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Top 10 Best Mouth Guards For Basketball Players [2020 Buyers Guide & Reviews]

Best Mouth-guards For Basketball Players Roundup and Reviews

By Ball Till We Fall, Last Updated March 24, 2022

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Welcome to the ultimate buyer's guide to mouth guards and teeth protection wear for basketball players. In this guide we are going to introduce you to a range of the best basketball mouth guards that can help keep your teeth safe this season. We will also teach you how to choose the best mouth guards for your particular age, game style and protection requirements.
Our Top Pick
Top Pick Basketball Mouth Guard Of The Year
SISU Next-Gen Custom Fit BASKETBALL Mouth Guard

The Ultimate Basketball Mouth Guard For Serious Ballers

The Sisu has an innovative design which allows you to remold up to 20 x. The ultra-lightweight design allows you to breathe and talk as normal while playing intense basketball. Sisu also provides a generous $35,000 dental warranty.

Best Clear 
Best clear basketball mouth guard
Shock Doctor TRASH TALKER Basketball Mouth guard 

Low Profile Design That Allows You To Talk & Breath As Normal

The Trash Talker mouth guard lives up to it's name. It's lightweight design allows you to talk, shout, drink and breath on the court without having to remove your mouth piece. A perfect balance of protection and slim fit with the popular clear look.

Budget Pick
Best Budget Mouth Guard For Basketbal Players
Teeth Armour CLEAR BASKETBALL Mouth Guard 

A High Quality Basketball Mouth Guard At An Affordable Price

Teeth Armour Mouth Guard are a great mouth guard for basketball players on a budget. They custom fit to any size and are super easy to mold. These popular mouth guards are BPA and Latex free. A great option if you want that discreet look.

Summary List Of The Top 10 Best Basketball Mouth Guards Of 2020

Here is a quick look at the current top 10 best basketball mouth guards you can buy online. You can find full reviews and see images/videos of each of these products a little further down on this page.

See What's In This Guide...

Table Of Contents


  1. 1
    Best Overall Basketball Mouth Guard = SISU
  2. 2
    Best Clear Skin Basketball Mouth Guard = SHOCK DOCTOR TRASH TALKER
  3. 3
    Best Budget Basketball Mouth Guard = TEETH ARMOUR
  4. 4
    Best Basketball Mouth Guard For Braces = SHOCK DOCTOR INSTANT FIT
  5. 5
    Best Custom Made Basketball Mouth Guard = IMPACT CUSTOM MADE


You are about to learn how to find a mouth guard that fits perfect and keeps your teeth safe this basketball season

Research by the University Of Washington has shown that basketball players have around a 10% chance of sustaining a dental injury on the court. 

Wearing a mouth guard is a very simple but effective way to prevent injuries to the teeth and gums. Mouth guards can also help reduce the severity of concussions.

You can think of a mouth guard as your insurance policy against the inevitable facial contact that you will sustain on the court. 

Most NBA players wear mouth guards, even though it is not mandatory.  

In the following article we will teach you everything you need to know about basketball mouth guards

We will also introduce you to the current top 10 basketball mouth guard options on the market.

To be a great basketball player you must be fearless and welcome contact when driving to the hoop.

Even though basketball is not technically a contact sport there are still plenty of opportunities to lose a few of your pearly whites on the way to the basket.

The fact that you are reading this page shows me that you realize a mouth guard is a smart investment into your health, well-being and basketball performance.

An Example Of What Can Happen When You Don't Wear A Mouth Guard While Playing Basketball?

Top 5 Basketball Mouth Guards

Mouth guards can greatly reduce the risk of tooth related injuries during basketball games

Back in the 2017 NBA playoffs Isiah Thomas was playing for the Boston Celtics. He chose not to wear a mouth guard during this series.

In game one of the playoffs Thomas got hit in the face by a flying elbow from a player on the opposing team.  

Thomas completely fractured one tooth and lost a few more. For the next few games he had to wear temporary teeth that kept falling out on the court.

If Thomas had worn a mouth guard in that game of basketball he would have saved himself a lot of money on dental bills and avoided some serious pain.


We will get to the top 10 mouth guard reviews list shortly. But first here are a few very important things that you need to consider before purchasing any mouth guard to wear while playing basketball.

1. How To Choose The Correct Type Of Mouth Guard For Basketball?

You often get what you pay for with mouth guards. The good news is that even the best models are very affordable. When purchasing a mouth guard you have 3 different styles to consider.

