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Best Basketball Training Programs Online 2022: Level Up Your Game!

Best Basketball Training Programs Online

By Ball Till We Fall, Last Updated February 6, 2022

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The Ultimate Collection Of Online Basketball Training Programs You Can Start Today!

Sure, you can browse the web and find some great free basketball training tips that can help you learn how to become a better basketball player.

However, the sheer amount of unorganized basketball training information shared online can quickly become overwhelming and eventually lead you down the rabbit hole to paralysis from analysis. 

Our Top Picks Of 2022

In a hurry? Here are our top 3 picks for the best basketball related training programs of the year:

  1. Best Ball Handling Training Program= Homecourt
  2.  Best Overall Basketball Training Program = The Steph Curry Masterclass
  3. Best Dunk & Jump Training Program For Basketball = Vert Shock

To become a better basketball player YOU MUST TAKE ACTION!

You need to train hard and train smart.

One of the smartest things you can do to rapidly develop your basketball skills is to follow a step-by-step basketball training program designed by a pro.

There are a range of basketball training programs that are designed to improve aspects of your game such as shooting, scoring, ball-handling skills, strength/conditioning and vertical jump.

These cloud-hosted basketball training programs are prescribed and programmed by some of the worlds leading basketball trainers and have all proven to get results.

Let's take a look at the best basketball training programs currently available online.

Searching all over the internet for the best basketball programs can be very time consuming. We’ve saved you the time and energy by doing all of the investigative work for you. Now all you have to do is read our easy to follow roundup & reviews below and make your decision on which basketball training program is right for you!


Learn the Top 5 PRO HACKS that will Level Up Your Game FAST!

Game Day Dominance Course By BallTillWeFall

"This course helped me add a couple of inches to my vertical jump after just one session. The pre-game drink suggestion also works a treat and palm cooling technique is CRAZY! When I use these I can run faster for longer in games, without getting tired." James O'Conner

What Is The Best Basketball Training Program For You?

List Of The Best Basketball Training Programs Online

At this point you may be left wondering "which online basketball trainer should I follow?" and perhaps "what is the best online basketball training program for me?"

TODAYS BEST DEAL - Vert Shock Vertical Jump Program 50% Off (CLAIM NOW

Well you are in luck, as we have scoured the internet to track down what we consider to be the very best online basketball training programs available.

DID YOU KNOW? The majority of the most popular online basketball training programs listed below offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. If you don't get results you don't pay.

To make it easy for you we have divided the training programs into separate categories so you can find the program that will allow you to transform your current limitations into strengths.

From an initial list of  22 basketball related training programs we were able to narrow it down the shortlist below.

If you are looking for a foolproof online basketball program that will take your game to the next level then we are sure you will find our comprehensive roundup of the best online basketball training programs currently available very helpful.... Enjoy!

The "new era" of online basketball training programs are no longer simple, boring pdf's. The latest programs are developed on the latest web standards with most offering interactive video demonstrations, performance tracking and extremely generous bonus gift sets"

List Of The 5 Best Online Basketball Training Programs Of 2022

 Training Programs That Can Help You Become A Better Shooter and Scorer

1. The Steph Curry Masterclass - Offensive Training System

The Steph Curry Masterclass does an excellent job of covering every aspect of offensive basketball development in a professionally designed and easy to follow package.

Steph provides you with hours of step by step basketball training drills that can help you dominate on the offensive end of the court. Steph breaks down his NBA game footage to and discusses how to apply these drills and skills in game situations.

The additional resources provided in this program (such as hd videos, tracking programs and varied work sets) make this enjoyable to follow and easy to adhere to. 

Steph Curry Online Basketball Training Program

Steph and the team at Masterclass have done an excellent job of creating a program that both beginners and advanced athletes can benefit from.

Key Features

  • Premium Quality Content Production 
  • Helpful Bonus Gift Set
  • Very Easy To Follow
  • Covers All Aspects Of Offense
  • Tracking System
  • High Definition Explainer Videos
  • Money Back Garauntee


The Steph Curry Masterclass provides a rare opportunity to learn from one of the best players in the game.

This is a complete ball handling, shooting and finishing system.

This program is a little more expensive than some of the other basketball training programs, but well worth the investment if you are serious about becoming a great basketball player.

 Training Programs That Can Help You Jump Higher And Dunk

2. Vert Shock - Basketball Jump/Dunk Training Program

Vert Shock Basketball Jump Training Program

Vert Shock is the best selling vertical jump program of all time and over the past decade has helped thousands of basketball players achieve their first dunk. For example, check out these impressive Vert Shock success stories.

  Vert Shock is a premium jump program that incorporates science based "shock" training techniques that can be completed at home or in the gym

To put it more simply, the program incorporates a range of plyometric and body weight strength exercises periodized over an 8 week period. 

The creators are so confident that this program works and that you will add 9- 15 inches on your jump that they offer a full 100% Money Back Guarantee

Basically you have 60 days to try it risk free, if it doesn't work for you simply get your money back.

TODAYS BEST DEAL - Vert Shock Vertical Jump Program 50% Off (CLAIM NOW

Vert Shock requires no gym equipment which makes it perfect for athletes of any age.

