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Check Out The most electrifying NBA assists Of All Time In The Following Video>>>


There is no more admirable player on the basketball court than the one who selflessly drops dimes with flare.

Greats like Magic and Gary Payton come to mind when thinking of the best passes in NBA history who dished the rock with swagger.

From flashy behind the backs to off the elbow dunks, the following assists will be sure to inspire you to be a less selfish player.

We hope you enjoy our collection of what we believe to be the best assists in NBA history.


This work, "Best NBA Assists Of All-Time", is a derivative of "John Wall" by Keith Allison , used under CC BY. "Best NBA Assists Of All-Time" is licensed under CC BY by

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Which Of The Assists Featured In The Following Video Is Your All-Time Favourite?

Our favorite= Jason Williams (Behind The Back Of The Opposite Elbow)

Can you think of any memorable assists that aren't featured in the video below?

If yes, then please comment below....

Your feedback is very much appreciated!

Not To Be Missed: Below this video we have some handy tips on how you can improve your passing skills and rack up the assists like the pros.

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