OPTION 1 - Generic/Stock/One Size Fits All Mouthguards (Don't Choose These!)

Generic stock mouth guards are always the cheapest option you will encounter while shopping for a mouth guard to wear this basketball season.

Most of these types of mouth guards are cheap and nasty. 

Stock mouth guards do not mold tightly and will slip around while playing.

This can greatly affect performance on the court as you will struggle to breathe and communicate with your teammates.

I highly recommend investing in either a "boil and bite" or custom fit mouth guard if you take your basketball performance seriously.

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OPTION 2 - Boil & Bite Mouthguards 

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

Boil and Bite mouth guards provide a nice balance between affordability and quality mouth protection

If your mouth guard is a poor fit you will be constantly distracted on the court and your game will suffer. 

Poor fitting mouth guards will make it hard to breath which will negatively effect your endurance on the court. 

Fortunately, the "boil and bite" method makes it easy to find a mouth guard that fits perfectly.


  1. Place the mouth guard in hot or boiling water until it becomes soft and pliable
  2. Once soft, carefully take the mouth guard out of the water with a fork 
  3. Tilt your head back and open your mouth widely. Using a mirror, insert the mouthguard and bite down gently while sucking in the air and using your fingertips to create a snug fit.

See the images below highlighting the fitting process of the worlds leading Boil and Bite mouth guard the SISU Next Gen

Fitting A Mouth Guard Step 1

SISU mouth guard fresh out of the box

Fitting A Mouth Guard Step 2

Add to hot water to soften & remove with a fork

Bite down on mouth guard to create a snug fit

A perfect fitting slimline mouth guard ready for use in your next game of basketball

It is common to mess up your fit the first couple of times. With most mouth guards this means that you wasted your money. However with the SISU mouth guards you can remold up to 20x.

This function is very helpful for growing adolescents and people with braces who undergo regular tooth changes.

>> See the full range from SISU on Amazon

OPTION 3 - Dentist Fitted Custom Mouth Guards

Getting A Custom Fitted Basketball Mouth Guard From A Dentist Is Expensive!

A decade ago if you wanted a custom fit mouth guard you would have to go to see the dentist to get one made up.

These days you have more options.

Dentist produced mouth guards provide a premium fit as they are perfectly molded to your teeth.

However, they are very expensive and you can expect to pay between  $200 to $600 for a single mouth guard.

If you can afford it, go for it. Many professional basketball players choose this option as they have the money to burn.

There is now a much more affordable way to get a custom mouth guard made without the need to make a trip to the dentist

An innovative company named Impact have recently released custom mouth guard kits that you can mold from home.

Basically you purchase a kit online and when it arrives you take an impression of your teeth using the mold included.

Then you send it back to them and they will send you a perfectly molded mouth guard.

These are way cheaper than custom dentist mouth guards and provide comparable quality.

 >> See the full range from IMPACT on Amazon

2. How To Find A Mouth Guard That Offers Suitable Protection For Basketball?

Obviously the number one reason anyone would choose to wear a mouthguard while playing basketball is for protection.

Most mouthguard companies utilize different production methods and different materials to achieve the same goal of providing protection to the teeth, gums and lips.

However, it is also important to note that some companies such as SISU offer a full dental warranty of up to $35000 if you did happen to sustain damage while wearing their mouthpiece.

A large dental insurance policy tells us, the consumers, that these manufacturers have confidence that their mouth guards really do provide the protection that they claim.

Other companies simply state that you will wear the product at your own risk, with no warranty included.

We think that the dental warranty included with products not only instills confidence in the brand, but also offers the consumer a great piece of mind while playing ball.

3. How To Find A Mouth Guard That Allows You To Talk & Breathe On The Court?

If you do decide to start wearing a mouth guard while playing basketball it is imperative that you choose a model that allows you to talk and breathe while wearing it.

It is vital that we, as basketball players, can talk on defense to ensure we are playing as a unit.

Mumbling and stuttering because you are wearing a bulky basketball mouth piece is not going to cut it.

Ultimately the more lightweight a mouth guard is the easier it will be for you to talk while on the court.

2 of the best mouth guards that allow you to talk (and scream) clearly on the court are the SISU Next Gen and the popular clear and super light mouth guard the LiteBite (similar to the one popularized by Steph Curry).

If you want optimal breath-ability in your mouth guard you are best to choose one of the light and thin variety.

Thin mouth guards such as the two I just mentioned give you more room for air intake thanks to their sleek designs.

The SISU brand has taken their design one step further and integrated small holes throughout for even better air flow.

