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This work, "How To Jump and Dunk Like A Pro", is a derivative of "Rob Jones dunk 02 " by Djh57 , used under CC BY. "How To Jump and Dunk Like A Pro" is licensed under CC BY by BallTillWeFall.com.

HOW TO JUMP HIGHER: The Ultimate Guide

Pro Tips To Help You Learn How To Jump Higher.... And achieve your first Dunk.

One of the first things players who are motivated to take their game to the next level want to know is how to jump higher.

As a baller your vertical leap is always going to be measured.

Coaches want to know how high players can jump – and players want to know how high they can jump.


Because having a solid vertical jump can be a real game changer.

Think about what having a player or teammate that can jump high offers your team.

An explosive athlete will block more shots, grab more rebounds and electrify the crowds.

You have a secret weapon of sorts because you can rely on their hops to make the play if needed.

But what if you don’t have a great vertical?

Well we can help you fix that. That’s what we’re going to focus on in this article.

We’re going to break down some ways for you to jump higher and show you how this can impact your all-around game.

" If you really want to learn how to jump higher and put in the work required, you will achieve a higher vertical. We hope you find this article helpful in allowing you to get one step closer to achieving those dreams. "

It's not going to be easy, but the payoff will be worth it.

>>> It is not ridiculous to think that you can add 10+ inches to your vertical over around a 3 month period.<<<

In fact, people following some of the best vertical jump programs on the market are getting massive vert gains in only 8 weeks. Pretty impressive stuff!

For example check out some of these inspirational VertShock stories here.

 How To Jump Higher: By BallTillWeFall. Last Updated March 29, 2018 29/03/18

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How To Jump Higher Than You Ever Thought Possible

 "Kobe Bryant Dunk " by By Cpl. Megan Stiner [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

The first question you should ask yourself is why do I want to jump higher?

You should be able to answer this pretty easily. I mean everyone knows why they want to jump higher, right?

Not necessarily.

But I think a good way to start the process of improving your vertical is by setting goals for yourself – and the only way to do this is by knowing why you want to jump higher.

Once you answer this question – formulate 3-5 goals for yourself.

Be as specific as possible when it comes to these goals and write them down so you can see them every day. Be  very specific.

EXAMPLE: The Reasons Why I Want To Jump Higher Are:
  • To lead the team in rebounds this season
  • To get my first in game dunk
  • To impress the coach at next seasons tryouts

These goals will be your motivation and your accountability partner as you train.Now that we have our goals, the next step is figuring out how we are going to make these improvements.

The obvious answer is telling you how to physically train to gain inches in your vertical.

I will focus on jump specific exercise prescription for the majority of the article, but we’re going to cover the mental aspect as well.

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How To Train To Jump Higher

Warm Up

Before you start any jump training or basketball activity it is vital that you warm up and stretch the muscles correctly

A proper dynamic warm up will not only help reduce the chance of acquiring an injury but will also let you jump higher. 

Tight muscles such as the hip flexors can greatly limit hip extension range of motion which plays a major role in jumping. Tight muscles are weak muscles and can't fully maximize muscle activation.

Research has shown that the hip flexors play a major role in jumping. It is very important to elongate and activate these muscles to ensure you optimize training capacity and long term results.

Loosen these babies up and you can also give yourself an instant inch or two in vertical jump height.

 The video below demonstrates how to undertake a dynamic warm up that will prepare you for the demands of your jump training.

Does Jumping Rope Help You Jump Higher?

 Jumping Rope is a great way to not only warm up but to also start working on your jumping.

Jumping rope has you jumping quickly and focusing on getting up and down to make sure you’re over the rope.

Mix it up by adding a heavy jump rope – this will add to your ability to jump because the added weight makes you jump in a more explosive manner.

However, be aware that vertical jump results derived from jumping rope are often short lived. By doing lots of small jumps, you will get good at doing lots of small jumps. That's not what you want. You want maximum explosion!

Novice athletes will gain the most from jumping rope as this exercise will quickly strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons around the ankle and knee joint.

Remember, for experienced ballers who already do  a lot of in game/training jumping, the results derived from jump rope will be minimal.

The true secret to an impressive vertical is understanding how to manipulate a variety of jump specific training variables correctly within your training program.  However, creating your own program can be challenging, hence why so many athletes choose to purchase a "done for you" jump program.

All of the leading jump programs we have reviewed have a few things in common. They all do a great job at develop absolute strength, power and reactive abilities. Emphasis should also be placed on optimizing jump technique.

If you are after a well respected program from some of the worlds leading jump trainers definitely check out our Vert Shock Review (Currently Rated #1), our review Of The Jump Manual  and our review of The Flight System.

These 3 programs do a brilliant job of prescribing the correct load, volume and intensity of exercises in the correct order and amount to help you get fast improvements in your vertical jump.

The Best Selling Jump Program Of All-Time

The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual is one of the most comprehensive jump programs on the market. If you want a foolproof, science based program that is very easy to follow then definitely check it out. The program does a fantastic job of covering every aspect of vertical jump development, from power development to nutrition and technique training.

Best yet, it is currently discounted so don't miss out on this opportunity to pick it up cheap! (see red button link below to check if the discount is still available)


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Weightlifting To Jump Higher

 "Derek Herridge " by Simon Fraser University is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This goes without being said that you’ll get a higher vertical with stronger legs – and the only way to get your legs stronger is by hitting the weight room.

Some ballers overlook the importance of lower body strength for basketball dominance – don’t let that be you.

Not sure what exercises to use?

The following exercises are a great way to get started:


Start with the bar behind your neck, resting on your shoulders and make sure you’re standing with your feet shoulder width apart. From this position, slowly lower your body by bending at your knees. You’ll go all the way down until you’re in a deep squat and holding that position for two seconds. Then you can slowly rise back up to your starting position. Make sure you keep your back straight and you’re bending at your knees.

