This 5’5″ Guy Trained Himself To Dunk! Inspiring Story…

How a 5’5″ Player Trained Himself to Dunk

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Brandon Todd was determined to dunk. When he combined a proven jump training program with consistent effort his childhood dreams came true.

Proof That With The Correct Jump Program and Consistent Effort Anyone Can Dunk

Meet Brandon Todd, a determined man from Ohio who has always lived with a strong desire to want to dunk a basketball.

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He stands at only 5 feet 5 inches tall, but this was not going to prevent him from reaching his goal of wanting to dunk.

Brandon Todd attempted to dunk for years before he finally found and committed to a consistent jump training program.

(Brandon Todd has been known to credit the all-time best selling Jump Manual Training Program as a recommended jump program in various publications).

After following an effective jump training protocol, Brandon can now consistently dunk a basketball both in practice and in-game situations.

Brandon Todd is a true inspiration for those of us who are “vertically challenged” yet want to one day rise up and throw down our first dunk.

Check out Brandon’s inspiring story in the video below...


Not To Be Missed: Below this video we have some handy tips on how you can learn to jump higher and perhaps even one day throw down your first dunk.

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