If you want a great mouth guard that allows you to breathe like normal while you play ball in the SISU is hard to beat.

4. How To Find A Mouth Guard That Provides Dental Insurance For On-Court Injuries?

No matter how much money you spend on a mouth guard they will never offer 100% protection of your pearly whites.

Sometimes the impact is just too fierce.

In this case, it is nice to have piece of mind that your mouthpiece comes with a dental warranty.

Some brands offer them and some don't.

Shock Doctor, for example offers dental insurance of up to $10,000.

Out favorite brand of basketball mouth guards SISU, offers the highest dental warranty on the market.

If you damage your teeth while they were being protected by SISU (for up to a year after the purchase), they will cover dental damages up to $35,000.

Not bad for a mouth-guard that only costs around $20.

To claim this insurance you must report the injury within 30 days to the company who manufactured your mouth guard.

Most companies will require a written report from your dentist plus a incident report from official who witnessed the incident (coaches/referees etc).

Other popular mouth guards such as the LiteBite do not come with any dental insurance. Instead you wear the mouthpiece while playing basketball at your own risk.

5. How To Find A Mouth Guard That Is Durable Enough To Last Many Seasons

These days most of the top mouthguards will last you many years if looked after correctly.

Of course this depends how often you wear it.

I have personally worn a LiteBite for the last 2 years and it is still in as good of condition as the day I first molded it. 

You should get in the habit of cleaning your mouth guard after every game.

Always let your mouth guard completely dry before putting it back in it's case to avoid mould issues.

You should also be very careful not to leave your mouth guard in a place were it will be exposed to extreme heat, such as in a car.

Heating up the mouth guard will warp the mold and render it useless for protection.

Also, I know it looks cool when NBA players chew on their mouthpieces, but chewing will greatly reduce the lifespan of your mouth guard.

Durable Mouth Guard For Basketball Players

NBA players can afford to have a new mouth guard for every game if they like. Players like Steph have their guards provided for free, so they can chew as much as they like.

If you want your mouth guard to last many years avoid chewing it at all.


A quality basketball mouth guard can provide significant benefits to a basketball players health and well-being. Here are 10 great mouth protection products that can help you keep your teeth safe while performing at your best this basketball season.

#1. SISU Next-Gen Mouth Guard Review

No products found.

"The greatest benefit of this game-changing Sisu mouth guard is the ability to remold whenever you need. If you get the fit wrong the first time just simply throw it back in the hot water and try again.."

Key Features
  • Dental protection for players age 11 and up
  • Even the thickest model is 30% thinner than conventional basketball mouthpieces
  • Slim fit makes it easy to talk, breathe and drink without removing the guard
  • Can be remolded up to 20 times

Review Summary

The guys at SISU have created the perfect solution for basketball players who want to protect their teeth.  The SISU MOUTH GUARDS come in two different thicknesses. We suggest the 1.6 mm version for basketball as it provides the perfect balance between protection and comfort.

We love that the company also stands behind the quality of the product by offering a massive $35000 dental warranty. The mouthpiece comes with a large number of holes all over the outside which also enhances the ability to breathe and drink through the unit.

At the time of writing this post the Sisu Mouth Guard had an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5.  You can learn exactly how it works, watch videos and read reviews here on Amazon .

#2. Steph Curry Mouth Guard By Under Armour Review

No products found.

"Steph Curry has teamed up with Under Armour to produce his first official mouth guard which is designed specifically for basketball players. This is the perfect mouth guard for basketball players who want that slimline clear look that Steph Curry has made popular. This mouthpiece is suitable for all ages, sizes and genders."

Key Features
  • Made for basketball and optimization of talking, breathing and comfort on the court
  • Gel-fit liner is easy to fit and forms to teeth and gums
  • Dual layer design provides advanced protection and fit
  • Money back guarantee
  • Generous dental warranty

Review Summary

If you are going to name the one basketball player who popularized the mouth guard it is hard to look past Steph Curry.

Steph is best known for chewing his mouth guard while he shoots free throws. If you go and watch a local junior basketball competition I am sure you will see some young player emulating Steph and the mouth guard chewing.

Steph has probably unknowingly saved thousands of kids from potential serious mouth injuries simply due to the fact kids want to look like him and rock a mouth guard on the court.

On this venture Under-Armour have collaborated with the leaders in oral protection technologies, Shock Doctor.

The Steph Curry mouth guard is designed and developed by athletic, dental and medical experts to deliver superior full coverage protection with a secure fit for better performance.

