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Check Out One Of The Best In-Game Dunks Ever Witnessed In The Following Video>>>


*This work, " Basketball Videos", is a derivative of "Lords Of Gravity Slam Dunk Show" by Karlis Dambrans , used under CC BY

He get's his entire head above the rim!

Is The Dunk In The Following Video The Best In-Game Dunk You Have Ever Seen?

Sure College Baller Victor Dukes get's a little help from the defender but still, wow, what an incredible dunk.

Don't you love how the defender casually steps up to take a charge and then before he knows it he is dished up a serving of knee sandwich and sent into the front row.

Definitely one of the most humiliating dunks of all-time.

Can you think of any in game dunks that you have seen that is nastier than the dunk featured in the video below?

If yes, then please comment and share below....

Your feedback is very much appreciated!

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