BoingVert Review: Does It Live Up To The HYPE?

BoingVert Review and Results


BOINGvert Is Aggressively Promoted, But How Does It Compare With The Leading Programs Available?

BoingVert Review Sneak Peak | Our Rating = 6/ 10

Price & Purchase :  $77 Lifetime >> Visit Official B.V Site <<

Our BoingVert Review Findings:  An over-complicated 2 part program that requires lots of reading in order to fully understand the training philosophy. Great science based info but much more complicated to follow and more expensive than the leading vertical jump programs currently available.

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Current #1 Rated Jump Program = Vert Shock

vert shock review

Is BoingVert Better Than Vert Shock? We don't think so >>Find out why..

If you spend your spare time watching basketball highlight videos on Youtube, you have probably already been exposed to at least one BoingVert advertisement by now.

These BoingVert videos claim to significantly increase your vertical jump without giving any true insight into what this jump program is all about.

We are regularly asked for our opinion on this program from baller's who have seen these adds online. The most common questions we get are "Does BoingVert work?" "Is it a scam?" and is "BoingVert better than VertShock?". 

 BoingVert Review: By BallTillWeFall. Overall Rating 6/10. Price $77 Last Updated March 29, 2018 1:24 pM

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Join me as I show you exactly what you will get when you purchase the complete lifetime BoingVert package. I'll also compare & contrast this program with other popular jump programs. Click here for full list of jump programs.

Up until this point, the team here at B.T.W.F have not been able to answer any questions related to this program. However we were intrigued by the "cult" following of BoingVert and wanted to learn more.

We therefore decided to undertake a huge BoingVert review to get to the bottom of what this program is all about and to share the findings with our community. 

So can BoingVert really help you learn how to dunk a basketball in a matter of weeks?


In this review we will also compare and contrast BoingVert with current leading jump programs such as:

What Is BoingVert? BoingVert is a 7 month long vertical jump program designed to improve jumping ability . The program consists of 2 parts: (1/ Plyometric "Animal") (2/ Reisitance Training "Monster"). (If you are after a jump program that doesn't require gym access & less of a time commitment we suggest checking out Vert Shock)

Quick Comparison Table: BoingVert Vs Other jump Programs

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(Currently Ranked #4)

Vert Shock

(Currently Ranked #1)

The Jump Manual

(Currently Ranked #2)

The Flight System

(Currently Ranked #3)

Bounce Kit

(Currently Ranked #5)


Is BoingVert Legit Or Is Boingvert A Scam?

Unlike some of the most respected and well presented jump programs in the industry ( eg. Vert Shock), the BoingVert program seems quite shady at first sight.

The marketing behind the program seems to lack the transparency that has made popular programs like the all-time best seller The Jump Manual a very well respected name in the vertical jump industry.

I visited the official BoingVert website in the hope to gain a greater insight into the contents and quality of the Boingvert program.


The Official BoingVert Website Lacks The Professionalism Of Some Of The Leading Jump Programs

All I could really gather about the program is that it is divided into 2 parts. It is recommended that you do the bodyweight "Animal" plyometric program first followed by the weightlifting based "Monster"program.

These programs can either be purchased separately or as a package (see below).

The amateur presentation of the site didn't instill much confidence in me, however I decided to move forward and purchase the program for you guys who want to learn more.

When comparing the website presentation to leading jump programs, the BoingVert website design is definitely a B grade at best.

BoingVert lacks the polished design and presentation we have come to expect from a new era jump program. Programs like VertShock & The Flight System have raised the bar on program design, content, support and presentation.

We decided to purchase the lifetime edition of BoingVert (>> Buy from BoingVert for $79.95)  which includes:

NOTE: The Official B.V Website does have some very interesting testimonials that are quite encouraging. You should definitely check them out!

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BoingVert review quick summary

chris barnard jump program

Our thorough review of BoingVert revealed that this is a quality jump training system that, in my opinion, unfortunately still falls short of better value programs such as Vert Shock (8/10) and The Jump Manual (7.5/10). 

When first opening the BoingVert program I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of exercises to learn and philosophy based content to read. If you hate reading instructions and would prefer simple guides and video definitely consider this option.

The BoingVert message seems scattered, and unorganized. The link between the two BoingVert components is difficult to understand without some serious reading. But if you are happy read and figure out the method to their madness then I am sure you will benefit from it. Taking time out to read the "Philosopy" PDF's does require some focused time and effort. Setting aside a couple of days to get your head around this program is probably a good idea if you do decide to buy it.

The information provided in BoingVert is great science based content that will get you results if correctly applied. Hopefully, in the future the creators of BoingVert will make this program more intuitive and engaging. Once the creators figure this out I think it will be able to compete with the best jump programs available.

