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In-depth Reviews and Comparisons of the Best Mouth guards for Basketball Players 2018

Today we  take an in depth look into how to choose a quality mouth guard for basketball. We also compare and contrast the Top 5 basketball mouth guards that can be purchased online.  Most NBA players wear mouth guards even though it is not mandatory. In a league of flying elbows it is a very smart investment indeed! After all, we all remember what happened to Isaiah Thomas at the 2017 NBA Finals.

Did you know that it can cost anywhere between $300 and $15000 to have a tooth repaired? (Plus a hell of a lot of pain). The risk of losing a tooth is extremely high for any basketball player. In fact, basketball has the highest incidence of tooth damage compared to any other collegiate sport.

These days basketball specific mouth guards are very affordable and effective. These simple devices can be simply purchased online and prepared at home to offer protection and piece of mind when ballin' out.

If you want to keep your teeth this season check out the following Top 5 mouthpieces for basketball...

 Best Basketball Mouth Guard Review: By BallTillWeFall.  Last Updated April 4, 2018 12:24 AM

Earning Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means the team at BallTillWeFall.com earns a small commission if you decide to purchase products through these links. The price is the same for you though. In some cases you may even receive a discount. Your support is very much appreciated. Keep Ballin'.

5 Of The Best Basketball Mouth Guards In 2018

  • Sisu Mouth Guard (Best Overall Basketball Mouth Guard)
  • Lite Bite (Best Lightweight Clear Basketball Mouth Guard)
  • Gold Beast Fang Teeth Mouthguard (Best Design Mouth Guard)
  • Shock Doctor Ultra ( Best Basketball Mouth Guard For Braces)
  • Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible (Best Mouth Guard For Kids)

Our Top Picks! The Best Basketball Mouthguards Review 2018 Roundup

Best Overall Basketball Mouth guard

The SISU Mouth Guards are remold-able and optimize the ability to talk, drink and breathe . The innovative design of the SISU is a real game changer. Perfect for basketball players that want superior protection and need to communicate while on the court.

Best Light Weight Basketball Mouth Guard

The Lite Bite is lightweight and very easy to mold. The clear finish is popular among pro ballers. The Lite Bite provides excellent breath-ability.

Best Design Basketball Mouthguard

The Beast Fang Guard is an affordable boil and bite mouth guard that will help you stand out on the court.

Best Basketball Mouth guard For Players With Braces

The Shock Doctor Ultra Braces contains Insta-Fit Plus, a special ortho channel fits around the brace brackets and adapts to changes in the tooth position as braces are adjusted.

Best Mouth GUard For Kids That Play Basketball

The Shockdoctor Gel Max Convertible is perfect for children who play competitive basketball. The internal gel shock-absorbing frame includes an impressive dental warranty.


How To Choose A Mouth guard For Basketball

To be a great basketball player you must be fearless and welcome contact when driving to the hoop. Even though basketball is not technically a contact sport there is still plenty of opportunities to lose a few of your pearly whites on the way to the basket.

Research has shown that basketball players have around a 10% chance of sustaining a dental injury on the court. In fact, wearing a mouth guard reduces the chance of even the most common dental injury by up to 60 times.

With these sorts of figures out there it is surprising that basketball governing bodies have not made the wearing of a mouth guard compulsory for all basketball players.

The wearing of mouth guards in the NBA is not mandatory but has became a lot more popular lately thanks to big time players like Lebron James and Steph Curry wearing (and chewing) them.

Did you know?  Many quality mouth guards such as the SISU offer a dental injury guarantee. Meaning the company will pay for your injuries if you happen to get your teeth knocked out while wearing them. Learn more here.

Basketball related dental injuries usually cost a small fortune which can run into 5 figures.

As you may already be aware, dental injuries are extremely painful and slow to heel. So if you want to stay in the game it may be time to start to consider wearing a mouth guard during your next basketball season.

Which Style Of Mouth Guard To Choose?

There are many different varieties of DIY mouthguards on the market that can be boiled in water to provide a custom fit.

Of course, there are some horrible makes out there that provide a terrible mold so please choose carefully.

Mouthguards such as the super popular >>LiteBite<< can be easily moulded at home in boiling water

What About A Mouth Guard From A Dentist?

Of course, you could also go to the dentist and get one custom made.

However, this process is very expensive and somewhat unnecessary for most baller's (especially children who undergo many structural changes within the jaw and teeth until late teenage years).

Note: If you want a remoldable mouthguard checkout the SISU!

If you have the money to spend a custom fit mouthguard developed by a dentist can be a great option for fully grown adults. However, they are very expensive and time consuming to have developed.

In this article we are only interested in rating, reviewing and comparing the best basketball mouthguards that can be purchased online and fit at home.

Regardless of which road you choose to take, when deciding to purchase a mouthguard the 3 main things you will have to consider is the price, protection and comfort provided.

best clear thin mouthguard for basketballl

Basketball mouthguards that are clear & thin like the LITEBITE as pictured, are most popular among modern day basketball players. See our #1 pick >>> HERE

The Perfect Mouthguard For Ballers = Lightweight, Breathable & Remoldable

From our research it has become clear that most basketball players prefer a clear, lite and ultra thin mouth guard similar to the one worn by Steph Curry.

