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Best Gifts For Basketball Players: Top 31 Gifts Ideas Of 2021 [Buyers Guide & Reviews]

Top 31 Best Gifts For Basketball Players and Fans

By Ball Till We Fall, Last Updated March 24, 2022

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Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of basketball gifts for players and fans online. If you have seen our huge collection of basketball equipment buyers guides you would know that Ball Till We Fall is the go-to resource for any basketball fan who is on the quest to find the best basketball gear. 

Over the years we have encountered thousands of basketball products and in this guide we are proud to present you with what we consider to be the very best 31 gift ideas for basketball players and fans.

Regardless of whether you are looking for basketball gifts for your coach, basketball playing boyfriend or girlfriend, Christmas or birthday, we have the perfect basketball gift ideas for you.

Hell, maybe you just want to spoil yourself!


Our Top Pick
Top Rated Basketball Shot Training Equipment

The Ultimate Online Shot Training System

Steph Curry's Masterclass includes 17 video lessons that teach you how to shoot, dribble and score the basketball like a pro.

You can even ask Steph Curry questions during the “office hours”. A must have for anyone who wants to level up their game.

Also Great
Best Choice Knee Protection Guard For Basketball Players

The Ultimate Basketball Knee Brace 

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain is the knee brace trusted by NBA athletes and pro triainers.

It is the only officially liscensed knee brace of the NBA. This is by far the best basketball knee brace on the market. 

Editors Choice
NBA Tickets are a great gift option for basketball players
Tickets To An NBA Game

Get Front Row Seats To The Greatest Show On Earth

Seatgeek gives you access to the best NBA seats available. Simply login and choose your seats online.

Discover events you love, search all ticket sites, see seat locations and get the best deals on tickets. 


  1. 1
    Best Basketball Gift For Players = Vert Shock Jump Program
  2. 2
    Best Basketball Gift For Fans = NBA Tickets
  3. 3
    Best Basketball Gift For Coaches = Coaches Clipboard
  4. 4
    Best Personalized Basketball Gift = Wilson Custom BBAll
  5. 5
    Best Basketball Gift For Kids = The IC3 Shot Trainer
  6. 6
    Best Basketball Gift Under $10 = ShotLoc Shooting Device
  7. 7
    Best Basketball Gift For Bedroom = BBall Room Decor

In the list below you will find innovative game changing basketball training devices, the hottest basketball apparel, effective training programs plus some fun novelty basketball gifts and gadgets.

We regularly update this page with basketball equipment and gear that we believe make a great gift option for fans of basketball.

Be sure to check back in again from time to time to see the latest basketball themed gift ideas.


#1. The Steph Curry Masterclass Online Training Program

Best basketball gift of the year winner

The S.C Masterclass is the perfect gift for basketball players who want to take their game to the next level

Your gift recipient will learn shooting, ball handling and scoring from NBA legend Stephen Curry with his 17 lesson all-access masterclass.

This is a rare, not to be missed opportunity to learn basketball skills from one of the greatest basketball players of all-time.

Key Features
  • Online training program/course
  • The two-time MVP teaches shooting mechanics and ball-handling skills

#2. Basketball Books

No products found.

BASKETBALL BOOKS are are great gift option for basketball players who are "a student of the game". There are hundreds of great basketball books available to buy online.

Some are all about the X and O’s of basketball and others focus on different aspects of an athletes life and their impact on culture and society.

Note: We recently completed a roundup review of the best basketball books

#3. The IC3 Shot Trainer

No products found.

The IC3 Shot Trainer provides your gift recipient a great way to improve their shooting accuracy at home.  This is the perfect basketball themed gift for developing basketball players and a great way for parents to get their kids to spend more time away from their screens.

This system allows players to work on achieving a proper arc, get more shots up and build muscle memory. This commercial grade shot return device is super easy to setup and take down in seconds. Best yet, it stores away compactly and quickly with guide-easy wheels.

Alternatively, Rolbak also makes an affordable option for the same purpose.

#4. NBA 2K Video Game For PS4 0r XBOX

No products found.

The NBA 2K series is the most popular basketball video game in the world. This is the perfect basketball gift for ballers who love to chill and game when they're not hoopin'. 

2K continues to redefine what's possible in sports gaming. With online play-ability and live stat updates this game delivers countless hours of fun.

#5. PowerHandz Basketball Training Gloves

No products found.

It doesn't matter if you are in the fourth grade or playing in the pros, having crazy handles is crucial if you want to stand out as a basketball player. Ball handling skill development is extremely important.

Athletes all over the world who are training with PowerHandz products rapidly see their hand speed and arm strength improve.

This is a great basketball gift idea for point guards who want to improve their handles fast.

Note: We recently completed a roundup review of the best basketball dribbling gloves. We rated PowerHandz #1.

#6. Shotloc Shooting Device

No products found.

The simple and affordable Shotloc device keeps the ball off your palm, spreads your fingers and makes you a more confident shooter. A must have gift for any shooter who wants to take their offensive game to the next level.

This is a great affordable "stocking filler" christmas gift idea for basketball players who love to shoot the rock.

