September 15

Never Celebrate Too Early: Basketball Compilation Video

This work (Video Thumbnail), "​Never Celebrate Too Early", is a derivative of "Paul Pierce" by Keith Allison , used under CC BY. ​

​The ​best ​premature basketball win celebrations>>>


​A game of basketball ain't over until the final whistle sounds. Unfortunately, some of the teams in th​e featured video below got a little ahead of themselves and celebrated early, often with devastating consequences.

​Check out this compilation of the most impressive and often hilarious early celebrations of buzzer beaters and missed shots.

​Never celebrate too early. Be humble!

Which Of The early celebrations Featured In The Featured Video Is Your Favorite?

​Our favorite= The Euro-league full court buzzer beater at 3:21

Can you think of any memorable​ early celebrations that aren't featured in the video below?

If yes, then please comment below....

Your feedback is very much appreciated!

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