The Armour Sport Gel Fit liner mouth guard is a cut above the traditional boil and bite mouth guards that are traditionally the go to choice for amateur basketball players.

At the time of writing this post this Steph Curry Mouth Guard had an average customer rating of 4 out of 5.  You can learn exactly how it works, read reviews here on Amazon .

#3. Teeth Armour Mouth Guard Review

No products found.

"The Teeth Armour mouth guards are designed for to handle the contact demands of basketball. This mouth piece also allows you to continue to breathe and talk as normal on the court."

Key Features
  • Premium protection and lateral support
  • Great ventilation
  • Comfortable and lightweight

Review Summary

The Teeth Armour mouth guard offers excellent value for money for basketball players on a budget. Best yet, you get 2 in a pack plus a carry case for a very affordable price.


Many users have reported that they quickly forget they are wearing a mouth guard when playing basketball with this product.

At the time of writing this post this Teeth Armour basketball mouth guards had an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5.  You can learn exactly how it works, read reviews here on Amazon .

#4. ShockDoctor Gel Max Convertable Mouthguard Review

No products found.

"Overall the Gel Max is a little more bulkier than our other preferred mouth guards."

Key Features
  • Great value for money
  • Quality compression material
  • Lightweight

Review Summary

The Gel Max guard is one of Shock Doctor’s best selling mouth guards. The company has developed a few different versions of this product over the past few years (including a flavored variety).

We really like the construction of the Gel Max. The build consists of 2 different materials. Firstly, your teeth rest on a bed of comfortable gel, while the outside layer consists of a thicker protective coating.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a quality and comfortable mouth guard for your to wear while playing basketball we are sure that the Gel Max will tick all the boxes.

At the time of writing this post the Gel Max Mouth Guard had an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5.  You can learn exactly how it works, read reviews here on Amazon .

#5. Shock Doctor Basketball Mouth Guard For Braces Review

No products found.

"Unlike other mouth guards this product required no molding and is designed to be ready to provide an instant and protective fit directly out of the packaging."

Key Features
  • $10,000 dental warranty
  • No boil/molding required
  • Ortho-channel fits securely over braces, protecting the mouth from lacerations

Review Summary

This Shockdoctor Instant Fit product is the perfect mouth guard solution for basketball players who wear braces and want to protect their dental investments.

This mouth guard is engineered with a sleek low profile mouth guard that allows for normal breathing and talking. The high quality medical grade silicone mold does a fantastic job of molding around the braces, providing a comfortable and safe fit.

Definitely worth checking out if you want to protect your braces this basketball season.

At the time of writing this post the Instant Fit Mouth Guard had an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5.  You can learn exactly how it works, read reviews here on Amazon .

#6. LiteBite Mouthguard Review

No products found.

"This mouthpeice is super simple to mold and creates a lighweight custom fit."

Key Features
  • Pressure strap relieves symptoms from patella tendinitis
  • Innovative tubular, non-slip buttress applies constant uniform compression
  • Comfortable to wear
  • One size fits all

Review Summary

The LiteBite is the perfect solution for basketball players who want the slim clear look made popular by players like Steph Curry.

The premium fit transfers over into the ability to breathe and talk while playing.

Unfortunately the LiteBite does not come with a dental warranty. However, it does feel like it offers excellent protection.

If you are after a slim fit clear basketball mouth guard we suggest you check out the LiteBite today!

At the time of writing this post the LighBite basketball mouth guard had an average customer rating of 3.3 out of 5.  You can learn exactly how it works, read reviews here on Amazon .

#7. Gold Beast Fang Teeth Mouth Guard Review

No products found.

"With 20+ bold designs and color options, The Gold Beast Fang is the perfect mouth guard for the athlete who wants to stand out from the crowd and turn heads on the court"

Key Features
  • Bright, long lasting graphics.
  • Various designs
  • Boil and bite fit

Review Summary

The Gold Beast Fang lacks the comfort and breath-ability of leading mouth guards such as the SISU and LiteBite.

However, if you are all about looking good on the court and not too concerned with performance then this is the mouth guard for you.

It is also a little on the bulky side which makes it difficult to talk while on the court.

But hey, you will look bad ass while rocking these gold fangs!

At the time of writing this post the Beast Fang Moldable Mouth Guard had an average customer rating of 4.3 out of 5.  You can learn exactly how it works, read reviews here on Amazon .

#8. Impact Custom Made Mouthguard Review

No products found.

