feedback below).

We hope you have found this Bounce Kit review helpful. if you have any questions about this program or would like to share your Bounce Kit story please comment below.

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