Note: We recently completed a roundup review of the best basketball shooting aids

#7. Basketball Jewelry

No products found.

Purchasing some iced out jewelry can be a great gift option that will be sure to please the basketball player in your life. There are many affordable options and of course there are some jewelry items reserved for the big ballers. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your basketball playing boyfriend I suggest you check out our Basketball Jewelry Buyers Guide.

#8. Online Vertical Jump Training Program

Vert Shock Gift Option

Every basketball player wants to jump higher and dunk, which makes a vertical jump training program the perfect and unexpected gift for a up and coming basketball player

Out of all of the jump programs we have reviewed we recommend Vert Shock to athletes who want to add inches to their jump, FAST . 

This program is perfect for baller's that want to add around 10-15 inches to their vertical jump height over a couple of months, with the aim of one day dunking a basketball.

It is appropriate for all ages, shapes, sizes and genders.

Best yet, you can simply download it instantly and send it as a gift via email!


Get Vert Shock Today For Only $67 (Regular Price $138)

Gift for basketball fans

#9. The Dribble Stick

No products found.

The Dribble Stick helps to improve hand positioning, stance and speed with the ball. We love the fact that it can also be used for plyometric training. 

This is one of the best basketball gifts for any dedicated player who wants to improve their overall game.

Note: We recently completed a roundup review of the best Basketball Dribbling Equipment

#10. Official NBA Replica Jerseys

No products found.

Grab an official NBA jersey. All of the most popular players jerseys can be found online. These are quality jerseys that will last you a lifetime, not one of those cheap knock-off's that fall apart after a few months.

You really can't go wrong giving an NBA jersey as a gift.

The secret is knowing who the recipients favorite player is.

NBA Basketball Gift Ideas

#11. Court Vision Goggles

No products found.

These weird looking court vision goggles wont get any style points but they will force a basketball player to handle the ball with his or her head up to survey the court.

They are also designed to improves reaction time against defenders. These are a very affordable gift that helps build confidence on the court.

Another great basketball themed stocking filler. Could also be an affordable bulk gift option for a basketball team.

#12. Coaches Clipboard

No products found.

Basketball gift ideas for coaches can be difficult to come up with, so we surveyed a bunch of coaches to see what really need. 

The number one request was a coaches clipboard. If you want to spoil your coach you can't go wrong this option. 

#13. Basketball Socks

No products found.

There are a huge range of basketball socks available. Some are made for performance and some are just made to keep you looking sharp on and off the court.

Socks are a great stocking filler basketball gift idea for your baller friends and family.

Note: We recently completed a roundup review of the Best Basketball Socks 

#14. Portable Basketball Hoop

No products found.

A portable basketball hoop is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child.

They provide hours of healthy fun, plus it can keep the kids out of your hair for hours on end. 

There is a huge range of basketball hoops for every budget. Some are made for kids and some are made to withstand ferocious dunks. 

You get what you pay for when it comes to basketball hoops. Invest wisely.

#15. Basketball Shoes

No products found.

Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and The Jordan Brand have released some very impressive shoes this year.

If you really want to get in the good books of your basketball playing boyfriend or girlfriend then this is the perfect gift option for you!

Note: Be sure to check out our guide to the Best Basketball Shoes 

#16. Basketball Finger Spinner

No products found.

Check out this cool training wheel for your finger. This simple and affordable device allows the user to feel the balance of the spinning basketball.

This is a great gift for boys and girl basketball players who haven't yet got the skills or strength to spin the ball on their own. 

#17. Online Basketball Training Program

Game-Time Handles is the only offensive Ball Handling System that installs the ball handling control, moves, and mentality necessary to beat, frustrate, and dictate any defender.

This is a great gift option for basketball players such as point guards who want to improve their handles in a professionally guided and periodized manner. 

You can simply pay for it, download it immediately and send it as a gift via email. The perfect birthday gift for a basketball player who has a dream to play pro.

#18. Basketball Room Decor

No products found.

If you are looking for a basketball themed gift for a teenager then Basketball Room Deco can be a great option. 

There are heaps of awesome hang-able graphics for a bedroom and other cool options such as fancy lights and huge wall stickers.

Let your teenagers deck out their room so they can rep the fact that "Ball is Life".

#19. Mini Hoop For Home and Office

No products found.

These mini basketball hoops are 1/4" scale of NBA and easily fit over the door frame. Perfect for the home of office.

These hoops are surprisingly durable and can withstand light dunking thanks to the spring loaded function.

The perfect gift for kids and adults who love to play basketball 24/7.

#20. Protective Basketball Gear

No products found.

 PROTECTION GEAR is often an item that basketball players want, but don't necessarily want go out and spend their hard earned money on.

Therefore protection gear can be a great gift option for the basketball player in your life.

You may have seen players like Dwayne Wade wearing their knee and thigh guards. In fact, most NBA players these days are wearing this protective gear to help reduce the incidence of injury.

They provide a form of insurance for their million dollar bodies.