"Up until the invention of this Impact Mouth guard if you wanted a custom fit mouth-piece you would have to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for a dentist to hook you up."

Key Features
  • Custom fitted with professional grade impression kit
  • Easy to use
  • 100% perfect fit guaranteed

Review Summary

The Impact Custom Made mouth guard makes the process of getting a custom mouth guard simple.

All you have to do is use the impression kit to take a mold of your teeth. The process very simple and they provide you with easy to follow instruction. Once you have created your impression, you send it back to Impact using the prepaid postage label.

They promise that you will receive your complete custom-made mouth guard within 8 days. They are so confident that you will be happy with your fit that they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Custom mouth guards tend to offer the best protection as they can be thicker while still allowing you to breathe and talk on the court. The Impact Mouth Guard is 4mm thick which is sure to keep your teeth safe while you are going hard in the paint.

At the time of writing this post the Impact Basketball Mouth Guard had an average customer rating of 5 out of 5.  You can learn exactly how it works, read reviews here on Amazon .

#9. Redline Sportswear Mouthguard Review

No products found.

"The Redline mouth guard comes with a great carry case and key chain. This could be a great affordable gift idea for any basketball player."

Key Features
  • Dual-layer, gel-lined design
  • 100% FDA approved BPA free, latex free, and PVC free materials
  • Comes with case with clip

Review Summary

The Redline Custom Molded Mouth Guard The Redline mouthpiece provides a great combination of quality and affordability for basketball players looking to purchase a boil-and-bite mouth guard.

The mouth guard was designed for contact sports such as mixed martial arts and rugby and therefore are a little thicker than may be required for basketball. The Redline will offer excellent protection against mouth injuries on the court.

Unfortunately this product will most likely limit your ability to communicate on the court due to the thickness of the mold.

At the time of writing this post the Redline Basketball Mouthguard had an average customer rating of 4.3 out of 5.  You can learn exactly how it works, read reviews here on Amazon .

#10. Shock Doctor Trash Talker Mouth Guard Review

No products found.

"The Trash Talker is one of the best ligh weight high protection mouth guards on the market. Shock Doctor has specifically designed this mouth guard for basketball players and it shows"

Key Features
  • Low profile design
  • High level of protection w/ $50 000 dental warranty
  • Allows for easy breathing and talking
  • Very easy to fit and mold (no-boil)

Review Summary

The Trash Talker provides the perfect balance of protection and slim fit. The tough outer layer helps to absorb oncoming impacts and gel windows near molars help to cushion jaw forces at the back of the mouth. Unlike bulkier options, this mouth guard allows you to talk, shout, drink and breath without removing your mouth piece.

At the time of writing this post the Trash Talker basketball mouth guard had an average customer rating of 4.4 out of 5.  You can learn exactly how it works, read reviews here on Amazon .

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Mouth Guards prevent Basketball Related Mouth Injuries

Mouth Guards Can Help Prevent Serious Injuries To The Teeth, Tongue and Lips Which Means You Can Spend More Time On The Court

Did you know that it can cost anywhere between $300 and $15000 to have a tooth repaired?

The risk of losing a tooth is extremely high for any basketball player. Basketball has the highest incidence of tooth damage compared to any other collegiate sport.

These days basketball specific mouth guards are very affordable and effective.

These simple devices can be simply purchased online and prepared at home to offer protection and piece of mind while playing basketball.

Back in the days the wearing of a mouth guard during basketball games was regarded as "goofy" and "soft". 

These days mouth guards are a cool basketball accessory that adds swag on the court thanks to the popularization of mouthpieces by NBA superstars such as Steph Curry and Lebron James.

If you want to keep your teeth this basketball season be sure to check out the following Top 10 mouth-guards for basketball players.

To ensure that we could recommend the best basketball mouth guards to you, we  utilized the American Dental Association criteria for selecting a quality mouth guard.


How Do I Keep My Mouth Guard Clean After Playing Basketball With It?

If you want a mouth guard that is easy to clean, simply stick to a respected brand with a simple design. 

There are some sports mouth guards out there on the market that have all kinds of nooks and crannies that can deposit unwanted germs and bacteria. 

You will find that all of the basketball mouth guards that we ranked highly in our roundup will be very easy to clean.

Simply rinse them off after each use and then pop them away inside of a microbial mouth guard case.

Denture cleaning tablets can also be a great option for keeping your mouth guard free of germs.

No products found.

No products found.

Which NBA Players Wear Mouth Guards?