We definitely agree that the sleek and clear finish looks pretty cool!

Other sports can get away with the bulky mouthguards. In basketball we need something more streamline and sleek without sacrificing protection.

During a game of basketball we also need to get up and down the court, often while screaming at our teammates on the defensive end.

Hence why we voted the SISU and LiteBite as the 2 of the best super-light mouthguards for basketball in 2017.

(Note on limitations: LiteBite comes with no dental warranty & SISU does not come in a clear finish).

"If you are after a very lightweight colored mouthguard for playing basketball we suggest checking out SISU, our #1 pick of the year. As a baller you can't go wrong with this very innovative mouthpiece"

UPDATE: Custom PRO Sports Mouthguards Now Available Online

"Avoid paying excessive dental fees for a custom mouth guard with this exciting new Impact Mouth Guard. Simply create and send back an impression of your teeth and the company will send you your custom mouthguard."

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7 Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Mouth guard To Wear While Playing Basketball

We have done the hard work for you and located what we consider to be the top 5 mouthguards for basketball of 2018.

After narrowing down our original shortlist of over 25+ basketball mouthguards down to just 5, we are sure you will find the perfect mouthguard for you.

To ensure that we could recommend the best basketball mouthguards to you, we  utilized the American Dental Association criteria for selecting a quality mouthguard.

Here are the main 7 topics that you should educate yourself on before parting with your hard earned cash:

1) Protection

How to Find a Mouthguard That Offers Protection For Basketball Players

Obviously the number one reason anyone would choose to wear a mouthguard while playing basketball is for protection. 

Most mouthguard companies utilise different production methods and different materials to achieve the same goal of providing superior protection.

However, it is also important to note that some companies offer a full dental warranty of up to $35000 if you did happen to sustain damage while wearing their mouthpiece.

Other companies simply state that you will wear the product at your own risk, with no warranty included.

We think that the dental warranty included with products such as our #1 rated pick the SISU not only instills confidence in the brand, but also offers the consumer a great piece of mind while playing ball.

If you want to see our top rated mouth guard of the year check this out!

2) Comfort

How To Choose A Comfortable Mouth guard To Wear While Playing Basketball​​​​

Long gone are the days when you have to pay hundreds of dollars for a custom made mouthguard by a dentist in order to obtain a comfortable fit. 

DIY fitting mouthguards have come a long way. 

With the latest technological advancements it is very  easy to get a completly customised fit at home within just a few minutes.

Innovative new age boil and bite technology such as  that used in the SISU range even allow you to reset the mold and start over again to ensure the most comfortable and correct fit is obtained.

This ability to remold is extremely beneficial to youth basketball players who will undergo many dental changes over the teenage years.

If you want to learn more about the re-moldable SISU mouthguard then check this out!

3) Durability

How To Choose a Durable Mouth guard To Wear While Playing Basketball

These days most of the top mouthguards will last you many years if looked after correctly.

Of course this depends how often you wear it.

I have personally worn a LiteBite for the last 2 years and it is still in as good of condition as the day I first molded it.

4) Cleanability

How To Choose A Mouth guard That Is Easy To Clean After Playing Basketball

If you want a mouthguard that is easy to clean, simply stick to a respected brand with a simple design. 

There are some sports mouthguards out there on the market that have all kinds of nooks and crannies that can deposit unwanted germs and bacteria. 

You will find that all of the basketball mouthguards that we ranked highly in our roundup will be very easy to clean. Simply rinse them off after each use and then pop them away inside of a microbial mouthguard case.

5) Freedom of Speech

How To Choose a Mouth guard That Makes It Easy To Talk While Playing Basketball

If you do decide to start wearing a mouthguard while playing basketball it is imperative that you choose a model that allows you to talk while wearing it.

It is vital that we, as basketball players, can talk on defence to ensure we are playing as a unit. Mumbling and stuttering because you are wearing a bulky basketball mouthpeice is not going to cut it.

Ultimatly the more lightweight a mouthguard is the easier it will be for you to talk while on the court.

2 of the best mouthguards that allow you to talk (and scream) clearly are the SISU 1.6mm and the popular clear and super light mouthguard the LiteBite (similar to the one popularized by Steph Curry).

6) Breathability

How To Choose a Mouth guard That Makes It Easy To Breathe While Playing Basketball

If you want optimal breath-ability in your mouthguard you are best to choose one of the light and thin variety. A thin mouthguard such as the SISU and LiteBite give you more room for air intake thanks to their sleek designs. 

The SISU brand has taken their level one step further and integrated small holes throughout for even better air flow. If you want a great mouthguard that allows you to breathe like normal while you play ball in the >> SISU << is hard to beat.

Click here to see the most "breathable" mouthguard

7) Dental Garauntee

How To Find A Mouth guard That Has A Dental Warranty Against Basketball Related Damage

No matter how much money you spend on a mouth guard they will never offer 100% protection of your pearly whites.

