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 The Definitive List Of Basketball Gear, Apparel and Shoes


Welcome to the most comprehensive buyers guide to basketball equipment and products that can be found online.

You are about to see the definitive collection of the best basketball equipment, training/playing gear, apparel and shoes currently available.

Our team have collated, reviewed and listed the best basketball equipment that can help level up your basketball skills and IQ, plus the best gear and apparel to keep you looking sharp on and off the court.


 1. What equipment do you need for basketball? 

Basketball Essentials - A Basketball, Some Shoes Plus Access To A Hoop/Court

Basketball is a dynamic and fun sport that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of how rich or poor they are. The only equipment that you really need to play the game is a basketball and a hoop.

People in some third world countries don't even have access to these basketball essentials. However, this lack of equipment doesn't stop them from enjoying the game. They simply get creative and design makeshift basketballs and hoops, often playing bare footed on rough surfaces.

The rest of us are spoiled with choices when it comes to basketball equipment. As you can see from our basketball equipment list above there are many products that can be used to get the most out of your basketball games and training sessions.

Essentially the only equipment we really need to play basketball safely and effectively is a pumped up basketball and a decent pair of shoes plus access to a basketball hoop.

All of the other basketball products are designed to help us improve our comfort and performance on-the court and improve aesthetics while playing the game.

 2. What was the first equipment used in basketball?

In 1891 James Naismith invented the game of basketball using a soccer ball and two peach baskets. Soccer balls were used for the first 2 years after the invention of basketball. In 1894 the first official basketballs were made from brown leather and laces.  

It wasn't until the late 1950's that Tony Hinkle introduced the orange molded version of the ball that we are all familiar with today. These balls were made from genuine leather and are still the preferred ball used by the NBA to this day.

The First Basketball Equipment Of All Time

 3. What do you call a basketball goal?

A basketball goal is often referred to as a hoop or basket. You can check out the best portable basketball hoops here.

 4. What gear do basketball players wear?

Basketball players wear a range of gear for performance and fashion reasons. Some of the most popular gear worn by basketball players includes:

 5. What is the best basketball clothing and apparel brand?

There are a range of leading basketball clothing brands. We have found that the following brands produce the highest quality basketball clothing and apparel:

 6. What is the best basketball equipment for training?

Every year manufactures of basketball equipment come up with new innovative products that be used during training to enhance basketball skills.

Here is a list of the best basketball equipment for training:


How To Find The Best Basketball Equipment For Basketball Players

Investing in quality basketball equipment can provide you with many opportunities to enhance your basketball skills. Many of the products you have seen listed in the buyers guides above are designed with a specific function in mind.

Before you choose to purchase any basketball equipment or training devices it is important that you have a clear vision of exactly what performance outcomes you wish to achieve. Once you know exactly what aspect of your game you want to develop, use our basketball equipment guides to help you find the top rated products in each category.

Even the basketball apparel items we have collated offer some form of performance benefit to basketball players. For example, knee guards and pads can protect basketball players from injury and therefore allow them to spend more time on the court.

Making smart decisions on choosing the right shoes and apparel is vital for professional basketball players. The pro's need to protect the investment of which is their multi-million dollar bodies. If you are serious about the game of basketball you should also be very wise and make educated decisions on the basketball products you buy.

Making a smart choice and choosing the best equipment and apparel will give you the best chance of dominating on the basketball court this season.

We hope you enjoyed our ultimate buyers guide to the best basketball equipment, apparel, gear and shoes that you can buy online today.

Our team is consistently updating this page with the newest leading basketball equipment so be sure to check back in soon to see the latest products.

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