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The Pro's & Cons Of Vitamin Supplementation For Basketball Players

If you have read our Ultimate Guide To Basketball Nutrition you would have learned just how vital proper nutrition is for optimal performance.

No matter how hard your train you cannot out-train a bad diet. 

On our site we have looked at low carb diets for basketball players and other trending diets such as the vegan diet and it pro's and con's for basketball players

No diet plan is perfect.

All diets have the potential to leave athletes vulnerable to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

The more “extreme” the diet, the greater the chance of serious performance altering deficiencies occurring.

With so many diets and vitamin supplements out there it can be difficult for basketball players to find the best option for them.

In this article we will outline the best vitamins that basketball players can take to improve performance. 

These choices are based on quality research and studies that have proven their effectiveness in the athletic population.

The Science Behind Vitamins For Basketball Players

Top Vitamin List For Basketball

A large percentage of the population takes multi-vitamins thinking that they are doing the right thing to make them healthier.

However, recent studies have revealed that not all vitamins are created equal.

Many of the mult-vitamins commonly sold have proven to be ineffective.

Studies have shown that many of these best selling products provide you with nothing more than expensive urine. 

We will introduce you to the highest quality vitamins that are backed by extensive clinical research and proven to be very effective. 

The only issue is that these quality vitamin options are very expensive.

It turns out, with vitamins, like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

How Vitamins Can Help Basketball Players

Vitamins, minerals and nutrients are all compounds found within the fresh foods that we eat like whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

The problem is that these days our soil has been raped of all essential nutrients and dosed with toxic pesticides over such a long period of time that much of the soil our crops grow in are now void of nutrients.

By choosing a quality multivitamin you can have a “insurance policy” that will keep your vitamin levels up regardless of nutrient deficiencies or poor diet choices.

Basketball players place an enormous amount of stress on their body.

All the systems of the body are pushed to the limit.

Vitamins and minerals are the building blocks that initiate recovery and optimize performance.

How Do I Choose the Right Daily Multivitamin to Meet My Basketball Needs?

Here are 3 things basketball players must look for when choosing a multivitamin to support their basketball nutrition:

  1. Choose a vitamin designed based on clinical research
  2. Choose a vitamin that is purity of the ingredients
  3. Choose a vitamins that have high bio-availability to the body.

The Two Best Multivitamins For Basketball Players

The supplement market is flooded with poor quality multivitamins. 

Here are two high quality multivitamin products that are developed based on the best science based research and produced to the highest quality standards.

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How Often Do Basketball Players Need to Take A Multi-Vitamin?

Multivitamins are designed to take everyday.

Many poor quality vitamins require you to take just one tablet per day, usually with breakfast.

However, as you will see in our list of the best vitamins for basketball players above, the top quality vitamins are divided into 2-4 tablets per day. 

This provides your body with a consistent supply of nutrients that will help keep you on top of your game.

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