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Best Basketball Shot Tracker Apps and Gear [Buyers Guide 2019] Top 3 List!

Best Basketball Shot Tracking Devices


Over the past few years we have seen many innovative basketball products released on the market.

These products are designed to help basketball athletes get more out of their training sessions and ultimately help them become better basketball players

This new wave of basketball tech is influencing the way we think of basketball training and performance enhancement. 

Some of the greatest basketball inventions of late have come in the form of:

Shot tracking apps can help you become a better shooter

Need to improve your shot?  The following shot tracking products are designed to help you become a better shooter

We have previously covered the best basketball equipment in our buyers guides, so in this article I am only going to focus on introducing you to the best shot tracking apps, devices and programs.

The shot tracking tools that you are about to see are perfect for basketball players who like hard data and are hellbent on putting in the work required to improve their shot form and performance.

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Best Ways To Track Basketball Shots

If you take your game seriously, then tracking your shots can be a great way to help take your basketball skills to the next level.

Tracking your shots can also be a lot of fun as it provides an opportunity for you to compete with yourself by continually attempting to set new personal best efforts!

Here are 4 of the most common methods used to track your shooting accuracy and percentage so that you can objectively prove that you are becoming a better shooter.

Option 1. Manual Recording On Spreadsheet

The easiest way to track your shots is to simply write down your shot attempts, makes and misses in a journal. 

This method can become a little tedious and time consuming, but it is definitely the cheapest way to track your basketball shooting progress.

Shot training programs such as the one made by the legendary Steph Curry include a shot tracking journal template so that you can easily keep track of your progress over the duration of the program.

Even though there is some great high tech shot tracking gear out there, some of us still just prefer to use the old school pen to paper tracking method.

Steph Curry Shot Tracker App

Steph Curry's Online Training Program Comes With Templates That Allow You To Easily Track Your Shot Percentages

>> Check out Steph Curry's online basketball training system here

Option 2. Standalone Shot Tracking Apps

Some of the most innovative basketball training apps are now incorporating artificial intelligence to help record and track basketball shots, makes, misses, and location. 

Although the first wave of these shot tracking apps are a little glitchy they do show great promise.

State of the art shot tracking app tech has already been implemented by many NBA teams.

We will take a look at the best shot tracking apps shortly.

Option 3. Apparel/App Partnered & Net Shot Tracking Sensors

The popular ShotTracker device, partnered app and shot tracking sensor has been the best selling shot tracking device over the past decade. 

Take a look at our ShotTracker review below to learn more.

Option 4. Internal Sensors Within Ball & Partnered App

Smart basketballs were the big trend in basketball gear last year. These "smart" basketballs come with an in-built shot tracker that recorded makes and misses on a partnered app.

You probably would have seen the Wilson X advertised last Christmas. This was a super popular gift for basketball players last year but unfortunately failed to live up to the hype.

>> You can read customer reviews of the Wilson X here

The Wilson X basketball is far from perfect, but the concept is very interesting.

Hopefully the team at Wilson go back to the drawing board and comeback with a much improved Wilson X 2.0 smart basketball that will allow us to track our shots much more accurately.


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#1. The ShotTracker Review

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To use the shot tracker you simply load up the app, connect one sensor to the net and then slip on the wrist band with built in sensor (or alternatively you can separately purchase the ShotTracker Shooting Sleeve).

Note: ShotTracker works with any outdoor basketball or indoor basketball.

"To get where you want to be, you have to train with game time intensity all year long. ShotTracker helps players do this and holds them accountable" Klay Thompson, NBA Champion.

The basketball ShotTracker net sensor is very easy to attach to any basketball hoop net. This is the device that registers shot makes or misses when working together with the wrist sensor.

The basketball ShotTracker wrist sensor simply slips inside the included wrist band. Here the sensor links with the net sensor and app via Bluetooth to track your shooting results.

The basketball ShotTracker arm sleeve can be purchased separately. This arm sleeve simply replaces the wrist band that is included in the package. See the best basketball arm sleeves.

Key Features
  • Tracks shot attempts makes and misses
  • App is loaded with drills, workouts and fun game
  • Allows you to chart your progress over time 
  • Easy to setup and view

#2. Wilson X Connected Basketball Review

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The Wilson X basketball is the smartest basketball ever invented. 

This state of the art basketball shares the same premium quality we have come to expect from Wilson. It is regulation size and weight, has excellent grip and is extremely durable. Yes, it can also be used as an outdoor basketball.

The ball can be used on any standard 10ft rim with a net.


You don't need an active internet connection to use the ball once you have downloaded the Wilson X app.

The sound effects used on this device is also a very cool addition that is not included on the ShotTracker. Hearing the crowd noise, countdowns, horns and other effects really makes this a fun ball to use while working on becoming a better shooter.

Amazon currently sells the Wilson X at a great price >> Check Price Here

The Wilson X is the smartest basketball money can buy. It will track your shots plus provide hours of competitive fun with the inbuilt shooting games.

#3. Homecourt -Basketball Shot Tracking App Review

HomeCourt is a new mobile application (iPhone or iPad) that allows you to track your shots with great accuracy.

HomeCourt uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to track your jump shot movement and mechanics in real-time. The pro version allows you to dig even deeper into your performance analysis with in-depth data and analytics.

Two-time MVP and Hall of Fame point guard Steve Nash was consulted during the development of this app. Many NBA players have invested financially into this revolutuionary shot-tracking system. 

HomeCourt is the future of shot tracking and basketball performance training. This shot tracking app is a cut above the rest as it allows you to track things such as release time, release angle, vertical, and speed for every shot you take.

The pro version also comes with an extensive library of training drills. 

HomeCourt captures your performance and provides data about your workout. You even get real-time audio feedback. I personally love to train with homecourt while wearing my wireless headphones to get the full experience.

The HomeCourt app also adds a social element to the mix. You can enroll in shooting challenges and compete against the global basketball community.

The HomeCourt Shot Tracking app is surprisingly easy to use and stable. 

All you have to do is set up your  phone with a clear view of the court hit start and begin shooting. Just be aware that this app only can track shots on a hoop with a net. I also recommend buying
a tripod to hold your phone or ipad.

The Homecourt App Comes in 3 Versions. The more expensive options have more features as seen below:

Free: Track 1,000 shots per month (limited time), shot-by-shot video review and highlights, unlimited participation in contests, create and join teams, basic dribble workouts
HomeCourt Plus: Track 3,000 shots per month, more advanced dribble workouts
HomeCourt Pro: Unlimited shot tracking, Shot Science analytics, and more advanced shooting drills, ball-handling, and agility workouts

Key Features (PRO VERSION)
  • Unlimited Shot Tracking
  • Shot Science and analytics
  • Advanced dribble workout games
  • Advanced shooting drills


Tracking your basketball shooting sessions provides you with valuable feedback on your performance.

By tracking your shots you can see if you are truly becoming a better shooter or not. This new era of shot tracking technology is making the process of tracking your shots fun and interactive.

It is a great feeling to look back on your previous shot tracking sessions and then be able to try to set personal bests.

These shot tracking apps and devices add an extra element of competitiveness to your simple shootout. Apps such as HomeCourt  take this to the next level by allowing you to compete with other basketball players from around the world.

This new wave of basketball shot tracking systems are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. These shot tracking apps will continue to develop rapidly as tech engineers implement more AI features. 

If you are serious about becoming a better shooter you should definitely consider using a shot tracker. We are always on the hunt for the best shot tracking gear so be sure to check back in to this page in the future for updates.

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