Vert Shock also now gives you the option of purchasing the additional "Complex Training Routines" add-on for a small fee of only $17.  This add on provides you with more advanced gym based strength training routines which can dramatically improve your strength and explosion beyond the standard program. This add-on is not necessary but is worthwhile picking up if you are serious about improving your vertical jump height.

You can purchase this upgrade by ticking the box on the standard Vert Shock program checkout page

Key Features

  • Improve vertical jump by 9-15 inches in 8 weeks or your money back
  • 11 Bonuses 
  • No Gym/Weight Lifting required (Minimises DOMS)
  • Tracking System
  • 35 HD Exercises Videos
  • Lifetime Membership
  • Best program For Teens
vert shock review


Vert Shock flat out works for those people who commit to the step-by-step program. It also comes with a range of awesome bonus gifts that will help you optimize things such as jumping and dunking technique.

You will also learn how to eat correctly in order to become a lean mean dunking machine.

Definitely worth checking out if you want to finally throw down your first dunk!

3. The Jump Manual - Basketball Jump/Dunk Training Program

The Jump Manual is an instantly downloadable jump program that is built on 15+ years of scientific research into the most effective exercises, training sequences and jump techniques

Thousands of average athletes have used it to consistently increase their vertical leap by anywhere up to 20 inches over 12 weeks. For example, check out these impressive Jump Manual success stories.

Basketball Jump Training Program

The Jump Manual is created by Jacob Hiller. Jacob was an average jumper who was able to achieve an incredible 44 inch vertical jump through years of exercise science research and personal trial and error.

Jacob Hiller went on to become one of the most sought after vertical jump experts in the world and has trained many NBA and Olympic athletes. He shares all of his years of knowledge and jump training  secrets in the Jump Manual.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed To Work or your money back
  • Generous Bonuses 
  • Body-weight and gym options included
  • Tracking System
  • HD Exercises Videos
  • Lifetime Membership
  • One on One Coaching Available


Mr Jacob Hiller's vast jump training experience shines through in the Jump Manual. This system does require consistent hard work on the behalf of the participant.

However, for those who commit to the program and follow each and every step of the Jump Manual significant vert gains await you. You can complete the program in the gym or at home as it includes non-weight variations of each exercises for those who don't have access to a weight room.

If you want to dunk you can;t go wrong with the Jump Manual. It flat out works. Plus if you sign up today you get a 60 day risk free money back guarantee.

 Training Programs That Can Help You Become A Better Ball Handler

4. Game Time Handles - Basketball Ball Handling Training Program

Perfect Basketball Gift Idea For Teenagers

Game Time Handles is a relatively new program that is taking the ball handling niche by storm.

Many ball-handling training programs have come and gone over the years, but we have a feeling this one is here to stay.

The program has been meticulously designed. The drill prescription and programming is easy to follow and flows in a logical manner.

The program contains some of the most innovative basketball workouts for point guards at home or the gym.

If you want to improve your dribbling skills this is the program to take your skills to the next level.

The drills that are included in the program are the same drills that the pros use.

These are also ball handling drills for kids with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of dribbling.

Both young and old will benefit from the cutting edge ball handling workouts.

Start Getting By Defenders Anytime You Wish And Never Worry About Losing The Ball Again.

Key Features

  • The Complete Basketball Dribbling System
  • Simple To Follow 
  • High Definition Videos
  • Perfect for both guards and Bigs


Here are just a few things you will learn with the Game Time Handles Program:

  • Never Lose The Ball
  • Get Past Defenders
  • Breakdown Defenders
  • More Dribble Moves
  • Keep Defenders On Their Heels
  • Aggressive Driving To The Basket
  • Explosive First Step

If you want to improve your handles then this program is definitely worth checking out.

The program is currently heavily discounted.

5. Homecourt AI

Why YOU Should Consider Choosing To Follow An Online Basketball Training Program...

"Done for you" online basketball training programs have proven to be one of the most effective ways for motivated athletes to quickly improve different aspects of their game (eg. ball handling, vertical jump, shooting/scoring, strength/conditioning etc).

The best online basketball training and vertical jump programs allow the participant to develop their basketball skills/conditioning in a relatively short amount of time under the guidance of experienced pro's. There are also some great weight training programs for basketball players who want to get strong.

Best yet, these days the majority of the leading online basketball training programs are very affordable.

Gone are the days in which people would pay hundreds of dollars for a simple basketball training program provided in the form of a pdf download. 

These days you can pick up a state of the art basketball training package in most categories for well under $100 and with some of the great discounts floating around, perhaps even under $50.

This individualized approach to basketball training creates quite a low risk opportunity for ballers to develop new skills. 

These state of the art programs are delivered by the world's most elite basketball trainers and even pro athletes such as Steph Curry who recently released his super popular Masterclass.

Will These Basketball Training Programs Help Take Your Game To The Next Level?

We hope you found our round-up of the best online basketball training programs helpful. 

These programs provide an easy to follow option for athletes who want to improve their basketball skills.

However, like most things in life, you only get out what you put in. Sure these programs provide you with an easy to follow blueprint, but you still have to put in the work.

If you have any questions regarding any of these basketball programs please feel free to comment below. 

Also, be sure to check back in the future as we are constantly updating this page with latest and greatest basketball training programs on the market.

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