For those of you who want to get in the gym and throw around some heavy weights in hope of becoming a better all-round athlete then this is the program for you. However we still think that the passion and expertise of Chris Barnard (Flight System) is still the best option out there for gym junkies who aren't afraid get their ass under the bar and lift some heavy weights.

For those of you who simply want to jump higher to dunk it is hard to justify spending the $79.95 on BoingVert when you can get a more basketball specific jump program such as Vert Shock or The Jump Manual (4.3/5) for way less money.

Overall Rating: ​6/10

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  • Expert advice from an experienced trainer
  • Holistic approach to jumping higher
  • Nice information on how to land properly
  • Excellent demo videos
  • Science based training principles
  • Huge database of exercises
  • Well organized exercise video database
  • Prompt support
  • Overpriced when compared to other great jump programs that are much cheaper and contain comparable content.
  • The Monster weightlifting component may cause significant delayed muscle soreness which could be a problem when undertaken in-season. For a better in-season option we recommend sticking to "Animal" or checking out Vert Shock.
  • Difficult to follow in linear fashion
  • Complexity of movements and heavy load make the BoingVert Monster program less suitable for young, inexperienced athletes. Children wanting to jump higher should consider this option.
  • Takes 30 weeks to complete

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Who Created BoingVert?

Shawn Myzska

Shawn Myzska Creator of BoingVert

Shawn Myzska is one of the creators of BoingVert. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced vertical jump trainer. While undertaking our BoingVert review we discovered that Shawn established the program back in 2010.

Shawn has been an NSCA certified strength and conditioning coach since 2003. He currently runs his own performance enhancement facility in Washington.

Shawn shares the same training tips that he uses with pro athletes in his BoingVert program.

Unfortunately Shawn Myzska did not engage my attention and inspire me like Adam Folker and Chris Barnard did in the video components of their programs. This is just my personal opinion. You guys may prefer the more clinical presentation.

Our #1 Choice for Vertical Jump program Of The Year = VERT SHOCK! Check out the Vert Shock Success Stories >> HERE <<

Kelly Baggett

Co-Creator of BoingVert Kelly Baggett

From my understanding Shawn Myzska collaborated with Kelly Baggett (creator of the know outdated Vertical Jump Bible) to develop the Monster program.

Mr Baggett's experience shines through on the weight lifting related content of the program.

Unfortunately, the 2 creators failed to blend their work together, therefor leaving what seems to be a scattered an unpolished jump program.

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Chris Barnard is a very passionate vertical jump trainer who has put together a beautifully designed and presented program that seamlessly integrates strength and plyometric training. His program is called The Flight System.

We Ranked The Flight System Higher Than BoingVert. Be Sure To Checkout Our Flight System Review To Learn More.

The 2 Components Of BoingVert


BoingVert Animal Review

The BoingVert Animal program solely focuses on plyometric training and body-weight exercises.


BoingVert Animal Is A Bodyweight Only Plyo Program

BoingVert Animal consists of 6 distinct phases which are all around 2-3 weeks long :

  1. General Body Preparation: This phase of the program will help prepare your body for the work to come. A strong emphasis is placed on developing stability around the hip, knee and ankle joints. As tempting as it may be, don't skip these steps. building a strong foundation is one of the keys to jumping higher.
  2. Vertical Jump Mastery: In this phase Shawn Myzska helps you develop correct motor patterns for jumping. Completing the set exercises will help you body to better co-ordinate muscle activation patterns upon take-off.
  3. Force Absorption: If you have read our super popular Vert Shock review you would know that the secret to jumping higher is all about absorbing force and creating force. Correct absorption of force can also assist in reducing the likelihood of injury while undertaking plyometric exercises. So be sure to listen up to Shawns tips!
  4. Jump Acceleration: This phase further elaborates on the previous 2 phases and essentially helps you produce more force in your jump by better converting horizontal momentum into vertical force.
  5. Reactive Emphasis: This phase of the program starts to incorporate some heavy plyo work. Here you will work on optimizing the stretch shortening cycle and maximizing motor unit recruitment.
  6. Jump Technique Otimization: This phase further elloborates on the initial vertical jump mastery component. By this stage of the program you should be more explosive and ready to perfect your form to get the most out of your gains.

Be prepared to train for around 3-4 times per week when undertaking BoingVert Animal. This routine can be very taxing as it has quite a high volume and intensity of set exercises.


The BoingVert Animal Workout Log Is 16 Weeks Long. Here is a sample of the first day of the program.

Our BoingVert Animal review began with a reading of over 30+ pages of the philosophy of the program. There is some really great information in here on jump techniques and training methodology.

I really liked the fact that Shawn Myzska also covered topics such as landing, footwear and technique. These are often important factors that are often overlooked in popular jump programs.