These days most NBA players wear mouth guards as they realize it is a smart way to minimize the risk of injury that could potentially keep them off the court for weeks to months.

Often the mouth guards are slim-lined and clear so they can be very hard to notice when watching the NBA on TV.

NBA players rarely wore a mouth guard in the 80's and 90's. For example, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant never wore a mouth guard during their career.

Steph Curry is the NBA player credited with popularizing the mouth guard worldwide.

Why Do Basketball Players Wear Mouthguards?

There are two main reasons why basketball players wear mouth pieces, more commonly referred to as mouth guards.

Firstly, a mouth guard provides protection to the gums and teeth. They also protect the tongue from getting bitten after sustaining impact to the jaw.

Secondly mouth guards can also help prevent concussion as they absorb some of the forces that would be otherwise transmitted to the spinal column and brain.

When Did Basketball Players Start To Wear Mouthguards?

Basketball players first started to wear mouth guards in the late 90's. Back in these days mouth guards were very bulky which made it very hard to breathe on the court.

It has only been over the past 5 years that mouth guard design has progressed to a level at which performance (talking and breathing) is no longer sacrificed.

As you have seen in our list of the top 10 basketball mouth guards of the year, many of these slimline designs are almost unnoticeable on the court. The current leading models allow you to breathe and talk as if you were not wearing one at all.

Where Do NBA Players Get Their Mouthguards?

Most NBA players get their mouth guards custom molded by a dentist.

Others wear models such as SISU and Shock Doctor.

Sponsored players like Steph Curry have their own models manufactured. Steph curry wears a mouth guard made by Under Armour.

How Much Is Steph Curry's Mouthguard?

Steph Curry's mouth guard is made by Under Armour. They have released the product to the public in 2019. You can grab one here.

Do Basketball Players Wear Gum Shields?

Most basketball players do not wear gum shields and instead just wear a mouth guard to protect the teeth and gums.

Should You Wear A Mouthguard In Bbasketball If You Have Braces?

If you play basketball and have braces you should definitely wear a mouth guard. Braces are expensive.

Plus, if you get smashed in the teeth while wearing braces you can also sustain serious injuries from wires that may pierce the mouth, lips and gums.

We highly recommend the SISU for people who need a mouth guard for braces.

The SISU products come with a great explainer video on how to apply the mouth guard over braces.

Spoiler alert! You simply place aluminium foil over the teeth and braces before setting the mold.

Are Mouthguards Mandatory In The NBA?

Mouth guards are not mandatory in the NBA ,however the commissioner has expressed that he encourages all players to wear one.

These days most NBA players choose to wear a mouth guard.

Long gone are the days when sports mouth guards were big and bulky.

With the high quality designs available these days it really is a no-brainer to choose to wear a mouth guard while playing basketball.

Should Kids Wear A Mouthguard When Playing Basketball?

All kids should wear a mouth guard when playing basketball. Sustaining a tooth injuries at a young age can have serious long term consequences.

There are a number of mouth guards available for young childrenYou can check them out here.


No products found.


This page has provided you with everything you need to find the perfect mouth guard to wear this basketball season.

Athletes in other sports such as martial arts and football can get away with the bulky mouth guards.

In basketball we need mouth protection that is more streamline and sleek without sacrificing protection.

Most basketball players prefer a clear, lite and ultra thin mouth guard such as:

We definitely agree that the sleek and clear finish looks very cool. They also allow you to breathe and talk normally on the court.

However, The SISU Next Gen is our #1 pick for the best mouth guard for basketball players this year.

The SISU design is super light weight and it just feels great on the court.

You can't get the clear color in the SISU range but there are a range of different color options that look great on the court.

With the high performance features plus the ability to remold 20x and a huge dental warranty you can't go wrong choosing a SISU as your go-to mouth guard for playing basketball.

We hope you have found our comparison and reviews of the top 10 basketball mouth guards currently available helpful in empowering you to make an informed decision upon purchase.

Hopefully you now have better idea of the differences in the features and benefits that the most popular mouth guards offer.

Basketball players are always looking for ways to prevent injuries. Athletes choose to wear protective equipment such as ankle guardsknee guards and arm sleeves to help ensure they stay on the court. A mouth guard is just another simple accessory that basketball players can add to their armory.

As you can see, these mouth guards are very affordable and can go a long way towards preventing a huge amount of physical and financial pain.

Here's to keeping your teeth this basketball season!

Be sure to check back in to view this page regularly as we frequently update the page with the best basketball mouth guards on the market.


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