Sometimes the impact is just too fierce.

In this case, it is nice to have piece of mind that your mouthpiece comes with a dental warranty. Some brands offer them and some don't.

For example our number one pick of this year, the SISU, offers the highest dental warranty on the market. If you damage your teeth while they were being protected by SISU (for up to a year after the purchase), they will cover dental damages up to $35,000.

Not bad for a mouth-guard that only costs around $20. Learn more here.

Other popular mouthguards such as the LiteBite do not come with such a warranty. Instead you wear the mouthpiece while playing basketball at your own risk.

Click here to read the full review of our #1 rated mouthguard

Individual Reviews Of The Top Basketball Mouth guards 2018

Searching all over the internet for the best basketball mouthguards can be very time consuming.

We’ve saved you the time and energy by doing all of the investigative work for you.

Now all you have to do is read our easy to follow roundup below and make your decision on which mouthguard is right for you.

Shockdoctor Gel Max Convertible (Best Mouth guard For Kids) 

The Gel Max guard is one of Shock Doctor’s best selling mouth guards. The company has developed a few different versions of this product over the past few years (including this innovative flavored variety).

We really like the construction of the Gel Max. The build consists of 2 different materials.

Firstly, your teeth rest on a bed of comfortable gel,  while the outside layer consists of a thicker protective coating.  

Overall the Gel Max is a little more bulkier than our other preferred mouth guards such as the SISU and LiteBite which unfortunately don't make a youth size (under 10 yr size).

In conclusion, if you are looking for a quality and comfortable mouthguard for your child to wear while playing basketball we are sure that the Gel Max will tick all the boxes.

  • Gel layer provides excellent comfort
  • Easy to mold
  • Good breathability
  • Does not fit with braces.
  • A little bulky

Shockdoctor Ultra Braces (Best Mouth guard For People With Braces) 

The Shockdoctor Ultra Double Braces is the perfect solution for basketball players who wear braces and want to protect their dental investments.

The Shock Doctor Ultra Braces mouth guard is engineered with a sleek low profile mouth guard that allows for normal breathing and talking.

This mouth guard  uses the remoldable Gel-Fit™ bite surface.

The Gel Fit mold does a fantastic job of moulding around the braces, providing a comfortable and safe fit. 

Definitely worth checking out if you want to protect your braces this basketball season.

  •  Insta-Fit Plus technology allows you to readjust the mold of the mouthguard as your braces are readjusted.
  • Comfy remoldable gel liner
  • Excellent breathability
  • Some users have reported that it was too large for their small mouths (best suited for adults classed as 10 years+)

Gold Beast Fang Teeth Mouth guards (Coolest Looking Basketball Mouth guards) 

If you are all about looking good on the court then this is the mouthguard for you. This mouthguard lacks the comfort and breath-ability of leading mouth guards such as the SISU and LiteBite. It is also a little on the bulky side which makes it difficult to talk while on the court.

But hey, you will look bad ass while rocking these gold fangs!

  • Bright, long lasting graphics.
  • Bulky style which limits the ability to talk and breathe optimally.

LiteBite Mouthguard (Best Lightweight Mouthguard For Basketball) 

The LiteBite is the perfect solution for basketball players who want the slim clear look made popular by players like Steph Curry.

This mouthpeice is super simple to mold and creates a super custom fit.

The premium fit transfers over into the ability to breathe and talk while playing. 

Unfortunatly, the LiteBite does not come with a dental warranty like our #1 pick the SISU. However, it does feel like it offers excellent protection.

If you are after a slim fit clear basketball mouthguard we suggest you check out the LiteBite today!

  • Easy boil and bite molding.
  • Super lightweight and slim design promotes optimal breathability
  • No dental warranty provided

Sisu Mouthguard Review (Best Overall Mouthguard For Basketball) 

The guys at SISU have created the perfect solution for basketball players who want to protect their teeth.

The SISU mouthguards come in two different thicknesses. We suggest the 1.6 mm version for basketball (see direct link below) as it provides the perfect balance between protection and comfort.

The greatest benefit of this revolutionary mouthguard is the ability to remold whenever you need. Yep, if you get the fit wrong the first time just simply throw it back in the hot water and try again.

We love that the company also stands behind the quality of the product by offering a massive $35000 dental warranty.

The mouthpiece comes with a large number of holes all over the outside which also enhances the ability to breathe and drink through the unit.

  • Remoldable
  • Excellent custom fit
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Makes it very easy to talk and breathe
  • Huge dental warrany
  • We honestly can't fault this mouthguard. It is that good!


Our Final Word On The Best Basketball Mouth guards Of The Year

We hope you have found our comparison and reviews of the best basketball mouthguards currently available online helpful in empowering you to make an informed decision upon purchase.

Hopefully you know have better idea of the differences in the features and benefits that the most popular mouthguards offer. 

As you can see, these mouthguards are very affordable and can go a long way towards preventing a huge amount of physical and financial pain.

Here's to keeping your teeth this basketball season! 

Be sure to check back to this page regularly as we frequently update the page with the latest and greatest basketball mouthguards on the market.

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