Other programs tend to make videos to watch that cover this sort of "dry" informational content. I think that BoingVert should look at incorporating this into their future versions if they want to compete with the best jump programs in the industry.

The plyometric training used in BoingVert are similar to the proven "shock" methods utilized in the effective (and cheaper) Vert Shock program.


BoingVert Monster Review

As you probably already know, strength training for basketball players can take your game to the next level faster than almost any other form of training. BoingVert Monster is the strength training component of BoingVert. Monster is designed to be completed after you have built an explosive foundation with Animal.


The BoingVert Monster Workout Log Is 11 Weeks Long.

​BoingVert Monster develops 5 distinct aspects of jump related strength and power:

  1. Adaption & Activation: This phase of the program will help prepare your body for the intense, heavy load weight training to come in the following phases.
  2. General Strength: In this phase Kelley Baggett helps you target the correct training variable that will maximize absolute strength while also ensuring you don't lose any spring you gained from completing the Animal program.
  3. Max Strength & Power: If you have read our  Jump Manual  review you would know that the best way to get massive increases in a short amount of time is to follow a program that effectively develops strength and power while co-currently working on explosivenss and reactivity. This is the most intense phase of the Monster program, but is also the phase that will take your jump to the next level.
  4. Jump Acceleration: This phase further elaborates on the previous 2 phases and essentially helps you produce more force in your jump by better converting horizontal momentum into vertical force.
  5. Max power: This phase is the icing on the cake. It further enhances power and explosiveness by changing up the volume and load of exercises while also introducing some new exercises to follow.

BoingVert Instructional Videos Are Well Presented and Engaging

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What Exactly Is Included in The BoingVert Lifetime Package

Beyond the Animal and Monster programs I also got a couple of nice bonus add-ons. However, I must admit that these bonus gifts are no where near as generous as the ones provided with leading programs such as Vert Shock and The Jump Manual.

I really like the additional desk workouts that are aimed to improve mobility and strengthen the muscles around the ankle joint​.


The BoingVert Desk Workout Can Be Completed At Work!

Unfortunately the additional diet information is very simple. Just a few tips of what to eat to get lean and a sample diet that consists primarily of lean meats and vegetables.​ It also recommends to exclude dairy,gluten and grains without going into any depths on why this is the best option for you. Nutrition for basketball players is a complex topic that must consider many variables in order to optimize performance and change body composition effectively.

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Check out our popular guide on Nutrition For Basketball players that will show you what the pro's eat to stay in great shape all season long!

Click here to read the article

There were also a couple of auxiliary components that I was looking forward to seeing (landing and form) that were not provided. Instead I simply got a coming soon message which was very disappointing.

The program seems incomplete which is a huge let down when spending so much money on a jump program.​

Suggested BoingVert Alternative:
Vert Shock overall Rating: 8/10

We Ranked Vert Shock Higher ThanBoingVert. Be Sure To Checkout Our Vert Shock Review To Learn More.

Is BoingVert Safe For Kids?


 "Basketball Dunk 3 " by Josh is licensed under CC BY 2.0

We are not really sure if BoingVert is safe for children as we couldn't find any specific recommendations for age.

Even though BoingVert has been designed by a certified trainer, I think that the intensity of the Monster program may be a little too much for growing bodies.

The program requires frequent heavy load strength training which could potentially cause serious injuries in a young athlete if performed incorrectly.

Vert Shock on the other hand is a plyometric based jump program has been proven to be safe for kids. In fact, the creators have gone as far to say that this program can be very beneficial to young athletes beyond the realms of vertical jumping.

If you are a parent considering purchasing a jump program for your child you should definitely check out this page.

BoingVert Review Roundup


BoingVert Download Page

Overall, BoingVert is a comprehensive jump program that lacks the intuitive presentation found in the leading jump programs. On the other hand, the science based techniques are well justified and the exercise demonstrations are excellent.

During our BoingVert review we were very impressed by the fact that this program included some really unique content that we have not seen before, even in the most highly rated programs such as Vert Shock and The Jump Manual.

MUST SEE. VERTICAL JUMP SUCCESS! The program we have rated the #1 jump program of the year, Vert Shock has helped thousands of people around the world jump higher (see real user feedback below).

>>> Click Here To See Some Amazing Vertical Jump Program Success Story Videos<<<

Remember to use BoingVert Monster effectively you must have access to a gym or a range of weightlifting equipment such as barbells and dumbells. If you don't you will have to stick with Animal or may just be better off considering this option.​

Perhaps if this program was selling for a similar price to other popular jump programs it would be worth investing in, but $79.95 just seems a little over priced for this program.

Considering that one of the best programs is currently discounted by around 50% you may want to consider your other jump training options before settling on BoingVert.

We hope you have found this BoingVert helpfull. if you have any questions about this program or would like to share your BoingVert story please comment below.

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