Here is a great video of Layne Norton teaching you how to squat perfectly.

Single LEg Squats

Take the form outlined for squats but instead of using both legs only use a single leg. You can use weight for this exercise or just use your body weight.

It’s a great exercise either way! Check out this great video for more tips.

Jump Squats

Start with the bar behind your head resting on your neck or grab a couple of dumbbells and have at your sides. Start lowering your body to a squat, but when you rise up be sure to explode and jump up. On your landing, keep balance and make sure you’re landing on both feet.


Explosive Exercises To Help You Jump Higher

Now that you’re working on your leg strength you also need to be working on your explosiveness as well. Here are some jumping drills to start doing . There are also some great weight training programs for basketball that can really help to enhance strength and explosion (plus give you that desirable lean athletic physique as a nice side effect!).

Tuck Jumps

With your feet shoulder width apart, bend down into a comfortable squat position and then jump up as high as you can and bring your knees to your chest.

High Reach Jumps

With your feet shoulder width apart, bend down into a comfortable squat position and then jump up as high as you can reaching for the sky! This drill is great to do under the basketball goal or near a wall so you can have a visual of how high you’re jumping – or how low you jump once you start getting tired. Try to reach the same height through all your reps.

Use Shock Training To Jump Higher

Shock training exercises reprogram the nueromuscular system for maximal explosion. There is quite an art and science to correct shock training prescription.

Therefor it is always best to see a professional trainer or find a quality program to help you maximize your shock training results.

The results people get by using these "shock" methods are very impressive indeed. Check out the massive gains some people are making on this website.

Here is a great exercise to get you started.

Depth Jumps

How To "Shock" Your Muscles Into Jumping Higher

Vert Shock Jump PROGRAM

Vert Shock is a popular jump program that has helped thousands of people around the world learn how to jump higher. The program requires no weight lifting and is purely based on the principles of plyometric"shock" training. Athletes are getting some amazing results with this program so it's definitely worth a look if you want to add a few inches to your jump height in a relatively short period of time.


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4 Mental Training Tips To Jump Higher

If you really want to learn how to jump higher you must also learn how to prime your mind for vertical jump success.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Focus On Proper Mechanics and Form: For all the training you are doing, keep yourself accountable to using perfect form for every single rep. If you aren’t doing it the right way then you’re wasting your own time and energy. The only way to get better is by doing it the right way. The best ballers are obsessed with the details, the form, and the technique because they want perfection. That should be your goal too as you’re doing these different workouts and drills.
  • Use Visualization: The entire time you’re training to increase your vertical, start visualize how high you want to jump. Think about your steps, your form, your arms, and how high you’re going to be able to jump with all the hard work you’re doing. Being able to visualize yourself jumping higher is a great tool while you’re training.
  • Have Confidence In Yourself: Not only do you need to have confidence in yourself but also have confidence in the process. All of the time you’re putting into the physical and mental training will pay off – and you need to have confidence in that.
  • Perseverance is The Key To Success:  You won’t be able to jump out of the gym after one week of training – it will take time, effort, and endless repetitions. You have to be willing to put in the work – and some days that might not be easy. Your results may not show every day or every work out. You have to be able to look past that and keep on doing work.

AN Innovative Vertical Jump Product That Works!

SKLZ Hopz Jump Trainer

The SKLZ HOPZ Vertical Jump Trainer is an innovative strap on device designed to build explosive leg power and strengthen jumping muscles. The unit comes with adjustable resistance cables to ensure your vertical continues to increase week after week.

Now You Know How To Jump Higher. Time To Get To It!

Now that you know how to physically and mentally train yourself to work on your vertical it’s time to talk about what your increased vertical can do for your game – and for your team.

The benefits of jumping higher will touch every part of your game – offensively and defensively. The benefits of jumping higher means you can…

  • Get more rebounds! By jumping higher, you’ll be closer to the rim and ready to rebound those missed shots. It also means you’ll be able to get those rebounds that use to be just out of your reach. Remember when you’d lose a rebound because someone could jump higher than you?
  • Block more shots! Now that you’ve got those extra inches in your vertical you’ll be able to get your hand on more shots. This will do wonders on the defensive end because even if you can’t get a hand on every shot – the other team will have to work around your shot blocking ability allowing you to shut down your opponent.
  • Create more turnovers! Or in other words steal the ball more. You’ll be able to jump up and steal those passes that teams try to make over you. This will allow your team to create more turnovers which means more offensive possessions for your team that can lead to more points.
  • Better scoring percentage! Like I said all these things you’re able to increase on the defensive end (rebounding, blocking, stealing) leads to more opportunities on the other end of the court. Not only that, but now you’re able to play around the rim which should increase your ability to score and make you a scoring threat at all times.
  • Increase your confidence! There’s something to be said about being able to have a solid vertical – it gives you a confidence that comes through in all aspects of your game. It makes you stand out on the court and be able to do more for your team.

Below are a couple more vertical jump training products that have stood the test of time. Click on the red buttons below to read some real user feedback on these products.

As you will see the feedback is generally very positive, with the majority of people getting some nice vertical jump gains.

Gimmick Or The Real Deal?

Jump Soles

Jumpsoles have been one of the best selling vertical jump training products over the past decade. These shoes are worn while completing the partnered program dvd. They basically help build fast-twitch muscle fiber in the lower leg.

Soles With Spring

Springbak Insoles

Springbak Insoles are used by world class athletes, professional trainers and top coaches worldwide to help gain instant speed, strength, height and endurance. This innovative product is actually the first footwear material to be issued U.S. patents for "Performance Enhancing Shoe Components". Best yet it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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