Note: We recently completed a roundup review of the best arm sleeves for basketball. You may also be interested in our roundups of the best basketball mouth guards and ankle braces 

#21. Basketball Backpack

No products found.

Basketball backpacks are another desired item that most baller's don't get around to purchasing. Every basketball player could do with a quality backpack. As basketball players we are always carrying around our shoes, drink bottles and balls. Most quality basketball bags come with a compartment to store the ball. You really cant go wrong with this gift idea!

There are some great basketball backpacks on the market. If you are looking for a gift for a school aged basketball player this can be a great back-to-school gift.

Note: We recently completed a roundup review of the best basketball backpacks and bags

#22. Mug With A Hoop

No products found.

If you are looking for a cheap, fun novelty basketball themed gift for your friends or family why not buy them this cool novelty basketball mug.

Toss marshmallows into cocoa, crackers into soup, or toppings onto ice cream. A perfect gift to give to your coach or teammate on basketball senior night.

#23. Vertical Jump Training Equipment

No products found.

Vertical jump training equipment helps to develop explosive leg drive and strengthen key muscles in your lower body, to ultimately maximize your vertical leaping ability. 

Most basketball players want to jump higher (and dunk), so you really can't go wrong with giving this gear as a gift.

TIP: Combine this gear with a program like Vert Shock for impressive vert gains.

#24. Indoor Or Outdoor Basketball

No products found.

Every basketball player needs a quality basketball.

Most basketball players have a raggedy old basketball that they have had for years. A new ball may be the perfect present for your basketball playing friends or family.

Note: We recently completed a roundup review of both the best outdoor basketballs and the best outdoor basketballs.

#25. Basketball Duel Shot Arcade Game

No products found.

The Pop-A-Shot is the original and the best arcade basketball game. Just imagine how excited your kids would be to see this under the tree on Christmas morning.

The system is very accurate and uses proprietary infrared sensors for the scoring system.The height of the game can be configured for multiple settings and different-sized ceilings

#26. Basketball Lamp

No products found.

There are a huge variety of cool basketball themed lamps on the market. A basketball lamp or nightlight is a perfect Christmas or birthday gift idea for kids or teenagers.  They are surprisingly affordable, meaning that this present need not break the bank.

#27. Basketball Mouth-Guard

No products found.

Basketball is a contact sport. Often basketball players forget just how dangerous the game can get. One of the most common injuries that basketball players sustain are mouth injuries.

Flying elbows can easily knock out and break teeth. By wearing a mouthguard on the court many of these mouth injuries can be avoided. 

Many basketball players never get around to buying themselves a mouthguard. Therefore, mouthguards are a great gift idea for a basketball player that you care about. 

Note: We recently completed a roundup review of both the best basketball mouthguards.

#28. Basketball Wristbands

No products found.

Basketball wristbands, baller bands and sweatbands can be an excellent stocking filler option for Christmas. They are very cheap and can be easily shipped around the country with ease.

#29. Basketball Compression Gear

No products found.

There are many types of compression gear that basketball players like to wear. The most popular choice for most players are leg compression wear and shooting sleeves.

Compression clothing can help enhance performance on the court plus aid in recovery while off the court. When it comes to buying compression gear you really do get what you pay for, so be sure to buy a respected brand.

I'm sure any serious basketball player would appreciate receiving compression gear as a gift on their birthday or Christmas.

#30. Wilson Customized Personalized NCAA Black and Gold Basketball Official

No products found.

The Wilson NCAA Sensation Black and Gold basketball can be customized with any name or number you would like! This ball is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The customized name is permanent, so you can play with the ball all day and the name will last. It comes in a range of sizes. A sure winner this Christmas!

#31. Tickets To An NBA Game

NBA Tickets are a great gift option for basketball players

So what is one of the very best gifts that you could possibly get a person who loves the game of basketball?

Well, it is hard to beat a ticket to an NBA game  as a gift option.

For young basketball players, a trip to a live NBA game can be a life changing experience.

Game night can also be a great opportunity for family time, or even a romantic date night!

Tickets are surprisingly affordable. You can get the best prices on NBA tickets at Seatgeek


We hope you enjoyed our roundup of what we consider to be the coolest basketball gifts and presents that you can buy online.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of exactly what gift you are going to buy the basketball fanatic in your life on their birthday or come Christmas time.

Hell, maybe after taking a look at all of these great basketball gifts you just want to spoil yourself!

Remember:  We frequently update this page with the best basketball gift ideas, so be sure to check back in soon.

Don't miss out on our yearly basketball Christmas gift roundups! 

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  • I am looking for a gift for my son who is a keen basketball player. He is only 12 years old. Do you think the basketball training programs you have in this list would work for him?

    • Ball Till We Fall says:

      Hi Jenny, yes all of the training programs listing in this post would be suitable gift options for your son and his basketball development. Programs such as Vert Shock make adjustments for younger age participants. A program like the Steph Curry Masterclass would be a sure winner!

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      Hi Ben, the training goggles are a legit training device and a great budget gift option for your basketball team. They look pretty goofy, but they do help develop court vision and ball handling skills. Good luck.

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