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Individual Basketball Training Tips & Drills [Ultimate Guide Roundup 2019] – Skill Development, Performance Enhancement and Nutritional Optimization

The Ultimate Guide To Basketball Training (Tips, Drills, Workouts +)


What Is Basketball Training And How Can It Help You Dominate On The Court?

Do you ever feel as though no matter how much you train, you just aren’t getting any better at playing basketball? Are you sick of having other players dominate you on both ends of the court?

The truth is most of the team drills that your coach gets you to do in practice just aren’t specific enough to help you sharpen the skills required to become a truly dominant player.

To significantly improve your basketball skills and on-court performance you will need 4 things:

  1. 1
    You must have a deep desire to improve, and vivid goal of becoming a great player
  2. 2
    You must be willing to work hard physically (skill & fitness training) and mentally (become a student of the game)
  3. 3
    You must adhere to regular basketball training workouts that are specifically designed to turn your current weaknesses into strengths
  4. 4
    You must commit to a healthy eating plan designed to optimize body composition and fuel high performance. 

A well designed basketball training workout can develop a basketball players physical abilities and improve passing, shooting and ball handling skills.  Additionally, basketball specific fitness training can improve a players speed, strength, power, agility, reaction times, vertical jumping ability and endurance.

Below you will find the definitive collection of basketball training guides that can help you level up every aspect of your physical and mental game.

You will also find training guides covering a range of topics such as basketball performance enhancement, mindset optimization, recovery and nutrition.

We also take a look inside the leading online basketball training programs designed by some of the best trainers and players in the world.

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How To Train To Become A Better Basketball Player

1. Basketball Shooting and Scoring Ability

Training Tip - Become a better shooter with high repetition shot specific basketball training

One aspect of basketball training that is vital to on-court success is shot training. If you want to become a better shooter you must be willing to invest time in getting shots up.

If you want to learn exactly how to improve your jump shot and become a better scorer from any range then check out our definitive guide > How To Shoot A Basketball Like A Pro.

More Shot Development Related Basketball Training Guides & Training Programs:

2. Basketball Ball Handling & Dribbling Ability

Training Tip - Become a better ball handler with hand speed and strength drills

A thorough basketball training resource wouldn't be complete without a guide on ball handling. Nothing feels better on the court than laying a defender out with a sick crossover. By improving your dribbling skills you will become a more valuable teammate and much more effective scorer.

If you would like to learn how to "break more ankles" this season, be sure to checkout our helpful guide > How To Dribble a Basketball Like A Pro.

3. Vertical Jumping and Dunking Ability

Training Tip - Jump higher with a combination of plyometric exercises, jump technique optimization and strength training

Basketball training and vertical jump training go hand in hand. However, the specific outcomes of jump training can be greatly affected by a number of variables, including in season training.  

If you would like to learn how to develop your vertical jumping ability so you can become a more explosive athlete be sure to checkout our guide > How To Jump Higher For Basketball.

Perhaps you want to learn how to jump higher so you can throw down your first dunk. If you want to learn how to get hops and throw down like the pros be sure to read this guide How To Dunk A Basketball

More Vertical Jump Related Basketball Training Guides & Jump Programs:

4. Defensive Ability

Training Tip - Become a better defender with lateral quickness and physicality drills

Defense is often the most neglected aspect of individualized basketball training. In order to become a highly valued player to your teammates and coaches you must take pride in your defense.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a lock down defender check out our guide > How To Play Basketball Defense Like A Pro.

5. Passing Ability

Training Tip - Become a better passer by developing court vision and reactive abilities

Do you want to be able to average more assists per game and electrify the crowd with your crazy hand offs?  If you take pride in making your teammates better you are going to love our passing hacks.

To learn more about "dishing the rock" like a pro be sure to checkout our article > How To Pass A Basketball Like A Pro.

5. Basketball Specific Strength & Power

Training Tip - Become a stronger player by lifting high load, low volume weights. Then turn that strength into pure power with explosive training and plyometrics.

If you really want to dominate the game of basketball you must put in the effort to get as strong and powerful as possible. When it comes to basketball strength training, the type of training must be very specific to the demands of this sport.  

An incorrectly prescribed protocol can hamper your results, so make sure you follow a proven system. If you would like to learn how to get stronger this season checkout our guide > Strength Training For Basketball.

More Strength Related Basketball Training Guides & Programs:

6. Nutrition and Body Composition Optimization

Diet Tip - Focus on a high intake of vegetables and lean proteins to help shed body-fat and build lean muscle.

Basketball training extends well beyond the time spent on the court. What foods and drinks you put into your body throughout the day can have a major effect on in game performance.

Learn more about nutrition for basketball performance in our guide >  Ultimate Guide To Basketball Nutrition.

7. Recovery Optimization (Caring For Your Body With Prehab and Rehab)

If you want dominate on the court for decades to come it is vital that you take the time to care for your body. Below you will find a range of prehab and rehab tips and tricks that can help reduce the likelihood of injury or help you recover from a recent injury.

Recovery, Rehab & Prehab Related Basketball Training Guides:


Free Basketball Training Tips and Tricks List

Our goal is to create the best free basketball training content for basketball players available online. We are here to cut through the b.s and only provide you with easy to follow step-by step basketball training tips that actually work.

Above you will find a range of helpful links to our specific basketball training tips resource pages.

These resource pages are designed to help you learn how to develop every aspect of your offensive and defensive game.

Basketball training isn’t for the faint of heart. To become great you must dedicate yourself to the art and science of basketball. If you have hoop dreams and are able to create a vivid vision of yourself going pro, then you are on the right track for success. The right mindset will create the motivation and desire needed to get you through the toughest basketball training sessions. When your dream is profound enough you will be pulled toward it. You will not need to push yourself.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced baller, we are sure that you will benefit from the quality basketball training information and videos which we have collated to help you take your game to the next level.


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